Cheryl Baker on 40th anniversary of Bucks Fizz win

2021.ápr. 4.
23 427 Megtekintés

On 4 April 1981 Bucks Fizz from the United Kingdom won the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Making Your Mind Up.
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  • Cheryl you are SO pretty !!!!! Gorgeous.

    Mark RMark R18 órája
  • 05:46 The thought of a young Mike Nolan fresh out of the bath in nothing by a white towel is a nice image indeed 😉

    TexaslawhornTexaslawhorn3 napja
  • I love how much Cheryl loves the contest. ❤🙂

    TexaslawhornTexaslawhorn3 napja
  • Bucks Fizz was a great group!

    TexaslawhornTexaslawhorn3 napja
  • I'm a huge fan of Bucks Fizz since 2004 and I have all their albums and singles on vinyl and this is one of my top favourite bands ever. I absolutely love Bucks Fizz and especially Cheryl. She is soooo nice and charming sweetheart. Greetings to Cheryl, Bucks Fizz and all its fans. Joanna from Poland

    AceStellaAceStella3 napja
  • Something tells me that the Queen has more important things to be worried about than trying to follow a competition called Eurovision that is both ridiculed and watched for mockery purposes in a country that for nearly 40 something years wanted to win all the time just because "we're the UK". So this 11th placing back in 1978 and the 13th placing in 1987 should have been a wake up call for a country that now struggles to not be in the 26th position. But I guess that is the price you pay when you have such an ego, bad blood with the remaining European countries and, sadly, the worst choices of musical entries that puzzles anybody wondering "Is this the same country that gave us The Beatles and The Roling Stones?" Buck Fizz were the 80s equivalent to manufacturted pop that never lasts long and own no credible musical identity ... and look at them now, having nothing else to be proud about but an Eurovision win and performing here and there for nostalgic purposes and with one former member in bad terms with the other 3. How delightful!

    Fabian81Fabian814 napja
  • Love and respect from Azerbaijani ❤🇦🇿🇹🇷👍

  • The blue jumper is 100% back in style Cheryl!

    Luuk JolingLuuk Joling6 napja
  • Lovely interview 😀 Cheryl is a trooper 😘 I remember watching this at my grans house 🙂

    David HallDavid Hall6 napja
  • I want to thank eurovision and you tube because I discovered Bucks Fizz. As a millenial and from the Philippines, I like most of their songs. Love 80's music. My favourite is Jay.

    maki pizonmaki pizon6 napja
  • Daniel Jaek

    Daniel JaekDaniel Jaek6 napja
  • Who tf cares about some grandma cheryl that won eurovision centuries ago

    My Anaconda Don’tMy Anaconda Don’t6 napja
    • Show respect to all the artists who contributed to the history and the success of Eurovision ! This contest has values and you'd better watch out to be tolerant towards all generations, especially if you expect to be respected too.

      D MD M6 napja
  • I just love her - especially for this interview. Rarely does someone give so much oversight into their participation.

    GJ RrrGJ Rrr7 napja
  • lovely to hear Cheryl's memories and refreshing to hear how she still loves Eurovision

    William DFRWilliam DFR7 napja
  • 👍

  • I C O N behaviour

    Lucy O'DeaLucy O'Dea7 napja
  • We want Gigliola!

    Nicola GrattiNicola Gratti7 napja
    • Si si!! ❤

      TexaslawhornTexaslawhorn3 napja
  • Cheryl you are alway good to listen to❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍🤎💖💝💓💗

    Linda ShawLinda Shaw7 napja
  • I adored cheryl then, I still do now. 40 years on she looks fantastic ! 😘

    Dover One FoxtrotDover One Foxtrot7 napja
  • What a wonderful interview with Cheryl who is just so natural, honest and upbeat. Bucks Fizz win in 1981 was my first to watch and the UK won. Been hooked for 40 years and it's a highlight to myself and friends. The ripping of the skirts clinched the deal and then on others copied but never match the stylish simplicity. The vibrant primary colours were a tribute to UK (red, white, blue) & hosts Ireland (green, white, yellow). Go the Fizz ))

    Dirk RossDirk Ross7 napja
  • I forgot to congratate you Cheryl and the former Bucks Fizz.

    Peter KirbyPeter Kirby8 napja
  • UK 1978 was one of better song that year, but they ruined their chance for good placement with bad costume on stage. I like more Cheryl Baker song from 1978 than 1981.

    js jsjs js8 napja
  • For me better song than UK had Germany, Israel, Switzerland, Portugal, Belgium and Denmark. Thanks to clever staging UK won that year like Latvia in 2002. For me song Dont Panic sang by group Liquid Gold, was better choice for UK but same happened in UK national final like happened in ESC.

    js jsjs js8 napja
    • Not just clever staging. You forget that Making Your Mind Up not only won Eurovision, it also became a MASSIVE hit in the UK and throughout Europe during 1981, and sold millions plus launched Bucks Fizz as a very successful pop group. Clever staging doesn't make all that happen. No other songs in Eurovision 1981 were sizeable hits, they are all long forgotten. The UK clearly had the winning song and the biggest hit in the competition, and for once, it actually won!

      Graham HaytonGraham Hayton7 napja
  • Great interview Cheryl think the BBC should make a tv show to celebrate 40 years

    Kevin MarshamKevin Marsham8 napja
  • I've been obsessed with Eurovision since last year at age 26 and just discovered Eurovision at age 24 when I sought foreign music. Better late than never.

    Nairda OllijurtNairda Ollijurt8 napja
  • Fantastic group and still on stage, congrats to 40 years, the Fizz goes on!

    EurofizzerEurofizzer8 napja
  • If she was obsessed she would know there isn’t 9 points in Eurovision

    SimsMoyalSimsMoyal8 napja
    • @SimsMoyal asking questions and inserting prompts (add 15 minutes) Edited out irrelevant content (add 10-15 minutes) Setting up, warm up questions, and closing down (add 10-15 minutes) Slips of the tongue are very easy. If you're telling me you've never done that - particularly when under pressure and fatigued - then you're proving you're just a troll

      benrgroganbenrgrogan7 napja
    • @benrgrogan don't know about that - firstly why a 15 minutes take over an hour to shoot? Was it so heavily unatural and scripted? Secondly, I think that fundamental fact like 9 points wouldn't have slipped over a Eurovision anorak

      SimsMoyalSimsMoyal7 napja
    • @SimsMoyal "with respect" she just gave a 15 minute interview (likely took her an hour to film), very easy to muddle over your words during that time.

      benrgroganbenrgrogan7 napja
    • @Peter Kirby with all due respect i think true fans wouldn’t forget that there isn’t 9 points in the Eurovision- its such a fundamental thing

      SimsMoyalSimsMoyal8 napja
    • Hi there. Cheeky I believe well knows that as she spoke of her liking for the 1964 Italian entry. She will not forget the first vote from Austria was 4 points and not three. I thought it was a very honest interview and I do believe Cheryl is a true fan hearing her saying so and her knowledge she has demonstrated over the years

      Peter KirbyPeter Kirby8 napja
  • I agree many commentator in this interview-video The Bucks Fizz performance is the most iconic and remarkable from 80s decade!!! It's nice these surprising interview of Eurovision Stars of decades ago!!!🙌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Aitor Robles MorillasAitor Robles Morillas8 napja
  • I liked Portugal the best in that year

    SimsMoyalSimsMoyal8 napja
    • @js js yea both iconic dances and iconic outfits, and the daring songs. Portugal seem to mostly getting the short end of the stick in this contest

      SimsMoyalSimsMoyal8 napja
    • Portugal was amazing in 1981, 1982 but both time underrated in points.

      js jsjs js8 napja
  • 1:08 and then 1:18 ; she's kinda right, indirectly equating Eurovision with the Olympics, while actually scale-wise it's more similar to UEFA's Euro (if you're a football fan) or Eurobasket (if you're a basketball fan) than the Olympics, because Eurovision is still continental scale-wise and both Eurovision and UEFA's Euro are still both continental and involving one type of "game" only (singing/song-composing in terms of Eurovision, and football in terms of Euro).

    A.M. Rifki A. 3rdA.M. Rifki A. 3rd8 napja
  • I remember watching Buck's Fizz win both Song For Europe and Eurovision back in 1981. I was 14 at the time

    Aretha Franklin Whitney HoustonAretha Franklin Whitney Houston8 napja
  • Hmmmm isn't she like a real big supporter of Brexit????

    Daniel TheophanousDaniel Theophanous8 napja
    • @areatw Yes true. But as I said for some it matters that she is a brexiteer (for what it represents) for others it doesn't. Both points equally valid.

      Daniel TheophanousDaniel Theophanous5 napja
    • @Daniel Theophanous Plenty of countries that participate in Eurovision that aren't in the EU. But you already knew that.

      areatwareatw5 napja
    • @areatw perphaps something like eurovision brings countries together and Brexit is symbolically the anthithesis of that. Or simply it may matter for some and not for others.

      Daniel TheophanousDaniel Theophanous6 napja
    • Does it matter?

      areatwareatw6 napja
    • I think that’s the other female member.

      GJ RrrGJ Rrr7 napja
  • Cheryl Baker. A national treasure for the United Kingdom. With all of our love from Iceland 🇮🇸

    M J StefánssonM J Stefánsson8 napja
  • Thanks for doing this interview. Love Cheryl and the winning song

    JeanJean8 napja
  • Terry Wogan ! 🙌🙏💖

    D MD M8 napja
  • "I'm obsessed with the Eurovision." Same Cheryl, same.

    Heather OwensHeather Owens8 napja
    • Another fan. Really nice. Hope you will enjoy this year's contest.

      Peter KirbyPeter Kirby8 napja
  • I hope France will win Eurovision this year

    Benjamin BlackburnBenjamin Blackburn8 napja
    • @Texaslawhorn Every Cities in France can host the Eurovision song contest

      Benjamin BlackburnBenjamin Blackburn3 napja
    • Yes! It's time for France to host the contest again! ❤🇫🇷

      TexaslawhornTexaslawhorn3 napja
  • My favourite UK Eurovision entry ❤

    maimai8 napja
  • This is brilliant! Thank you so much for doing this Miss Baker !!!

    Mike SimpsonMike Simpson8 napja
  • making your mind...UP!

    TheDouzePointeTheDouzePointe8 napja
  • These days we'd declare it a public holiday if we came 11th. She looks great here. I loved Bucks Fizz, always loved The Land Of Make Believe.

    Dan FrostDan Frost8 napja
  • Wow!

    vik svevik sve8 napja
  • This was so wrong, everyone knows that Germany should’ve won that year

    ZalkkareitaZalkkareita8 napja
    • well obviously not!!

      westendpadwestendpad3 napja
    • Get over it. Germany won the following year anyway.

      Darwin TanoDarwin Tano8 napja
  • Such a classic!

    Patrick CollinsPatrick Collins8 napja
  • Cheryl still looks so beautiful!

    Laughs With LuluLaughs With Lulu8 napja
  • Fantastic video. We need more like this from old winners.

    antidoto1980antidoto19808 napja
    • Same love from azerbaijani🇦🇿❤👌

  • One of the most iconic performances in Eurovision history.

    B CB C8 napja
  • AZERBAIJAN🇦🇿Land of fire🔥🥂🥳

    Aysel KerimovaAysel Kerimova8 napja
    • Stop repeating yourself, parrot !

      D MD M6 napja
  • ı hope that one of these countries will win this year : Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 malta 🇲🇹 Switzerland 🇨🇭 cyprus 🇨🇾 Lithuania 🇱🇹 iceland 🇮🇸 Finland 🇫🇮 san marino 🇸🇲

    jesc esc fanjesc esc fan8 napja
  • My winner for Eurovision 2021 Azerbaijan🥳🙏✌👏🇦🇿👏👏

    Aysel KerimovaAysel Kerimova8 napja
  • My winners are - Malta - switerzland - Ireland - Azerbejdżan - cyprys - Bułgaria - Romania - San Marino

    Robert OlszewskiRobert Olszewski8 napja
  • It’s so sad that Johnny Blue didn’t win that year.

    Erick Alonso Chacón MataErick Alonso Chacón Mata8 napja
    • Well it was 40 years ago. GET OVER IT!

      Cillian BurkeCillian Burke8 napja
  • 👉🙌🤩🐁🐓🦋😎🥰

    Gerti SpillerGerti Spiller8 napja
  • Anyone remembers that velcro skirt

    Nathaniel CuisiaNathaniel Cuisia8 napja
  • Little Englander Brexiteer.

    Lorenzo TucanoLorenzo Tucano8 napja
    • Bitter European

      areatwareatw6 napja
    • She’s had her vaccine. Lol

      Adam JenningsAdam Jennings8 napja
  • I was at the A Song for Europe 1981 and a still a Eurovision fans today. I remember thinking it could win but had strong competition from France Switzerland and Germany. I got to the 1982 Eurovision Song Contest as a fan because of Bucks Fizz. I also liked Bad Old Days by co co and their 76 A Song for Europe entry by Co Co Wake Up. Really nice songs. Seems like yesterday and I am now 56 and have been to 9 Eurovisions. Ok turn it into a holiday. A great Contest.

    Peter KirbyPeter Kirby8 napja
    • @Peter Kirby Royal Albert Hall is too small now. if BBC is as brave as SVT, they can put the selection into the O2 Arena or Manchester Arena (just like SVT puts the final of Melodifestivalen into the Friends Arena).

      A.M. Rifki A. 3rdA.M. Rifki A. 3rd7 napja
    • @A.M. Rifki A. 3rd .Hi there. I agree with you. Sweden does very well in Eurovision because of the effort they put in and good song writers are attracted to that type of selection. The EBU wishes to see all countries have National Selections I read. Arcade though was an internal selection. The MAP used to shortlist from about 500 entries for A Song for Europe. I had a ticket for the 1979 A Song for Europe in the Albert Hall but there was a strike. Some one has commented rightly how good those Song for Europe,s were. Bring the Royal Albert Hall back and a National selection there. Nice to see a comment from another strong fan of Eurovision and the UK.s participation.

      Peter KirbyPeter Kirby8 napja
    • @Peter Kirby well, in the 90s and 2000s there were more countries daring to do national selection, and I missed those years. I hope, when the UK goes to hold a national selection again, the format will be similar to that of Melodifestivalen or this year's UMK (50-50 votes from juries and televoters, one-artist one-song only, 7 to 12 songs in the final night, sleek performances and stagings just like what the artists would like the stagings to be in Eurovision).

      A.M. Rifki A. 3rdA.M. Rifki A. 3rd8 napja
    • I do agree that the UK should have a national final as the UK public picked picked 3 of the 5 winners and they picked our last 15th 2nd place in 1998. Some early songs were internal selection . I wrote to the BBC about this also. We need to establish more interest or show the interest in the UK for Eurovision. It is so great new fans exiis.t also. Thank you for your comment. I remember Germany,s performance Johnny Blue as very Strong and Switzerland Io Senza Re and Hunanahum from France were so good too that year They did only get 12 points from Israel and Netherlands

      Peter KirbyPeter Kirby8 napja
    • so sad that the UK through BBC doesn't hold a national selection again. I hope they will have one in 2022.

      A.M. Rifki A. 3rdA.M. Rifki A. 3rd8 napja
  • I recommended to watch A Song for Europe 1976, 1978, 1981, then you can know what does she say.

    Andy ChouAndy Chou8 napja
  • Yeah.. Germany should have won that year!! BLUE BLUE BLUE JOHNNY BLUE

    LisaLisa8 napja
    • I liek more Germany 1981,1980 than Germany 1982. In 1982 Belgium or Portugal deserved to won.

      js jsjs js8 napja
    • Germany , Switzerland , Israel with ballad, or Portugal, Denmark or Belgium with uptempo song that year. This 6 countries deserved more to won that year.

      js jsjs js8 napja
    • Get over it Germany won in 1982

      Inez FeytonsInez Feytons8 napja
    • Well they didn't so get over it. It was 40 years ago

      Cillian BurkeCillian Burke8 napja
  • her voice is so british it hurts

    PrinterEaterPrinterEater8 napja
  • My winners for Eurovision 2021 France, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, UK, Finland,

    Benjamin BlackburnBenjamin Blackburn8 napja
    • @Peter Kirby France have the best entry for Eurovision song contest 2021

      Benjamin BlackburnBenjamin Blackburn7 napja
    • @Benjamin Blackburn yes France do indeed. I like their last winner Loseau st L.enfant back in 1977. I am not keen on their video. I left a comment for the wrong fan in error.

      Peter KirbyPeter Kirby7 napja
    • Hi Benjamin. Yes I agree France have a great entry. Not so keen on the video. I thought that they would change that. France have had some great entries in Eurovision. I very much like their last winner l.oseau st L.enfant back in 1977. They are due another win for sure.

      Peter KirbyPeter Kirby7 napja
    • @Cillian Burke France have a chance to win

      Benjamin BlackburnBenjamin Blackburn8 napja
    • @Peter Kirby France have good entry in the Eurovision song contest 2021

      Benjamin BlackburnBenjamin Blackburn8 napja
  • Hard to believe that it was 40 years ago, Cheryl and Bobby were always my favourites 😉

    Jonathan RigbyJonathan Rigby8 napja
  • 😍

    Alexander V. Nørskov IbsenAlexander V. Nørskov Ibsen8 napja
  • Thanks for such an inspiring video! Great story of a road to winning, amazing! More of such kind of videos would be great to have as well.

    Jelena MatuleJelena Matule8 napja
  • Какого хрена я подписан?....

    Главный ценительГлавный ценитель8 napja
  • Yeeessss we love the uk 🇬🇧 representing!! Live my contry!!

    MillieMillie8 napja
  • Iconic ❤️✨

    esc nnsesc nns8 napja
    • @シkawao hi lol

      esc nnsesc nns8 napja
    • well hello there!

      シkawaoシkawao8 napja
  • Who is excited for Eurovision?

    The lily and Clara AdventuresThe lily and Clara Adventures8 napja
    • I can’t wait... I’ve been waiting for this like 2 fuckin’ years

      Else KoaaElse Koaa6 napja
    • @Nairda Ollijurt it’s my fourth time as 13 years old😍

      Florian ESCFlorian ESC7 napja
    • Excited to watch my second Eurovision live and for my parents it will be their first time.

      Nairda OllijurtNairda Ollijurt8 napja
    • Me

      M J StefánssonM J Stefánsson8 napja
    • Me

      jesc esc fanjesc esc fan8 napja
  • That's nice

    Sloth BoiiSloth Boii8 napja
  • *When Eurovision was all about music and having fun unlike today. Amazing winner from United Kingdom!*

    Stefan EnglishmanStefan Englishman8 napja
    • I loved the conductor, orchestra and dodgy telephone communication during the voting. There was more decorum back then but everything progresses and I still enjoy the contest each year.

      M J StefánssonM J Stefánsson8 napja
    • @Stefan Englishman *why are you speaking in bold* Culture via song still definetely persists: it's just that as music has become more worldwide accessible, of course different places will like the same styles and genres

      Jamie PollardJamie Pollard8 napja
    • It's still about having fun. But it's more developed now which is natural since that's what happens when you evolve a contest to fit with the current era!

      DenisDenis8 napja
    • @Stefan Englishman Because Buck's Fizz was the height of British culture and tradition, right? Just quit whining, she even said herself that the contest has only improved!

      FrostyFrosty8 napja
    • @Stefan Englishman what are u talking about?!?!?!?!🤨🤨🤨 Nothing's lost AT ALL. It Developed a lot.

      Mousa NsourMousa Nsour8 napja
  • My Winners; Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 Poland 🇵🇱 San Marino 🇸🇲 From Turkey 🇹🇷

    Keskin YılmazKeskin Yılmaz8 napja
    • @André Pinhão These guys are so obsessed, it's painful, ridiculous and laughable at the same time.

      D MD M8 napja
    • But your Turkish so obviously you would say Azerbaijan 😑

      André PinhãoAndré Pinhão8 napja
    • Azerbaijan and Poland won't even qualify

      André PinhãoAndré Pinhão8 napja
    • Wow. Poland, really? Thank you so much 🤩

      Altɘr Ego. Poland 🎧Altɘr Ego. Poland 🎧8 napja
  • *I hope that one of these countries will win this year:* Switzerland 🇨🇭, Croatia 🇭🇷, Lithuania 🇱🇹, Finland 🇫🇮, San Marino 🇸🇲 , Sweden 🇸🇪, Azerbaijan 🇦🇿

    Altɘr Ego. Poland 🎧Altɘr Ego. Poland 🎧8 napja
    • @yesoops Unfortunately not this year 😔

      Altɘr Ego. Poland 🎧Altɘr Ego. Poland 🎧8 napja
    • @Aysel Kerimova🎶 ma ma ma Mata Hari 🎶

      Altɘr Ego. Poland 🎧Altɘr Ego. Poland 🎧8 napja
    • Azerbaijan🇦🇿

      Aysel KerimovaAysel Kerimova8 napja
    • denmarkdenmarkdenmarkdenmarkdenmarkdenmarkdenmarkdenmarkdenmark

      yesoopsyesoops8 napja
    • @Lil Jezin Roxen is also in my top 10 😉

      Altɘr Ego. Poland 🎧Altɘr Ego. Poland 🎧8 napja
  • she is such a good singer!

    Eurovision BOEurovision BO8 napja
  • The songs of previous years were very entertaining

    Zeka fazla geldiZeka fazla geldi8 napja
  • HI

    Marijn VisserMarijn Visser8 napja
  • First

    Hristina PetrovicHristina Petrovic8 napja
  • 2nd

    Sidrit ÇollakuSidrit Çollaku8 napja
  • İm 1

  • Cool.

    DJ 1DJ 18 napja
    • @Sun Light OK ...

      DJ 1DJ 17 napja
    • @Sun Light I don’t understand you.

      DJ 1DJ 17 napja
    • It’s esc time !!!

      DJ 1DJ 18 napja
    • Absolutely, me too!

      DJ 1DJ 18 napja
    • Yes, i agree with you. I like Eurovision.

      Sun LightSun Light8 napja