All the winners of the Eurovision Song Contest (2019 - 1956)

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The Eurovision Song Contest takes place for the 65th time this year. The Contest has seen 67 winners over the years. In 1969, four countries shared the victory after receiving the same amount of points from the juries. Who is your favourite Eurovision winner? Let us know in the comments!
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  • 2011's was the best

    Mary KMary K43 perccel
  • 20 years back from now I only see Euphoria, Molitva, Wild Dances as winning songs.. others are like "wtf" to me

  • 2012 Sweeden best winner ever 100% Beyond amazing song

    Miljan JovanovicMiljan Jovanovic4 órája
  • Me: Oh, 1995 is just wonderful! OMG, 1994 too!

    bbbb13 órája
  • Tbh if Toy was in Eurovision this year it would probably get last place cause the boys would be pressed

    Kxrly GachaKxrly Gacha14 órája

    Kxrly GachaKxrly Gacha14 órája
  • Sweden 2012 by far my favourite😁

    Codi MorrisCodi Morris14 órája
  • Turkey ☾⚝

    Erdem KuşkayaErdem Kuşkaya15 órája
  • Раньше был конкурс голоса и песни,сейчас конкурс фриков и политики. Жаль.

    MrTerexxMrTerexx16 órája
  • nel58 volare è arrivata 3 incredible .Nessuna ricorda la canzone vincitrice volare è cantata in tutto il mondo

    lia simonatolia simonato16 órája
  • 2006.😳what?☦ 4:27

    Nina RisticNina Ristic17 órája
  • I remember the 90s when ireland used to be good

    Michael lodMichael lod19 órája
  • 2003 is my favourite lol

    Eray ErginEray Ergin23 órája
  • The best winner is Sertab erener - Every way that i can TR

  • Spain only has won 2 times, they were on a row and one of them the lyrics was only "la" lmao

  • the best of this compilation is the evolution of music

    Carolina EsquedaCarolina EsquedaNapja
  • 2010 Manga real winner

  • unpopular opinion: it should be a rule that the countries have to send in a song in their own language. almost all songs are in English and that doesn't make sense. it should be like the old days...

    yuh :pyuh :pNapja
  • I miss eurovision:(

    Meta PapMeta PapNapja
  • Love the Nederlands

    Marian BoogerdMarian Boogerd2 napja
  • 2:03 what :)

    Tamaki AmajikiTamaki Amajiki2 napja
  • Johnny Logan. How can he win 2 times😂. I mean thats crazyy but he has got really good songs👍🏻

    BossYeet YTBossYeet YT2 napja
    • @efa666 Wow thats crazyyyy but it was deserved

      BossYeet YTBossYeet YTNapja
    • Technically he won 3 times, he wrote Why Me for Linda Martin in 92 :P

      efa666efa6662 napja
  • Danish singer: We are the heroes of my time! German and Austrian singers: We are the zeros of the night!

    Ein flinkes WieselEin flinkes Wiesel2 napja
  • I find 1995 and 1996 very beautiful

    Michelle EnderinkMichelle Enderink2 napja
  • Man the last four years have been baaaad....

    FannyFanny2 napja
  • Ukraine the best ❤️

    Антонина ГрушевскаяАнтонина Грушевская2 napja
  • I am surprised that there are so many winner Songs in the 20th Century which were sung in french 😊 do that again France, Swiss and Luxemburg 😊😊 and germany pls in German 😊

    Franzi May.Franzi May.2 napja
  • 1983(Luxembourg), 1985(Norway), 1986(Belgium), 1989(Yugoslavia), 1991(Sweden), 2000(Estonia), 2001(Denmark), 2003(Turkey), 2004(Ukraine), 2007(Serbia), 2011(Azerbaijan), 2013(Denmark), 2015(Sweden)

    Νάγια ΟικονόμουΝάγια Οικονόμου2 napja
  • Abba 👌

    rick frenayrick frenay2 napja
  • will chicken girl come back ?

    amy clarkeamy clarke3 napja

    Juli DiorJuli Dior3 napja
  • I can't help it but I don't like the winner from 2019 (yes I am Dutch). Every hour the song was 5 or 6 times on the radio. Terrible. I know lot of people loved the song but I can't stand it🙈

    1988Charmed1988Charmed3 napja
  • Many of the winners are excruciating - the best are often #2 or #3 imo...

    Freeman GriffinFreeman Griffin3 napja
  • 2016 omg i love it

    mordamorda3 napja
  • Damn despite troubles at home, the 90s were all Ireland's

    James BarwickJames Barwick3 napja
  • Ireland: trying to summon demons Finland: The demons

    James BarwickJames Barwick3 napja
  • Israel🇮🇱🇮🇱

    Elay BAR YOSEFElay BAR YOSEF3 napja
  • Ik ben hollands

    Noud Van RijnNoud Van Rijn3 napja
  • Nederlands🇳🇱👍👍👍👍

    Noud Van RijnNoud Van Rijn3 napja
  • 70% of the comments here are from Turks who are not European at all..

    poliorkitispoliorkitis3 napja
    • They have participated though, one win in '03.

      efa666efa6662 napja

    poliorkitispoliorkitis3 napja
  • 2005 and 2006 are just so iconic for me and my childhood idk why

    MiltEX_RLMiltEX_RL4 napja
  • 2009 Alexander is the best 💙

    Miro HasanMiro Hasan4 napja
  • Russia or Iceland for 2020 !

    C CassyC Cassy5 napja
  • Idemoooo srbijaaaa 😍😍😍😝😝😝 najaci smooo !! Ide gas 😏

    Psycho Brate BrePsycho Brate Bre6 napja
  • What I find most interesting is watching TV picture quality advance.

    JttvJttv6 napja
  • You can disagree with me, but Conchita is a historic win.

    Bea ÁvilaBea Ávila6 napja
  • all is okay, but what is 18:27 I guess mercii for this bad song chosen 😁

    SelchnSelchn6 napja
  • If Algeria had participated in The Eurovision , a lot of things would have changed at that time ☹️

    Walid LydWalid Lyd6 napja
  • I thought that 'eres tu' won the eurovision song contest sometime.

    Hyunmin KimHyunmin Kim6 napja
  • my fave one fairytale 3:26

    sunflower jejejesunflower jejeje6 napja
  • 7:15 киркоров-то как изменился, прям не узнать

    John CJohn C7 napja
  • Norway has something with violins or is it just me?

    Yaara NachumYaara Nachum7 napja
  • Euphoria is my favourite after Fairytale wich is just legendary, I don't think that Italian one was better ngl

    Leon-MinhLeon-Minh7 napja
  • Notice how Romania or moldova have never won

    Anime DangoAnime Dango8 napja
  • 2003-2005 was 3 great wins!

    Dimitris MangasDimitris Mangas8 napja
  • Before 2000 the songs were indeed awesome. Then something happened.

    Kame SeninKame Senin8 napja
  • Euphoria is the best winning song

    JessïcaJessïca8 napja
  • The worst Eurovision song is running scared, believe close behind

    :/:/8 napja
  • 2009❤️what a year,what a contest

    Hamid KopiteHamid Kopite9 napja
    • Yeh both Norway and Iceland came with some incredible songs

      :/:/8 napja
  • You can't copy Fairytale by Alexander Ryback even himself...

    Akhir LukeAkhir Luke9 napja
  • I think it's interesting to see some songs have become classics, while others have become completely forgotten.

    Rose-Marie de KoningRose-Marie de Koning9 napja
  • 2018 is clearly the worst year

    Aslı Beyza BirinciAslı Beyza Birinci10 napja
  • 2023 is back maNga 🇹🇷

    Gamerr gamesGamerr games10 napja
    • It will never feel "We could be the same". They could not be the same.

      Ramazanakus böcekusRamazanakus böcekus9 napja
  • Finland 2006 👏🤘 I'm impressed

    MonoMono10 napja
  • Most Controversial: 2016 (Russia should have won) Less Controversial: 1983 (Ofra Haza robbed and later died)

    Luke FernandezLuke Fernandez10 napja
  • 2010 winner = maNga

    BBEWNBBEWN10 napja
  • I have To say THIS.. The Finland one was FIRE🇫🇮

    Wenla MarkkanenWenla Markkanen10 napja
  • So sad the winner of 2018....🇨🇾Cyprus was too better

    Michalis EnglezouMichalis Englezou11 napja
  • Here are some fun facts for all the real Eurovision fans out there 😉. The trophy presented to the performer of the winning song is passed on to the songwriter of the song, in whose possession it ultimately remains, since the Eurovision Song Contest is a composer and lyricist competition ☝️. To date, there have only been two out of 67 winners who wrote the winning song alone. 8 other solo artists, wrote their song in collaboration with others and in addition there were 4 bands that won the contest that had their songwriter(s) in their band.

    Alec CopileAlec Copile11 napja
  • just imagine experiencing this live...

    Lene OostindieLene Oostindie11 napja
  • Fairytale best one.

    Dr. ToxicDr. Toxic11 napja
  • 1968 first year in color

    m. Joyce Martam. Joyce Marta11 napja
  • Many European Countries - especially southern and eastern still hold the old values in making and performing music. Lots of British people have never witnessed live talent, let alone explored their own potential. They just sit in front of screens or listen to mindless musical "loops". The UK is a void in popular music. I've lived (just!) through all of these. Thankfully I worked as a Pro. Musician for years. I'd just be sat on the pavement/sidewalk now in 2021 if I needed to work. :) My favourites? All unforced performances from true talent. i recognise it in a split second . . .

    Tony WilliamTony William11 napja
  • 17:30 design inspiration for sulley from monsters inc

    Angela RoszAngela Rosz11 napja
  • i wonder what happened in 2006

    Angela RoszAngela Rosz11 napja
  • Watching starting 2000's looks so vintage hahaha unbelievable, it feels like yesterday 🤣

    Oscar LoyaOscar Loya12 napja
  • 3:07 she is not real winner 👙👙🩲👙🩲👙👙🩲🩲👙🩲

    HaleHale12 napja
  • Arcade Netherlands, Euphoria Sweden, Waterloo Sweden, Whats another year. Ireland, Après toi Luxembourg, Love shine a light UK, Insième Italy, Jaime la vie Belgium, Eres tu Spain ( should have win), Calm after the storm Netherlands ( should have win)

    Pics PicsPics Pics12 napja
  • 2009 ALL the way 💖💖💖

    ellie.__. Bloomellie.__. Bloom13 napja
  • 3:26 can we talk about how awesome fairytale really is

    Lizi ChavhanidzeLizi Chavhanidze13 napja
    • Yeees

      DJ Ernest NežićDJ Ernest NežićNapja
    • Love that song. And I thought is was amazing to see de violin in something else then a orchestra. I play the violin since I am 5 (now 32)

      1988Charmed1988Charmed3 napja
    • Yes it is 😍

      Nabilpro243Nabilpro2435 napja
    • YES IT IS

      sunflower jejejesunflower jejeje6 napja
    • Ikr? Alexander Rybak is the reason I started learning how to play violin

      Checkerboard CookieCheckerboard Cookie12 napja
  • Me, a french canadian who never watched Eurovision: *Céline Dion a french canadian singing a french song* Switzerland 😃👍🏻

    AmélieAmélie13 napja
  • Fire Saga - Husavik is the true winner of Eurovision 2020. And probably the best.

    Dmitriy ShulipaDmitriy Shulipa13 napja
  • Tudo muito lindo Parabéns pelo ótimo conteúdo amei💐💐

    Nildes Pinson de CarvalhoNildes Pinson de Carvalho14 napja
    • Esse é o canal oficial do Eurovision Song Contest aqui no HUworld.

      Grécia QuelemesGrécia Quelemes12 napja
  • Best winner is fairytail

    Andrei IacobAndrei Iacob14 napja
  • Noctume and The voice and Celine Dion

    Yves LYves L14 napja
  • I watched the entire video, and the only conclusion I could draw is this: Europe needs more Black people

    J LeeJ Lee14 napja
  • Why is the manga not in the video?

    Sansarın Amatör Kaleciyken Yaptığı Degaj.Sansarın Amatör Kaleciyken Yaptığı Degaj.14 napja
  • 1995-96 winners were out of this world! So magical 😍

    emma ashtonemma ashton14 napja
  • ESC= Not good music ESC too= just funny trash

    ꧁ఌClemensఌ꧂꧁ఌClemensఌ꧂14 napja
  • ESC= Not good music ESC too= just funny trash

    ꧁ఌClemensఌ꧂꧁ఌClemensఌ꧂14 napja
  • Danmark 2013 and Heroes are the ones that TOTALLY deserved it!!! Edit:Also germany 2010 is pretty good

    Stasyy hereStasyy here15 napja
  • Play JaJa Ding Dong!

    Mark PowersMark Powers15 napja
  • why Hungary has never won?

    Patrik SzabóPatrik Szabó15 napja
  • 2009 is the best no discuss

    NOVAEXNOVAEX15 napja
  • Céline Dion has won Eurovision?? Whaat

    SinitarraSinitarra15 napja
  • Love it!!

    BelenciiaBelenciia16 napja
  • 2020- Little big( would be)

    Mr. DavMr. Dav17 napja
  • 2006 was wilding

    Charlie BeaumontCharlie Beaumont17 napja
  • Ppl from Europe: yessss finally Eurovision Other ppl: 👁👄👁

    Tamar AviadTamar Aviad17 napja