Destiny - All Of My Love - Malta 🇲🇹 - Official Music Video - Eurovision 2020

2020.márc. 9.
3 169 149 Megtekintés

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Destiny will represent Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam with the song All Of My Love.
Bernarda Brunovic, Borislav Milanov, Sebastian Arman, Dag Lundberg, Joacim Persson, Cesar Sampson
Bernarda Brunovic, Borislav Milanov, Sebastian Arman, Dag Lundberg, Joacim Persson

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  • I love this song❤️

    AsiaAsia4 órája
  • i wish they used thus this year..

    Roses MifsudRoses Mifsud21 órája
  • God damn you are so talented girl

    Σέβη ΛάμπρουΣέβη ΛάμπρουNapja
  • This is hands down one of the best Eurovision songs ever. What a shame that Eurovision did not get to see Destiny performing this song live. Wishing Malta the best of luck this year! 😍

  • Bjutiful 😃😂😁🌹🌹🌹

    Valentina ValentinaValentina Valentina3 napja
  • funfacts:DESTINY winner junior eurovision 2015

    Kacper KowalczykKacper Kowalczyk3 napja
  • Destiny, как же ты хороша ❤️

    Alexander TenebraeAlexander Tenebrae3 napja
  • Much better than Je me Casse. This I can actually listen on the loop

    Edmund ToryEdmund Tory4 napja
  • Foreshadowing with the masks, this was filmed before covid lol

    Mar Kat AgMar Kat Ag4 napja
  • Кто зашёл в 2021,чтобы послушать,что везла на евровидение в прошлом году, Destiny?

    Алина ЦыгановаАлина Цыганова6 napja
  • I feel like this entry was so much better than "je me casse", it's so powerful and beautiful, but sadly they had to change the song :(

    JackJack8 napja
  • 1:38, apparently he did

    TheRedHeadTheRedHead10 napja
  • no winer

    arielariel12 napja
  • A song, some kind of make-up.

    audrone sizovieneaudrone sizoviene15 napja
  • It's not realy good singing.

    audrone sizovieneaudrone sizoviene15 napja
  • Batter than je me casse

    ESC LanceESC Lance16 napja
  • This is way better than “je me casse”

    Håkon WillumstadHåkon Willumstad17 napja
    • We think exactly same

      Lucas MartinezLucas Martinez14 napja
    • IKR

      ESC LanceESC Lance16 napja

    Edmund ToryEdmund Tory17 napja
  • This song is much better than "Je me Casse"

    MemoMemo20 napja
    • TRUE

      ESC LanceESC Lance16 napja
  • Esta canción era mil veces mejor que la de este año, ella me gusta pero su nueva canción no tanto!

    Baruc RangelBaruc Rangel20 napja
  • she is indeed destined for greater xx amazing song amazing voice amazing soul, love her

    Eduard Gh. MoiseEduard Gh. Moise22 napja
  • Girl you are adele level!!!

    Dimitra AbatzidouDimitra Abatzidou23 napja
  • I am really disapointed that this music was not taken for Eurovision this year

    Lucas MartinezLucas Martinez24 napja
  • Way worse than je me casse. It's just another Sweden song

    h eph ep24 napja
  • Much better than Je Me Casse

    Cullen QuiltyCullen Quilty28 napja
  • I cannot decide what ia better, this or Je me Casse. I Am obsessed!

    Mariusz BarcinMariusz Barcin28 napja
    • Im happy people get to see both

      h eph ep24 napja
  • 🤣🙈

    Kim TallisKim Tallis29 napja
  • Destiny.

    Demis CachiaDemis CachiaHónapja
  • Destiny really put Malta in the map. Like holy moly. Her vocals, looks, charisma are no joke.

    Granas KunGranas KunHónapja
    • Was thinking the same. Literally she has international singer type charisma and every other Malta singer has the stage presence of a potato. Malta owes her a lot 😂

      h eph ep24 napja
  • Mata Harri is better than this music) This is my personal think.Respect

    • 🇦🇿 Won't qualify this year

      h eph ep24 napja
  • Im tired of this song, why are they promoting it so much? :v

    Francisco RivasFrancisco RivasHónapja
  • THE BEST SONG OF 2020!!!

    José LópezJosé LópezHónapja
  • У Мальты все шансы, вокал просто 🔥

    Роман КухаревРоман КухаревHónapja
  • God rises us we don't fall.

    Julia GrgecJulia GrgecHónapja
  • Da bi bili sretni prvo moramo voljeti sebe živjeti svoj život voljeti druge braću i sestre zemaljske. Svi smo pred Bogom jednaki. Mislim da je pjesma za slušati i van Eurovizije.

    Julia GrgecJulia GrgecHónapja
  • Love from Ukraine! You are so cool, so talented! I love your voice!

    Hanna MoyerHanna MoyerHónapja
  • Overrated just like her song this year

    Alexandre NabaisAlexandre NabaisHónapja
  • This and Germany were my top 2 Such a shame nobody at Eurovision thought to do an online vote or something. THIS COMPETITION DESERVED A WINNER

    Sam FreemanSam FreemanHónapja
  • Azərbaycan la la la Cleopatra 👌🇦🇿❤👍🇦🇿❤🇦🇿❤

  • Amazing

  • I feel like I'm the only one who prefers this over "Je me casse"

    • Je me casse has nothing special, it's way too overrated. This song is something I would definitely listen to again and again and again

      Guitar LabGuitar Lab10 napja
    • I agree with you

      Mellud :DMellud :D10 napja
    • Same ! 🍟

      ESC LanceESC Lance14 napja
    • Same here, this one seems better!

      VamosVamos15 napja
    • This

      Amazing PersonAmazing Person20 napja
  • The only singer whose 2021 entry is better than 2020

    Mariusz BarcinMariusz BarcinHónapja
  • Love song ❤️

    Fatimá SuarezFatimá SuarezHónapja
  • I slept on this last year. Now I got chills!

    Catarina GaioCatarina GaioHónapja
  • After watching her newest song entry. I wish it can be more like this instead which is why i came back to this.

    • @h ep She did an orchestral version of the song and all i have to say why she couldn't have this as her mane performing song. That would be an ultimate winning material.

      GramboGrambo24 napja
    • Je me casse is better. If she had another ballad yall would be complaining too so

      h eph ep24 napja
  • If Russian (Tajik by birth) singer Manija Dawlat would choose some other song with similar message, be it in Russian or Tajik, instead of a controversial and intensely pooh-poohed song "Russian Woman", her possible winning would be considered in Russia more appropriate and well-deserved.

    Vadim SmirnovVadim SmirnovHónapja
    • @Nefelibata Nation It beats me to grasp the point of what you've just said. Could you decipher, please.

      Vadim SmirnovVadim SmirnovHónapja
    • And this has what to do with the maltese entry from last year? No one except for right wing crybabies have an issue with her song?

      Nefelibata NationNefelibata NationHónapja
  • В этой девушке прекрасно всё! Спасибо Евровидению, что показало нам её. Хочется поставить миллион лайков ❤️️

    Anastasia PedinoAnastasia PedinoHónapja
  • Who is here after Je Me Casse?

    Eneko MEneko MHónapja
  • Love the SOOOONG!!!!!

    Terje Bakke SeljevoldTerje Bakke SeljevoldHónapja
  • Молодец,талантливо!

    Samsung SamsungSamsung SamsungHónapja
  • 💖🇦🇿💖😍🎼🎵🎶👍👏

    Sevinc AgayevaSevinc AgayevaHónapja
  • It’s literally the best song out of both 2020 and 2021

    Duncan LushDuncan LushHónapja

  • She has her voice similar to Laurent Wolf song name is NO STRESS

    • super voice .I heard this song 15 times

    • Super voice. Great singer!

  • Great song, her 2021 entry is favorite with Switserland

    guido damguido damHónapja
    • Yes same here!

      Jenna WingateJenna WingateHónapja
  • Goeie zangeres en een mooie sound!

    Ellie Van BonEllie Van BonHónapja
  • I’m back here two months before Malta wins Eurovision 2021 3/18/2021 I’m calling it

  • Nie na Eurowizję. Nie da się zanucić.

    Anna WiśniewskaAnna WiśniewskaHónapja
  • Who here is after Je Me Casse

    • Me, I like this way more for some reason. 2021 doesn't do it for me, Switzerland is my favourite this year!

      Richard LionheartRichard LionheartHónapja
  • 2015:80's vibez 2020:valid 2021;jazz

  • i sooo wish its still this song for 2021...

    Matthew TheumaMatthew TheumaHónapja
  • ¡Qué maravilla de vídeo y de voz!

    Nicolás GarmendiaNicolás GarmendiaHónapja
  • She isn't even a European...?

    savsav2 hónapja
    • Wait till this guy hears about Isreal, Australia and Azerbaijan in Eurovision lmao

      Mat VellaMat VellaHónapja
    • @sav Yes she is half maltese. her mum is maltese and her dad is nigerian. so Yes she is Maltese

    • @Joseph Zarb No?

    • She's Maltese.

      Joseph ZarbJoseph ZarbHónapja
  • This is just monumentally embarrassing.

    savsav2 hónapja
    • ?

  • Who is here after je me casse

    Wakini CarolyneWakini Carolyne2 hónapja
    • Me. This is really worse than this years entry

      Eurostar: Your Esc ChannelEurostar: Your Esc Channel28 napja
    • @Sheila McIndoe I disagree, this one was better.

      J. S.J. S.Hónapja
    • I think Je Me Casse is better.

      Sheila McIndoeSheila McIndoeHónapja
    • Me, I really preferible All Of My Love

  • You will win, lovely voice !

    Katarzyna StankeKatarzyna Stanke2 hónapja
  • She should join the Mamas and serve us more of that gospel soul realness

    DenisDenis2 hónapja
  • Waiting for this queen to release her 2021 entry. Im sure it will be a bop

    B . AB . A2 hónapja
    • i prefer this one better but je me casse is good

    • Both songs are amazing in their own ways imo

      Galactic UniGalactic UniHónapja
    • it is!! i like this a bit better tho

      Sam NabuursSam Nabuurs2 hónapja

    Rośliny EgzotyczneRośliny Egzotyczne2 hónapja
    • Next Monday at 5pm Malta's song will be realesed.

      Michela CutajarMichela Cutajar2 hónapja
  • ❤️👍😎👍

    Ela FriedEla Fried2 hónapja
  • Queen, we're waiting on you!

    Ella BlElla Bl2 hónapja
    • @h ep its coming out on Monday 15 March at 5pm Europe time

      Gabriel DarmaninGabriel Darmanin2 hónapja
    • @-Fn- to literally have not a single interview with any blog, no photos from behind the scene at filming the music video, not even a song title or release date? utter disgusting from the Malta team tbh

      h eph ep2 hónapja
    • @h ep It's better to wait a little longer, and have a masterpiece from her! She won't disappoint us for sure.

      -Fn--Fn-2 hónapja
    • I'm tired of waiting

      h eph ep2 hónapja
  • Fantastic, even Adele could hardly compete with this singer.

    Jozica StrazisarJozica Strazisar2 hónapja
  • Destiny is the artist i'm most looking forward to in 2021, can't wait to hear the song!

    Cameron ClarkCameron Clark2 hónapja
  • So nice music.. So nice clip. Eurovision 2021 please,, give me live clip.!!

    Tufan YolcuTufan Yolcu2 hónapja
  • Yet another fantastic song that had potential for the 2020 contest. It's a good thing Destiny's returning for the 2021 contest because she's easily one of the most talented vocalist Malta has to offer.

    Byron ThompsonByron Thompson2 hónapja
  • filmed at the Jerma hotel in Malta JermaSour

    Joe LewisJoe Lewis2 hónapja
  • I love destiny

    LightningSwiftXLightningSwiftX2 hónapja
  • Man I be honest, they are designed for Hosts. 🍍🛫🛬🛰️🛸🧳🛎️⏳🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘🌙🌚🌝🌟🌠☄️🎇🎆🧨🥇🇧🇭🇲🇰📡🔭🌌

    Spase BoroSpase Boro2 hónapja
  • 12 point Frome Israel

    חיים פסחיים פס2 hónapja
  • Azerbaijan and Malta are favorit this year

    Musa LondonMusa London2 hónapja
  • Alan walker vibes i see, great song tho!

    JoannaJoanna2 hónapja
  • Amazing 🦅

    Luca SmnLuca Smn2 hónapja
  • For the 1% people reading this, I hope you become successful in your life..

    • Thank u 😁

      GabrielGabriel2 hónapja
    • 0.1%

      Thedarkness 989Thedarkness 9892 hónapja
  • Winner for me !

    Monika SSMonika SS2 hónapja
  • Полячка прикольная . С какой нации

    Тарас ЭдуардовичТарас Эдуардович2 hónapja
  • She is my real winner, love ya malta💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 All the best.

    Sevak AzSevak Az2 hónapja
  • Wish I could have watched this winner performance last year!

    dpayaladpayala2 hónapja

    Legend GamingLegend Gaming2 hónapja
  • Im waiting for her new song to see what she comes out with I will probably luv her new song but I kinda want to see what will this song will look like on live

    SentuiqaSentuiqa2 hónapja
  • Голос шикарный!

    LORA LLORA L3 hónapja
  • Me don't kno'w

    xxxkwiatatuszekxxxxxxkwiatatuszekxxx3 hónapja
  • She is so pretty!

    WaffleAndMuffinWaffleAndMuffin3 hónapja
  • Destiny 2 Lightfall trailer be like:

  • Why isn't this in spotify? SOMEONE PUT THIS ON SPOTIFY. My Eurovision playlist is lacking this song.

    Nightfury 811Nightfury 8113 hónapja
    • @Nightfury 811 its released weeks ago. Check it out!

      Hüseyin PiskinHüseyin PiskinHónapja
    • @Hüseyin Piskin no it is not

      Nightfury 811Nightfury 811Hónapja
    • It is in spotify already.

      Hüseyin PiskinHüseyin Piskin2 hónapja
  • Vengo de "voy a quedarme" de españa, y esta nos supera

  • For me it’s winner😇

    Mela WawrzyniakMela Wawrzyniak3 hónapja

    ᴍᴇʟᴏʟɪsᴀ ɢᴀᴄʜᴀᴛʀᴍᴇʟᴏʟɪsᴀ ɢᴀᴄʜᴀᴛʀ3 hónapja
  • Great song

    Marc StöringerMarc Störinger3 hónapja
  • She's so beautiful!!!! ❤❤❤

    Avishag shiloniAvishag shiloni3 hónapja
  • They preview coronavirus

    Andy ShamsAndy Shams3 hónapja