Daði og Gagnamagnið - 10 Years - Iceland 🇮🇸 - Eurovision 2021

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Daði og Gagnamagnið will represent Iceland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song 10 Years.
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  • Read more about Daði og Gagnamagnið here: eurovision.tv/participant/dadi-og-gagnamagnid-2021

    Eurovision Song ContestEurovision Song Contest29 napja
    • No thank you i know them perfectly because i live in the same country but cool ask

      itz._. candyitz._. candy14 napja
    • My absolute favourite!!!

      anita bach danielsenanita bach danielsen15 napja
    • Eurovision Song Contest Bitches Give Them The Award, It's About Time!

      TheGoaBaseTheGoaBase17 napja
    • Skál !!! 🙏 💜 🙏 🇬🇷 🙏 🇮🇸 🙏

      TheGoaBaseTheGoaBase18 napja
    • To all the Icelandic ESC fans reading this in March 2021: good luck, stay strong and stay safe during the predicted eruptions!

      Sahi PKSahi PK25 napja
  • שיר מפגר😂 אבל ממכר אהבתי

    DanielDaniel6 perccel
  • And 12 points go to Iceland from Turkey :)

    HakanHakan30 perccel
  • I love this song and its dance (I followed Daði's tutorial to learn it). I hope people in Europe understand their sens of humor, they are so funny

    José GranadoJosé GranadoÓrája
  • In Iceland nobody has sex? How you only 300000 people? Is bigger than my country.

    BAKU EscBAKU Esc2 órája
  • My reaction to this song everytime i hear it: 1:11

    DalleDalle3 órája
  • OMG! This is f*cking amazing!!! Regards from Spain

    Luis Francisco Martínez GarcíaLuis Francisco Martínez García3 órája
  • Dađi shouldve won last year so I'm rooting for this one too!!

    TeepeezeeTeepeezee4 órája
  • So glad that my French class is doing a Eurovision because then I wouldn’t have found this bop

    Meatball BuddhaMeatball Buddha4 órája
  • Daft punk 🤔

    wouter michelswouter michels5 órája
  • I want these great people to win this ESC so bad!!

    bea.lucbea.luc5 órája
  • чистый кайф!

    Valeriya VlasovaValeriya Vlasova8 órája
  • Супер. Я влюблена

    Royzen77Royzen7712 órája
  • It's good but it's not Ya Ya Ding Dong.

    R BR B19 órája
  • Im constantly trying to make eyecontact with him but he never looks through the camera.

    Axel Skald LjungblomAxel Skald LjungblomNapja
  • i dont like disco or funk but this is a bop.

    I don't know what to write lolI don't know what to write lolNapja
  • Geniale

  • my favorite so far!!! 12 points from Germany shdjshshdj

    Sara B.Sara B.Napja
  • 1000000x times better than last year. Good job Iceland. Yet no way near hatari's level tho.

    Alexandre NabaisAlexandre NabaisNapja
  • Very good contribution to the ESC. Nice voice.

    Loes SwartLoes SwartNapja
  • Yes......form the U. S. And A.

    Joshua CJoshua CNapja

    Marta Daniela BrandãoMarta Daniela BrandãoNapja
  • This gentle giant is a phenomenon. A playful little boy in the body of an insanely humorous tall viking. Daði, you have my vote! And a piece of my heart!

    Forest CatForest CatNapja
    • Fun fact, more than half the DNA of the Icelandic population is Irish/scotish.

      D GrayD GrayNapja
    • Дуже хороша i легенька пісенька, підіймає настрій :)) якраз те що треба ❤️❤️❤️ Привіт з України ❤️❤️❤️

      Ask to seduce MissAsk to seduce MissNapja
  • His stage presence!!!!

    Tova SöderbergTova SöderbergNapja
    • This would be a great winning song in Rotterdam

      Ask to seduce MissAsk to seduce MissNapja
  • 0:55 My cousin asking me if I want some chocolate ice cream and me responding in my limited English.

    Adi SAdi SNapja
  • I'm not the greatest fan of their geeky style but it can't be denied that their languid approach is very distinctive and immediately recognizable. Don't be surprised if Eurovision 2022 is in the "Bay of Smoke" aka Reykjavik.

    Ciarán ReillyCiarán ReillyNapja
  • I want to hear now "JA JA DING DONG"!!!!! 👐

    Legend of the FallLegend of the Fall2 napja
  • I like you guys very much❤, I think you definitely deserve to be first and the best!🏆 Greetings from Moscow 🇷🇺

    Gia RossiGia Rossi2 napja
  • Love love love LOVEEEEEE

    dear ddear d2 napja
  • After just after re-watching last year's entry, he's so much more confident this year!!! I love him so much!!!!

    myfanwmyfanw2 napja
  • That silence at the end, waiting for the confetti... then... "POP", had me rolling on the floor laughing. Great song

    Will Adam MusicWill Adam Music2 napja
  • im in love with the song and the guy))!

    Didi DiDidi Di2 napja
  • Супер!)

  • I Like it! 💃🏼🕺👯‍♀️

    Wiola KupisWiola Kupis2 napja
  • ❤😍

    KlaudiaKlaudia2 napja
  • They would've won last year

    terriberri87terriberri872 napja
  • This would be a great winning song in Rotterdam

    46Melly46Melly2 napja
  • Дуже хороша i легенька пісенька, підіймає настрій :)) якраз те що треба ❤️❤️❤️ Привіт з України ❤️❤️❤️

    Юлія ЛукаЮлія Лука2 napja
  • The more I here it the more I love it, I think he nailed it again

    BramusationBramusation2 napja
  • Lit 🔥👯❣️

    Büşra MengiBüşra Mengi2 napja
  • The song is nice if you do not look at the singer. :)

    Max WeberMax Weber2 napja
  • 12 points from Azerbaijan 🇦🇿

    Milana AlivaMilana Aliva2 napja
    • Love Love Love!!!

      bofooit gojobofooit gojo2 napja
  • The best song of this year

    kishy official AKTUALNIE NA ŻYWOkishy official AKTUALNIE NA ŻYWO2 napja
    • Nice. You got a vote from the UK.

      bofooit gojobofooit gojo2 napja
  • 12 points from I dont know where

    SokolocoOGSokolocoOG2 napja
  • Dadi is such a perfect personification of the perfect Human.

    TychusTychus2 napja
  • Excellent!

    J-M ErlendsonJ-M Erlendson2 napja
  • this is 100% the winner - so good

    Finley WilkinsonFinley Wilkinson2 napja
  • This is just so wholesome

    Walrider IrisWalrider Iris2 napja
  • AWESOMEEEEE, I think Iceland is my favorite one now 🥰

    Darcy D Santos De La CruzDarcy D Santos De La Cruz2 napja
  • He must win!

    ESC ReviewESC Review3 napja
  • Island, I love you, good luck from Germany 🇩🇪 🇮🇸 ❤️

    AnikaohnenamenAnikaohnenamen3 napja
  • Love you from Azerbaijan

    phobiaphobia3 napja
  • WINNER!!!!!!!!

    Isra FoxIsra Fox3 napja
    • @zijuiy wttuy hi from spain!!

      Isra FoxIsra Fox2 napja
    • привет из далекой Сибири! RU

      zijuiy wttuyzijuiy wttuy3 napja
  • A pajamas dance party 😍

    Giacomo VVGiacomo VV3 napja
    • from back vocals to choir part, from intro to the used instruments this song is really good. good luck iceland!

      zijuiy wttuyzijuiy wttuy3 napja

    LovroLovro3 napja
  • По -хорошему странные ребята. Но цепляет.

    Третьякова ТатьянаТретьякова Татьяна3 napja
  • Nice. You got a vote from the UK.

    Medieval Folk DanceMedieval Folk Dance3 napja
  • Love Love Love!!!

    Heather MabusHeather Mabus3 napja
  • It makes me feel good and happy😍👍

    W. SW. S3 napja
  • Omg. Love it like last year❤❤🇩🇪🇩🇪👍

    W. SW. S3 napja
  • Winner 4 sure

    Marky HorizonsMarky Horizons4 napja
  • Yay! Lasts years song is still stuck up on my head, but this one is alsooo SOO amazing ! Talk about thingggss

    Marky HorizonsMarky Horizons4 napja
  • 12 points from Greece 🇬🇷

    Maria 2002Maria 20024 napja
    • Eurovision 2021 who's Your "dadi"??.. Here it is... :))

      bodoti qwiubodoti qwiu3 napja
  • okay iceland and ukraine are easly fav

    XfaN 888XfaN 8884 napja
    • Funny that they both (Dadi and Katya Pavlenko from Go_A) called each other's songs their favorites at this contest)

      rumenokrumenok3 napja
    • Great song, you must win this year. 12 points from Australia ❤

      bodoti qwiubodoti qwiu3 napja
  • Hahaaaa the thumbs up "....I like" brilliant

    Matty-DMatty-D4 napja
  • Are we not gonna talk about that Iceland 2021 and 2020 are kind the same the songs sound exactly the same

    Bella HBella H4 napja
  • 🎶🎶🎶 Every day our loveee finds a new way to grow 🎶🎶 Love from Serbia ❤

    Lady9000 LadyLady9000 Lady4 napja
  • from back vocals to choir part, from intro to the used instruments this song is really good. good luck iceland!

    Golden FlowerGolden Flower4 napja
  • Вы очень удивительный коллектив. Желаю Вам удачи и победы!!! Открыл для себя этих ребят с прошлого Евровидения, они замечательные))) Еще раз удачи!!!! И привет из далекой Сибири! RU

    Товарищ Оби ВанТоварищ Оби Ван4 napja
  • А когда будет Евровидение?

    Cristina BuzuCristina Buzu4 napja
    • Всегда в мае

      Olegs KurdjukovsOlegs Kurdjukovs4 napja
  • Holly crap... hope they will win

    TheMOLDOVAmanTheMOLDOVAman4 napja
  • I'm so glad they are back :D

    Samantha Kristina Heiner-LarsenSamantha Kristina Heiner-Larsen4 napja
  • Play Ja Ja Ding Dong!

    Gabrielle VillaseñorGabrielle Villaseñor4 napja
  • love from Azerbaijan❤️ oh my god what a chillmusic they bring. want to relax and chill all day. reminds me LaLaLand movie, emotions something like that from that movie. old but good. and how they move and dance hmmmm loveee... love❤️from🇦🇿...my faves Iceland....

    Adalat MammadovAdalat Mammadov4 napja
  • This guy creating absolute bangers two years in a row? Unheard of. If he doesn't win this year, I'm gonna sue.

    OctobrisOctobris4 napja
  • Refrain is good, intro too long and a bit boring. I'd like to hear more of that refrain

    Aurelija RosenzweigAurelija Rosenzweig4 napja
  • Sorry, don't like this at all.

    izadineizadine4 napja
  • Great song, you must win this year. 12 points from Australia ❤

    Terry StowardTerry Stoward4 napja
  • Eurovision 2021 who's Your "dadi"??.. Here it is... :))

    Axel RicciuAxel Ricciu4 napja
  • Original song y like but is not the best music in this Eurovision

    Matheo AlvesMatheo Alves4 napja
    • Best

      Olegs KurdjukovsOlegs Kurdjukovs4 napja
  • Very good start, but after it sorry Iceland...

    Кристиян АнгеловКристиян Ангелов4 napja
  • This song gives me city pop vibes, so good! Love from Isreal!

    Inbar OfekInbar Ofek4 napja
  • Интересно слушать с начала и до конца. С ними могли потягаться только Литл биг(

    # MonkeyStyle# MonkeyStyle4 napja
    • Они не вошли бы в топ5 с Уно

      Olegs KurdjukovsOlegs Kurdjukovs4 napja

    Zara OwenZara Owen4 napja
  • 12 points from me!

    Maurizio AgostiniMaurizio Agostini5 napja
  • Ma io sto male dal ridere. Questa canzone deve vincereeee! 😂😂👍

    Gigi GxGigi Gx5 napja
  • I love this song and performance!! Top 10 to me. I don't Know if it will win, but I like it. 12 (fake) points from Brazil.

    Everton PereiraEverton Pereira5 napja
  • Они такие странные, но так приятно и по-хорошему♡ Так рада, что и в этом году они выступают!💕 Просто солнышки💛🌼☀️

    Ptao TomPtao Tom5 napja
    • Сначала написала комментарий,а потом прочитала Ваш,полностью согласна.

      Третьякова ТатьянаТретьякова Татьяна3 napja
  • Iceland win!!!

    ikurusawaikurusawa5 napja
  • The cutest person in Europe!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Katerina GeorgiadiKaterina Georgiadi5 napja
    • those that dislike have a very sad day

      Ptao TomPtao Tom5 napja
  • We all actually have ESC on our keyboards , upper left side. 😁

    Ayan AliyevaAyan Aliyeva5 napja
  • 13 punktów od polski

    Tymx KwTymx Kw5 napja
  • Песня песней,но согласитесь,ролики Кузьмы и Юлика намного круче .....

    Ляман ГасановаЛяман Гасанова5 napja
  • My second one favorite after Russian Manizha )

    Serge LimeSerge Lime5 napja
  • Iceland out here taking over last year and this years Eurovision. Clearly the best last year

    bryan ruskbryan rusk5 napja
  • This song gives me major clean bandit vibes which is a good thing because I love clean bandit

    VoetbalnoortjeVoetbalnoortje5 napja
  • Last years 2020 tune 12 points.. This time sorry no points

    Daniel YefetDaniel Yefet5 napja
  • Oh my goodness another dance floor burner 🤩😍🥰

    linda holmeslinda holmes5 napja
  • Nice vibes

    Davud GuluzadeDavud Guluzade6 napja
  • Daði must win this year! Think about things was amazing, and 10 years is just perfect! He's such a gem!

    misscrackwoodmisscrackwood6 napja