Daði og Gagnamagnið - Think About Things - Iceland 🇮🇸 - Official Video - Eurovision 2020

2020.márc. 8.
8 661 742 Megtekintés

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Daði og Gagnamagnið will represent Iceland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 with the song Think About Things.

Read more about Daði og Gagnamagnið here: eurovision.tv/participant/dadji-freyr

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  • This song XD

    Arjen KoenArjen KoenNapja
  • god this is disturbing. the fucking faces in the background This fucking sucks. song was good

    Matteo El DistoleroMatteo El DistoleroNapja
  • Is COVID really the cause that this is not gonna win a Eurovision? If COVID wasn't here this would've probably won the whole contest in 2020.

    Zhiqiang XuZhiqiang Xu2 napja
    • norway should have won last year

      ESC IvetaESC IvetaNapja
  • The eurovision winner we never had

    Darren FransDarren Frans2 napja
  • I would have voted the hell out of this

    Luca OrtolaniLuca Ortolani3 napja
  • I can't stop to listen to this song agai, again, and again!!! Gretings from El Salvador C.A.

    Mr. CatMr. Cat3 napja
  • As a ethiopian american italian i think this is awesome yeah i have 3 citizenships

    Meatloaf BeastMeatloaf Beast3 napja
  • My winners

    isaacpg122_isaacpg122_4 napja
  • This is like my 15th time watching this & I’m just now noticing his lovely nail polish

    Kat CulbertsonKat Culbertson4 napja
  • Eurovision 2020 didn't happen, but we all no that this would of been the winner. Go Iceland

    Neil ParxNeil Parx4 napja
  • Geniusze... noga sama skacze

    Oset StudioOset Studio5 napja
  • Europe has decreed that Iceland won Eurovision 2020. We will take no further questions.

    _Izzy __Izzy _5 napja
  • i love this

    Lisa -Lisa -6 napja
  • Are those real instruments? I came here after watching Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga. Love that movie!

    GuidedWithLightGuidedWithLight8 napja
  • This is just literally ketamine

    BrandonBrandon8 napja
  • So glad the McElroys sent me here thanks Justin!

    RyanRyan9 napja
  • We ALL know Iceland won Eurovision 2020... it was just never been official 😂

    GallysGallys10 napja
  • How to write this tipe of song. 1. Make a slow begining. 2. Make sum song lines 3. Make a coriography. 4. Make more song lines. 5. End with confety. Alexander Reiback " And thats how you write a song."

    Beatrise KrokfordaBeatrise Krokforda10 napja
  • The best Iceland group in ESC history.

    Beatrise KrokfordaBeatrise Krokforda10 napja
  • Вы в танцах

    Говяжья ЧевапчачаГовяжья Чевапчача11 napja
  • Baby, I can't wait to know Believe me, I'll always be there, so Though I know I love you I find it hard to see how you feel about me 'Cause I don't understand you Oh, you are yet to learn how to speak When we first met I will never forget 'Cause even though I didn't know you yet We were bound together, then and forever And I could never let you go Baby, I can't wait to know What do you think about things? Believe me, I will always be there, so You can tell me anything and I'll listen When we are together There isn't anywhere that I would rather be Three birds of a feather I just hope you enjoy our company It's been some time And though hard to define As if the stars have started to align We are bound together, now and forever And I will never let you go Baby, I…

    Yiğit KıpkıpYiğit Kıpkıp11 napja
  • Best Eurovision song of all time ?

    E.FleminiE.Flemini11 napja
  • I love when the hoes in the public start screaming at 2:05, the moment when his hair starts flying. What an epic moment

    Edmund ToryEdmund Tory13 napja
  • iceland ez dubs

    AntonioAntonio13 napja
  • Nice

    Vilius SteponaviciusVilius Steponavicius13 napja
  • He really reminds me of Jay from Jay and Silent Bob :D Love it - and the song!

    MarGreatMarGreat14 napja

    Doom MarauderDoom Marauder15 napja
  • I love this song...and the 2021 entry!!!

    Margaret CullaghMargaret Cullagh15 napja
  • ♥️

    Josef KhashanJosef Khashan15 napja
  • Half of Icelands population is in the room!

    Andreas PilleAndreas Pille17 napja
  • best thing ive ever seen

    qyicsqyics17 napja
  • Play JAJA DingDong!!!

    BatManChildBatManChild17 napja
  • Just found you. Crazy and fascinating performance.

    Monika MazgołaMonika Mazgoła18 napja
  • I think we all agree they won Eurovision 2020. Just wish they could've played this for 2021.

    Adam DalyAdam Daly18 napja
  • They should've kept this song for this year's competition. Sorry to say this but "10 Years" has no chances at all.

    Luis MenezesLuis Menezes19 napja
  • Barley found out about Eurovision, and this was the first song iv ever listened to from it. Slapped. Any other suggestions?

    JfididJfidid19 napja
  • This is much better than 10years 🥺

    Sky ScraperSky Scraper25 napja

    jacktscallaghanjacktscallaghan25 napja
  • I feel robbed. This was a bop

    ShadraShadra25 napja
  • My dad didn’t even want me and this dude wrote a whole badass groove all about just wanting to know his child and their thoughts. Beautiful, groovy and I fucking love it.

    Chris HidalgoChris Hidalgo25 napja

    SadBoi PhilSadBoi Phil25 napja
    • no it was cancelled

      Jeppe Theodor HedegaardJeppe Theodor Hedegaard23 napja
  • I’ve replayed the song like 50 times I CANT STOP PLAYING IT

    MrGoobiMrGoobi25 napja
  • I didn't know Jason Mewes could sing!

    Ashley MondayAshley Monday25 napja
  • Okay, does someone know if there's merch from them?? I'll literally sell my soul in order to acquire such a sweater.

    Leo KuilenbergLeo Kuilenberg25 napja
  • Oh my God this is absolutely awful 😳

    Grace 4everGrace 4ever25 napja
  • I love everything about this! ...Except the camerawork, I was getting nauseous 🙃 with all those weird cutaways

    Cesar LopezCesar Lopez26 napja
  • As a rock fan. This is great. Like genuinely

    Mike KingsburyMike Kingsbury26 napja

    SupaDopeMexSupaDopeMex27 napja
  • does he literally have an earring of himself??

    MurcielagoMurcielago28 napja
  • play ja ja ding dong

    General JumboGeneral Jumbo29 napja
  • Iceland could have won

    Ιωάννης ΦαρασόπουλοςΙωάννης Φαρασόπουλος29 napja

    ZagicaZagica29 napja
  • This song makes me always happy 😊

    AV GamesAV GamesHónapja
  • I can’t believe that song win 😟

    YouTube SecurityYouTube SecurityHónapja

    Giulia Elsa ValentiniGiulia Elsa ValentiniHónapja
  • sucks

    meow meowmeow meowHónapja
  • At random points during every single day I hear "cause even though I didn't know you yet". It is truly a curse but I love it.

    A BJA BJHónapja
  • I wish that we could win just for once!

    Dagur GudjonssonDagur GudjonssonHónapja
  • Jay silent Bob. hey where's Bob??

    Boris KitaevBoris KitaevHónapja

    zjbf srdbvzjbf srdbvHónapja
  • Фавориты? Непойми почему.🤔

    Algertt LiottAlgertt LiottHónapja
  • The blond singer look alike Maria Petra from the Voice Norway, isn’t she ?

    yohann moretyohann moretHónapja
    • I’m pretty sure that’s his sister.

      Gay ConfusionGay ConfusionHónapja
  • I've watched this video so many times but have only just noticed the earring he's wearing. love the attention to detail in this performance

  • such a banger

  • Good song, guys! You have at least one UK voter! Good luck :D

    Medieval Folk DanceMedieval Folk DanceHónapja
  • Islandia 100% wygra, róbcie screeny ;)

    Adrian TarkaAdrian TarkaHónapja

    Toast ProductionsToast ProductionsHónapja
    • omg lol

      liam ksliam ksHónapja
  • nope

    huggeza zhuggeza zHónapja
  • I only want to hear Ja Ja ding dong

    Vandivan KlainVandivan KlainHónapja
  • 2:34 me dancing under the shower

    Jillian PrivataccountJillian PrivataccountHónapja
  • How people think this is a winner

    Lhama BananaLhama BananaHónapja
  • this have a Napoleon Dynamite vibe

    Cosme FulanitoCosme FulanitoHónapja
  • Well, They are genius

    Roses are Red And I like BreadRoses are Red And I like BreadHónapja
  • Is he 8 footer or something

    Norby GermanoNorby GermanoHónapja
    • he’s 2 metres tall (6’9)

      Hugh mungusHugh mungusHónapja
  • Кто после теории заговора Рамина?

    Leyla DumanLeyla DumanHónapja
  • Dadi just seems like a lovely, family-oriented grounded fellow. I can't ever imagine him going ,"Do you know who I am?"I bet he's a great dad.

  • It's like they're just playing. It's fun to watch them. Seem so weird but it brightens up my mood.

    Ivan SeanIvan SeanHónapja
  • HOUSE MUSIC... Addedcto my list. From the Philippines.

    Ivan SeanIvan SeanHónapja
  • I am still sad that this song as well as the other didn't made to the eurovision stage for that final night. On Fire - The Roop La Cleopatra - Efendi Repondez Moi

    Ivan SeanIvan SeanHónapja
  • Broo... reaal fucking funk is back

    Vladimir DinicVladimir DinicHónapja
  • Пухляша им не хватает:)) Для драйва😉💕💕💕💕

    Semen SemenovSemen SemenovHónapja
  • So that is what Lancel Lannister is up to when he doesn't show up himself in front of the camera...

    George NitalsGeorge NitalsHónapja
  • Its funny to see that malta copied nettas I'm not your toy.

    JP PokéhypeJP PokéhypeHónapja
  • POV: your still watching this because you like it.

    Just a random KidJust a random KidHónapja
  • по сравнению с литл биг это хрень полная

    Максим ДобынинМаксим ДобынинHónapja
    • значит дерьмовый у тебя вкус

      Valerie StoneValerie StoneHónapja
  • I like how the whole of Europe agreed Iceland won even though we didn't vote lmao

    Ádhamh Ó ConchobhairÁdhamh Ó ConchobhairHónapja
  • The real winner of 2020

    Il Dodo della loreIl Dodo della loreHónapja
  • love it

  • 2019 iceland: 🖤💣👹🤬🔪 2020 iceland: ❤✌🥰

    Enkhsaihan ShinegerelEnkhsaihan ShinegerelHónapja
  • Netherlands should have won it

    Archie Simmonds ProwseArchie Simmonds ProwseHónapja
  • this could do well compared to some of the others ive seen top5?

    Andrew CremerAndrew CremerHónapja
  • I love this people so much, they are so positive

    Vika PernatskayaVika PernatskayaHónapja
  • No nie wiem ja bym tego nie dał do finału nawet awans nie pewny byłby nie pewny 😀

  • Хочется поставить миллион лайков) 😘

    Надежда БороваяНадежда БороваяHónapja
  • tiktok made this famous

  • My brain simply cannot process... Who on earth can press the dislike button for such a sweet video?

  • They better have won

    Candra CarterCandra CarterHónapja
  • He has two mics. Two! Just because his dance requires them. It's so extra and I love it

  • you know what i find really funny. that I never realized that he has his face pierced onto his ear. and I first watched this video back in may! 3/25/21

  • I feel so robbed by covid, it makes me mad that we are not going to see this on stage

    Alicia R.Alicia R.Hónapja