10 Memorable voting moments at the Eurovision Song Contest

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The voting has always been one of the most exciting moments of the show. Let's have a look at 10 of the most memorable voting moments. What is your most memorable voting moment in the Eurovision Song Contest?

  • norway 2009: i have the most points ever portugal 2017: lemme change that real quick

    - S Q U I D -- S Q U I D -2 napja
  • There was a thriller in my ideal 2018 voting. Here it was: Denmark, you received 190 points, which sends you to the top of the board with 501 points! Only two more countries left... Cyprus, you got 244 points, which is not enough. (They got 497) Israel needs 231 points to pass Denmark, and you receive: 224 points. This means that Denmark is the winner!

    Samuel1127 LeeSamuel1127 LeeHónapja
  • 9 countries have beat Rybak's record by now, and not all have won... But none of them actually surpassed the percentage of points. Portugal 2017 is a very close second.

    Axel D'Angelo GentileAxel D'Angelo GentileHónapja
  • What about 1998? The most thrilling voting

    עידן קרניעידן קרני2 hónapja
  • REAL WINNER İS maNga IN 2010🤘❤️🇹🇷

    sudesude6 hónapja
  • Wow, Estonia 2015 is in the background. THAT MAKES THE VID EVEN BETTER!

    Mr EpixMr Epix9 hónapja
  • The votes are Homework Me is Yugoslavia...

    Orange BearOrange Bear9 hónapja
  • Back when Yugoslavia existed. ' Sad southern slav noises'

    Dimi DzamDimi Dzam11 hónapja
  • 1992: Ireland 1993: Ireland 1994: Ireland 1995: Other Country 1996: Ireland hmmmm....

    another human being, blyatanother human being, blyat11 hónapja
  • 4:33 Portugal and Bulgaria in 2017 : We are about to break his record

    Ерканат МукашбековЕрканат Мукашбеков11 hónapja
  • Тем кто голосовал за литл биг я желаю всего лучшего здоровья и счастья всего самого чудесного А тем кому не нравиться литл биг у них нет вкуса

    Ава АлинаАва Алина11 hónapja
  • Yugoslavia the best!

    Globus WorldGlobus World11 hónapja
  • -I don't have it 😂 Legendary, made me laugh every time. -Here I go bye😂

    Suvi TöröSuvi Törö11 hónapja
  • Yugoslavia, can I have you votes? Lady: I DONT HAVE IT!! 😂

    Funny WelshmanFunny WelshmanÉvvel
  • oh that 2003 voting... i hope we will return to the contest greetings from tr

    Yagmur YagmurYagmur YagmurÉvvel
  • Yugoslavia‘s „I don’t have it“ was in 1980 and not 1991..

    Sven BergSven BergÉvvel
    • 1981, not 1980

      PonyClubPonyClub8 hónapja
  • By the way, in the contest after this video (2016), 3 COUNTRIES beat Rybak’s 2009 haul!

  • I will never forget the face of Sergey Lazarev,when he finished third in 2016... I haven’t seen so much pain and frustration for a long time, poor Sergey😭❤️ Ты всегда наш победитель💕

    `Simple Parrot``Simple Parrot`Évvel
  • Video: *exists* France: YouOUOUoouOu

    Yiğit KapusuzYiğit KapusuzÉvvel
  • The 2003 section of the video also contained another quiet voting moment: 0 points to the United Kingdom.

  • In 1969 4 winners, in 1990 2 winners, but Only one winner, noooooo...why?

    José Madrigal SuárezJosé Madrigal SuárezÉvvel
  • Yugoslavia 🤣🥺

  • Tbh the entire 1991 voting sequence should be included. If just for being an absolute disaster 🤣

    Casper RabbitCasper RabbitÉvvel
  • The best one is “I don’t have it”😂😂😂 And of course 2003

    Onur ÖzdemirOnur ÖzdemirÉvvel
  • Portugal: Well you see...

  • Did Sweden finally give them points?

    Szymon WachowiczSzymon WachowiczÉvvel
  • I miss 1979 when in the very last momento, Spain gave 10 points to Israel when Spain was in the lead.

  • I'm sorry,ZERO POINTS.

    Filip MarinkovicFilip MarinkovicÉvvel
  • you forgot 1998

    • The most thrilling vote

      PonyClubPonyClub8 hónapja
  • 4:00 oh gosh😿💜🇹🇷

    Defne SaylıkDefne SaylıkÉvvel
  • Alexander Rybak have the most points in televoting yeah? 1 year after this video, everything has changed

    kaczka dziwaczkakaczka dziwaczkaÉvvel
  • im on israel do lyrc

    סדרות לצפייה ישירהסדרות לצפייה ישירהÉvvel
  • Norway? Portugal had 758 points in 2017!

    Anabela GomesAnabela GomesÉvvel
  • Norway? Portugal had 758 points in 2017!

    Anabela GomesAnabela GomesÉvvel
    • This video was made before esc 2017.

      Get VectoredGet VectoredÉvvel
  • Omg

    Kawaii PlayzKawaii PlayzÉvvel
  • “With 21 points....Sweden”

    Sara AlonsoSara AlonsoÉvvel
  • Another memorable moment for other reasons was Germany you received I’m sorry 0 points

    Sean KeeneySean KeeneyÉvvel
  • They should make the video again with: I'm sorry, zero points xddddddd

    Dolores Alvarez FernandezDolores Alvarez FernandezÉvvel
  • Where is 'Hello Millstreet, Sarejavo Calling'?

    Nisbet HooliganNisbet HooliganÉvvel
  • Germany I'm sorry, 0 POINTS

  • Wrong in esc 1993. Malta was the last Country to vote not Netherlands

    Jonathan vJonathan vÉvvel
  • Only gays and transgenders watch Eurovision now so none of it matters anyway.

    RobRob2 évvel
  • Where are the 21 points from the televote to Sweden in ESC 2018?

    Sara AlonsoSara Alonso2 évvel
  • When Eurovision Began Using The Voting System In 1957 It Was Almost Impossible To Collect The Points. At The End Of The 1967 Contest The Winner Was Determined Before The Irish Jury. In 1969 25% Of The Countries Participating Won The Event. In 1981 Yugoslavia's Vote Contained Technical Problems. 1988 Became A Tragic When Switzerland Won The Contest For The Second Time (The Other Being 1956). After Three Years The Contest Featured Both Sweden And France The Same Points. The Acts In Eurovision 1993 Felt Emotional During The Dutch Voting. Sweden And Norway In 1996 Had A Parodied Relationship While Voting. Slovenia In 2003 Was The 26th (And Last) Country To Vote. When Slovenia Said 10 Points To Turkey The Winning Nation Beat Belgium. Norway Earned 387 Points After The They Have Voted. Today The Jury And Televote Was Separated And With 1008 Points The Eurovision Song Contest 2019 Winner Will Be Determined In 18 May.

    Vanessa MengVanessa Meng2 évvel
  • You know what I hope they add, a time where Cyprus doesn’t vote for Greece or Greece voting for Cyprus. Like actually

    Harry WeissHarry Weiss2 évvel

    Andhityas Cintya WidiannaAndhityas Cintya Widianna2 évvel

    יהוה לא קיים באמתיהוה לא קיים באמת2 évvel
  • The one from Slovenia is kinda annoying

    SimsMoyalSimsMoyal2 évvel
  • what language is eurovision. 12 points isn't English

    Mr KrabsMr Krabs2 évvel

    Serrano 17Serrano 172 évvel
  • 2003 WINNER TURKEY 🖐🇹🇷❤❤

    Metehan AkgülMetehan Akgül2 évvel
    • Metehan Akgül The son was awful, that year should won Spain.

      Gaizka GonzálezGaizka González2 évvel
  • And then, 2017 came. And Portugal won by 700+ votes. Good year to be Portuguese

    SkeleSkele3 évvel
  • The music in the background is Denmark's entry from 2015.

    luigiofthebakeryluigiofthebakery3 évvel
  • Hey. That was a pretty good pronunciation of malmö

    KimKim3 évvel
  • Here I go! Bye.

    Simon LutgensSimon Lutgens3 évvel
  • Alexander Rybak!!

    shitheadshithead3 évvel
  • Deutschland GEWONNEN!

    Qwerty11Qwerty113 évvel
  • yugoslavia will not give votes easy back then, you need to fight for them :D

    Nostalgic memoriesNostalgic memories3 évvel
  • What about loreen with all her 12 pointers

    SantaSlothSantaSloth3 évvel
  • Omg I still know fairy tale... I didn't even know that was from Eurovision

    Nuraili De PaepeNuraili De Paepe3 évvel

    Player41895561 8Player41895561 83 évvel
  • 1:52 Not 1998, 1988!!!

    MusicARTMusicART3 évvel
  • In 2008 voting, the drunk Swedish spokesperson was the best. But he is not in this video.

    hukuk2004hukuk20043 évvel
  • Good evening Yugoslavia, could I have your votes please. Good evening Yugoslavia. Good evening Yugoslavia. Hello. Can I have your vote please? I don’t have it. 😂

  • So did Salvador beat Rybak's record?

    Magdalini AdamidiMagdalini Adamidi3 évvel
  • i think another memorable moment has to be Israel 2017

    Ronen ShatzRonen Shatz3 évvel
  • Actually there was a rule in 1969 and Spain was the winner but since they couldn't afford to host another contest so all 4 countries we're declared winners and The Netherlands hosted

    ;;3 évvel
  • I see why Alexander Rybak's "Fairytale" still have the highest score ever. Even Salvador Sobral's "Amar Pelos Dois" couldn't beat Rybak's....

    Mellki MatondangMellki Matondang3 évvel
    • Mellki Matondang No Rybaks score in the new system is 690

      ;;3 évvel
  • Poland 2016 always make me laugh XD

    Meiyou.Meiyou.3 évvel
  • Belgium should have won the 2003 ESC that's my opinion

    Houssam LabiodHoussam Labiod3 évvel
    • Belgium song was gibberish trash, and didn’t even deserve second place, but got there because Ireland screwed up their televotes. They also failed to enter the top 2 in this years Eurovision again edition.

      XarriableXarriable11 hónapja
  • Now the score has been broken! Congratulations to Salvador Sobral!

    emma bobemmaemma bobemma3 évvel
    • What

      Im ClauIm ClauÉvvel
  • Everyone who is arguing about how Rybak still holds the record, nope!! If the old system of the 10 favourites of the entire country was used, Portugal would actually have 418 points, meaning they are actually the ones with the record.

    SK TZNSK TZN3 évvel
  • Year 2003 what days did Turkey become first then we all were glad now we can not join we hope to join in 2018

    Ahmet Hakan KAYAAhmet Hakan KAYA4 évvel
  • In 2016 and 2017 my heart almost exploted, in 2016 for my favourite, in 2017 for my country

    Anda DediuAnda Dediu4 évvel
  • "Can this year's winner beat Rybak's record?" Portugal: lol, bitch, just wait

    BonoLightierBonoLightier4 évvel

  • But what about israel/malta in 1998? VIVA LA DIVA VIVA VICTORIA

    WejWej4 évvel
  • What about the record?

    CarlosCSLCarlosCSL4 évvel
  • You forgot in 2011 Sweden was in second place and the last one to say the points gave Italy 12 points and took Sweden's second place

    Teodor EmilssonTeodor Emilsson4 évvel
  • Portugal's 2017 entry broke the record mentioned in the video, even after applying the new voting system, by scoring 758 points. It was also the first time they ever won this competition. I know this video is from 2016, but I thought it would be cool to point it out.

    AxixeAxixe4 évvel
    • @The Philosopher no, I'm telling you it is the last one that won since Serbia's Molitva, after that everything that won is some sort of europop song in English.

      David FernandesDavid Fernandes10 hónapja
    • Chernobyl Fighters there is dozens of meaningful song’s including ones about heartbreak in the past eg sweden 2014 and albania 2012 and many more that i cant name right now that done well and some that won and also there are dance songs that done bad are you seriously going to tell me Salvador is the first one to send a song about heartbreak you are really the one talking rubbish give me a break

      The PhilosopherThe Philosopher11 hónapja
    • @The Philosopher its the first time a country delivers a message of sorrow and heartbreak like that in esc history, and all you can do is look at the dozens of pop dance songs that have won over the years... OK then

      David FernandesDavid Fernandes11 hónapja
    • Chernobyl Fighters yes its a song contest but its also important how you deliver the song and its massage especially if its in a language people don’t understand it can show them what it means

      The PhilosopherThe Philosopher11 hónapja
    • @The Philosopher what you are saying my friend is bogus, its not called the eurovision entertainment contest, but instead the eurovision *song* contest.

      David FernandesDavid Fernandes11 hónapja
  • 3:57 Jim Carrey from "Dumb & Dumber". Claver and slick, this Slovenian. :)

    KristVladićKristVladić4 évvel
  • the szene from 2017 where the british guy showed his ass is really memorable

    Christian BohneChristian Bohne4 évvel
    • Christian Bohne Actually Ukrainian. And he was brandishing an Australian flag. And that wasn't a memorable VOTING moment, because it happened in the interval instead.

      VieViaPaVriaVieViaPaVria3 évvel
  • Time to add Portugal to the list! BOOM

    Grupo CEI ClubGrupo CEI Club4 évvel
    • Effective Media Yeah!

      Tiago MartinsTiago Martins4 évvel
  • 4:21 those were the days..

    tripledupertripleduper4 évvel
  • Now we need a part 2 for Poland 2016

    Matis KrawiecMatis Krawiec4 évvel
  • 1:43

    LikaLika4 évvel
  • portuguese 2017 entry has beaten norwegian 2009 entry when the voting system in 2017 is 50/50 (having 410 points) and the percentage of the score beats luxembourg's entry (having 83% of the score)

    Hakan Ahmad FatahillahHakan Ahmad Fatahillah4 évvel
  • Yugoslavia 1981. thought about connection not about votes.

    Karlo MorosinKarlo Morosin4 évvel
  • That Slovenian guy from 2003 is such a troll. XD

    The Best. Maybe.The Best. Maybe.4 évvel
  • "Good evening Yugoslavia " 😢😭😭 -Serbian

    Katarina ArsenijevicKatarina Arsenijevic4 évvel
    • ArsenijeviĆ.

      KristVladićKristVladić4 évvel
  • 5:03 Well... yes, he did. Salvador broke Rybak's record!

    AndeanAngelAndeanAngel4 évvel
    • Depends on the percentage

      toot-toot mcbumersnazzletoot-toot mcbumersnazzleÉvvel
    • @Socke715 With the old system, Portugal gave 417 points, so, they broke the record

      Yo YoYo Yo2 évvel
    • AndeanAngel no because it‘s a new Voting system. With the new votingsystem you have to beat 1008 points to beat Rybaks record

      Socke715Socke7153 évvel
  • Ekhem. Poland, 2016. Jumping from almost last place to TOP 10 xD

    SailorSetsuna7SailorSetsuna74 évvel
  • Seriously guys, you just add one more thing. The engagement.

    a n d r o m e d aa n d r o m e d a4 évvel
  • What about Lynda Woodruff?? xD

    VixikieVixikie4 évvel
  • I think spain won 2 times in a row

    Im A PotatoIm A Potato4 évvel
  • I think 2006 was a memorable moment with the votes from the Netherlands

    ateate4 évvel
  • time to add Poland 2016!

    Maja XMaja X4 évvel
  • I miss the final of the votes in 1998. That was a close call...

    Jeffrey PenningsJeffrey Pennings4 évvel
  • UKRAINE WINS 2004-2016!!!! (💩💩💩russia💩💩💩)

    Fort UkrFort Ukr4 évvel
  • 4:57 = EASY

    LaloLalo4 évvel