Blind Channel - Dark Side - Finland 🇫🇮 - Official Video - Eurovision 2021

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Blind Channel will represent Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song Dark Side.
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    Eurovision Song ContestEurovision Song Contest2 hónapja
    • Why

      CareloCarelo2 napja
    • The Eurovision song contest must be another name like The Eurovision show and song contest !

      Peter VeerPeter Veer14 napja
    • Rock is alive. 12 points from Rus. Return my 2007

      alin XOalin XO19 napja
    • @Francesco Femminelli the song from italy is really good but something is missing in there, idk what... so finland is the number one, but for sure italy got that 2nd place on my list! !! this is just my opinion !!

      multilingual and proudmultilingual and proudHónapja
    • Finland or Italy

      Francesco FemminelliFrancesco FemminelliHónapja
  • alexi laiho ?????? you alive????????????

    Ευγενία ΘεοδωροπούλουΕυγενία Θεοδωροπούλου13 perccel
  • 12 points from Spain boys!

    Isabel GaliciaIsabel Galicia46 perccel
  • This song must won!

    Viki J.Viki J.Órája
  • typical Finnish! Love it!


  • I’m from France and I’ll vote for them. Crazy 🔥🔥🔥

  • This is really great much love and support from the Netherlands, I'm sure you will blast our roofs off! 🙂🤘

  • Great great great 🔥

    Pizza Is mine, no u can’t have it.Pizza Is mine, no u can’t have it.Órája
  • I adore this! But Italy has won my heart this year 😭

    Mimii BonitaMimii BonitaÓrája
  • well hello from Greece. Italy and Finland deserve a lot this year..

    Dimitra MandDimitra MandÓrája
  • WINNER 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

    Anica KosticAnica Kostic2 órája
  • Algo diferente a lo que están acostumbrados en europa respecto a lo que eligen al final del Día…. LES APUESTO A QUE NO GANA PUES….

  • I'm getting some Hollywood Undead vibes here.

    nikosknikosk2 órája
  • Awesome track !!! Ukraine supports Finland & wishes a good luck! 🇺🇦🇫🇮

    MozartOneLoveMozartOneLove3 órája
  • New POD like from italy

    Mirco FontaniMirco Fontani4 órája
  • cool!

    Jay LoewJay Loew4 órája
  • I've listened to this an unhealthy amount of times

    Michael PayneMichael Payne5 órája
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    Никита ГлуховскойНикита Глуховской5 órája
  • This is what i call music

    Hajime kako bi u narodu rekliHajime kako bi u narodu rekli5 órája
  • Greetings from Russia! I wish you victory and first place, you really rocked it! ^^

    Ари ДиркАри Дирк5 órája
  • Italy and Finland will just destroy the rest of the competition. love from Lithuania❤️

    Pijus PrakapasPijus Prakapas7 órája
  • Suomi perkele

    Saga HietikkoSaga Hietikko7 órája
  • Фины красавчики

    Гаврила БалалайкинГаврила Балалайкин7 órája
  • The best !

    Paulina MakkiPaulina Makki8 órája
  • Dang!!!!! The best this year hands down, I mean, hands up 😅!!!.😍👏👍 Love it so much!!!!

    Ella CamaroElla Camaro8 órája
  • Пожалуй лучшая песня на евровидении, буду голосовать за Финляндию

    KonstantinsKonstantins9 órája
  • Блин кайф! Как будто Linkin Park вместе с Limp Bizkit смешали ❤️

    Stepan JollieRStepan JollieR9 órája
  • Limbiskit

    Stelios CoutsodontisStelios Coutsodontis10 órája
  • This is so good!

    Eileen BokatovaEileen Bokatova10 órája
  • 12 points from Azerbaijan

    Kenan HuseynovKenan Huseynov10 órája
  • For those who don't know they have another great song in the game wreckfest for ps4 ! It's called alone against all

    Mateus HendlerMateus Hendler13 órája
  • Пишем !!! Пишем!!! Супер!👍👍👍

    Константин КизенковКонстантин Кизенков15 órája
  • Супер!!! Super+!!

    Константин КизенковКонстантин Кизенков15 órája
  • A bit old-fashioned but very nice song! My favorite...just after Italy ;)

    Tassos KardTassos Kard15 órája
  • Wow! I didn't know that they will be on Eurovision! Finally good rock band there! Not the best of their songs though.

    Владимир Афанасьев - Инвестиции в БудущееВладимир Афанасьев - Инвестиции в Будущее16 órája
  • Hu-uh!, hu-uh!

    Dolores ToribioDolores Toribio16 órája
  • I'll raise my middle finger for you!

    Isabella M. LeporeIsabella M. Lepore17 órája
  • SUOMI!!!🇫🇮

    YamiYami18 órája
  • This song is amazing.

    Jakub PytkoJakub Pytko18 órája
  • geez

    LIGHTALIGHTA18 órája
  • 12 баллов из Украины! 12 from Ukraine. Однозначно лучшее

    Kronos 913Kronos 91318 órája
  • Finland and Italy the best 🇫🇮❤️🇮🇹

    Matteo FestugatoMatteo Festugato18 órája
  • 😍😍😍

    Алеся ХодосовскаяАлеся Ходосовская19 órája
  • Oh damn this GREAT song got stuck in my mind and repeat is on fire!!!

    Hliana ArvdHliana Arvd19 órája
  • Still my favorite,13 points from Turkey!

  • This guys bringing the rock back, I love them 😍🎉🔥

    Mr.Joshler TyshMr.Joshler Tysh20 órája
  • Rock on the top!

    Mr.Joshler TyshMr.Joshler Tysh20 órája
  • Шикарно

    Mr.Joshler TyshMr.Joshler Tysh20 órája
  • Чувствуй этот вайб!!)))

    Mr.Joshler TyshMr.Joshler Tysh20 órája
  • Ребята просто невероятны ❤❤❤

    Mr.Joshler TyshMr.Joshler Tysh20 órája
  • ROCK IS ALIVE! 12 points from Ukraine!

    Mihael NMihael N20 órája
  • Besides those nu-metal/rapcore influences, chorus has Santa Cruz type of vibe for sure, it was easy to notice that Johnny Cruz had quite an impact on this song as a producer. I hope that Finland and Italy will finish in TOP 2 this year!!!

    Stefan PetrovicStefan Petrovic20 órája
  • I’m 100% going for my country, but if they win, honestly I won’t be upset. This is insanely good ❤️

    Genesis AuditoreGenesis Auditore20 órája
  • Trzymam kciuki za nich :)

    Lilibili 256Lilibili 25620 órája
  • WE LOVE YOU!!!

    Merja KnaapiMerja Knaapi20 órája
  • Хочу чтобы выиграли финны, буду голосовать за них!

    Tata GTata G21 órája

    Anica KosticAnica Kostic21 órája

      MIMIMIMI21 órája
  • Отлично. Буду болеть за вас! Так держать!

    Алексей ИвановАлексей Иванов22 órája
  • Lmao imagine that some fat Norwegians said this was too "cliche" :DDDD

    E ZE Z22 órája
    • Yeah saw that pathetic...

      Piia LindqvistPiia Lindqvist22 órája
  • Nice, Linkin Park and Faith no more... 👍

    Sanja Brkić-PancirovSanja Brkić-Pancirov22 órája
  • New song of Linkin Park is good

    Furia RojaFuria Roja22 órája
  • Это лучшее, что я слышал за последнее время!

    Nostalgic gamesNostalgic games23 órája
  • Best best best song in ESC 🤘

    Piia LindqvistPiia Lindqvist23 órája
  • Ви мої цьогорічні фаворити! Привіт з України! You are my favorites this year! Greetings from Ukraine!

    Людмила мояЛюдмила мояNapja
  • This is much better than those slowsleepyboring songs

  • First

  • Очень знакомая музыка, как будто где-то уже слышал

  • Not for me! Just sounds like one BIG noise!

    Ashley DeansAshley DeansNapja
  • Finland, amazing as always!

    Denisa BârgăuDenisa BârgăuNapja
  • 👍👍👍👍

  • Hello from Ukraine, future WINNERS🇫🇮

  • Perfect! Greetings from Turkey.

    Göksel ÖzcanGöksel ÖzcanNapja
  • A mix of Offspring, Limp Bizkit, Linking Park and so on. But it sounds well and fresh.

    ClipartsFree. deClipartsFree. deNapja
  • Еееее , парни красавчики ) жгите

    Игорь ГубановИгорь ГубановNapja
  • 🇷🇺 Россия за Вас, Финляндия 🇫🇮 ❤️

    Ксения СуртаеваКсения СуртаеваNapja
  • I'm a big fan of rock but I onestly find this a lil forced, I mean this looks more like a K-pop song singed by power rangers XD

    Lioncreed 22Lioncreed 22Napja
  • Yeet the rap parts ant you have got a great song here

  • This has Need For Speed vibes and I'm here for it

    Aytən SəfərliAytən SəfərliNapja
  • Wow!!!!

    Calendulla OttoCalendulla OttoNapja
  • My favorite 👍🏻

    Евгений ЛевитанЕвгений ЛевитанNapja
  • One word; brilliant

  • Hollywood Undead + Limp Bizkit = Blind Channel

  • Italy and finland are my winners!!!!

    Lu ALIALu ALIANapja
  • Лучшие😍

    Lika LiteLika LiteNapja
  • 12 points from Russia with love!!

  • Парни реально красавцы!) This guys really cool!) Good luck guys!)

  • Охрененно 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Яна ЧеркасЯна ЧеркасNapja
  • Even finland has a master song... what on earth is this year happening with all these songs. waaaay to good

    Tom BiezeTom BiezeNapja
  • Awesome🤘🤟🤟🤟😈

    Welcome to FutureWelcome to FutureNapja
  • I'm voting for this 🇫🇮🇬🇧 Seriously though Blind channel are incredible. They do a cover of left outside alone thats a masterpiece!!

    Jamie WymanJamie WymanNapja
  • LINKIN PARK approve ❤️ 🇮🇹🇫🇮 12 points from Italy ! Hope Finland or Italy win ESC ✌️

    Gioele LeameGioele LeameNapja
  • 12 points from Greece !

    liana tortomaniliana tortomaniNapja
  • Getting Skrillex vibes.

  • My top 3: 1- Finland 1- Finland 1- Finland

    Avel FebruaryAvel FebruaryNapja
  • am i the only one who thinks this song's "a-ay a-ay" line sounds just like Coldplay- Hymn for the Weeknd's rhyme?

  • this song is fire🔥but i think its hars for finland too win with metal after 2006

    Frida HenrikssonFrida HenrikssonNapja
  • this is hands down the best esc song this year

    Lilly TeafieldLilly TeafieldNapja
  • I can't understand people who likes the boring songs like France's entry instead of this rock Masterpiece

    c3yhun EDMc3yhun EDMNapja
    • I love both 😀

      Kristina MollaiKristina Mollai23 órája
  • Good luck from Ukraine!

    Julia MarinovaJulia MarinovaNapja