Eurovision Song Contest 2015 - Grand Final - Full Show

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The 60th Eurovision Song Contest was held in May 2015 in the capital of Austria, Vienna, the first time Austria hosted the event since 1967. The right to host the contest came when Conchita Wurst brought home the trophy with her Rise Like A Phoenix from Copenhagen the year before. In order to mark the 60th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, Australia was invited to take part in the Grand Final for the very first time.
The 2015 Eurovision Song Contest took place in the Wiener Stadthalle. The the official Eurovision Song Contest logo was refreshed, for the first time since it was launched in 2004.
Building Bridges
The slogan for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest was Building Bridges. The theme artwork featured spheres and wave-shapes, symbolising unity as well as diversity. The colours reflected individualism and at the same time building musical bridges, the diversity of the artists, variety of songs and the diverse audience.
The Grand Final
27 countries competed in the Grand Final of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, the largest number ever. 10 qualifiers from each of the Semi-Finals, the so-called Big Five as well as hosts Austria and special guest Australia all took to the stage.
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  • My top 10 from that year. 1. Estonia 2. Montenegro 3. Latvia 4. Slovenia 5. Israel 6. Norway 7. Italy 8. Belgium 9. Germany 10. Romania

    Vaal HdzVaal Hdz8 órája
  • 57:19 Whahahah that guy litterly gave his phone 😂😂

    Sir DrillbeerSir Drillbeer10 órája
  • I see Russia had to censor half the show, nice. 🌈

    Anhel RaykovaAnhel Raykova2 napja
  • Nigella giving her twelve points in French was iconic enough, but the fact it was the point the contest turned in Sweden’s favour is even more incredible. Nigella decided Eurovision 2015 😂🇬🇧

    Joe BleasdaleJoe Bleasdale3 napja
  • Sweden 🇸🇪❤️ love from Azerbaijan 🇦🇿

    Aygun NabizadeAygun Nabizade4 napja
  • Russia and Italy the best 👍

    Marta MyrtaMarta Myrta5 napja
  • Mit der Europahymne! Wunderbar!

    Stefan FriedrichStefan Friedrich6 napja
  • Die wunderbarste Eröffnung eines ESC!!!!

    Stefan FriedrichStefan Friedrich6 napja
  • все таки Италия крутая

    ксюша кузьменкоксюша кузьменко6 napja
  • This one is one of my most favorite ESC forever!

    MarioMario8 napja
  • les 27 pays qui ont gagné les 64 premiers concours 01 1956 1988 SUISSE 02 1957 1959 1969 1975 2019 PAYS BAS 03 1958 1960 1962 1969 1977 1991 FRANCE 04 1961 1965 1972 1973 1983 LUXEMBOURG 05 1963 2000 2013 DANEMARK 06 1964 1990 ITALIE 07 1966 2014 AUTRICHE 08 1967 1976 1981 1997 ROYAUME UNI 09 1968 1969 ESPAGNE 1969 MAROC 10 1970 1980 1987 1992 1993 1994 1996 IRLANDE 11 1971 MONACO 12 1974 1984 1991 1999 2012 2015 SUEDE 1977 CONGO 13 1978 1979 1998 2018 ISRAEL 14 1982 2010 ALLEMAGNE 15 1985 1995 2009 NORVEGE 16 1986 BELGIQUE 1988 CANADA 17 1989 YOUGOSLAVIE 18 2001 ESTONIE 19 2002 LETTONIE 20 2003 TURQUIE 1991 TUNISIE 21 2004 2016 UKRAINE 22 2005 GRECE 23 2006 FINLANDE 24 2007 SERBIE 25 2008 RUSSIE 26 2011 AZERBAIJAN 27 1977 2017 PORTUGAL

    laurent guichardlaurent guichard8 napja
    • rappelons que 2 candidats sont français le candidat d' ISRAEL et la candidate de la FRANCE

      laurent guichardlaurent guichard8 napja
  • IBU ? , it's EBU, Arabella can't speak English properly

    Robert WestheimRobert Westheim9 napja
  • Am I the only one who kept rewatching 2:50:40?

    Lucas VermeireLucas Vermeire12 napja
  • Eurovision doesn't deserve Italy in the competition...

    Domenico CaputoDomenico Caputo12 napja
  • Amazing song from poland

    João Cesar AlvesJoão Cesar Alves13 napja
  • I am still bitter that Italy didn't win!!

    footyfan101fulfootyfan101ful14 napja
  • Italy should have won.

    Tonia EviTonia Evi14 napja
  • My favourite ESC of all times. Best intro (tied with Sweden the year after great ESC too). Many great songs and "building bridges" the perfect slogan to me. That's what I wish for Europe. Get together. Be united. Building bridges. ❤️

    Marie Charlotte ChabaudMarie Charlotte Chabaud16 napja
  • 1:27 *actual start*

    STthecatSTthecat18 napja
  • I love esc!!!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Filippo MuscaraFilippo Muscara21 napja
  • Russia 2015: a milion voices! Sweeden 2021: Can you hear a million voices. ..... Whats with voices??!

    Beatrise KrokfordaBeatrise Krokforda21 napja
  • Wrong homophobic person won

    Mateo Sánchez-Ó NéillMateo Sánchez-Ó Néill22 napja

  • Моё первое евровидение, и как по мне одно из самых лучших, песни отличаются хоть, а сейчас все звучат как одна уж слишком попсово, за исключением 2019, ттам было тоже круто

    Владимир ХацкоВладимир Хацко24 napja
  • This Eurovision had one of the best postcard ideas, they should go back on doing postcards like this, showing a bit of their home countries then a bit of the host country

    Deborah EpsteinDeborah Epstein25 napja

    Soviet UnionSoviet Union26 napja
  • кроме итальянцев понравилась румынская группа Voltaj с песней De La Capat....

    Денис КалмыковДенис Калмыков26 napja
  • победителем должна была стать Италия в 2015г.....Il Volo - Grande amore

    Денис КалмыковДенис Калмыков26 napja
  • Such a powerful year for the Baltics.

    James Wei Jie YeJames Wei Jie Ye26 napja
  • The last Eurovision Song Contest in which the jury votes alone decided the winner; from the following year on, they would be added with the public votes.

    Jonathan AllenJonathan Allen27 napja
  • Honestly 2015 has the best opening hands down

    Aaron RegisfordAaron Regisford27 napja
  • I love how Loic Nottet was so shy at the start, but when he came to the stage, he basically nailed it, that shy "Thank you" was so cute xD

    Diavolo The King!Diavolo The King!28 napja
    • Tack så mycket vännen

      Nanette JörgensenNanette Jörgensen12 napja
    • QÅQÄ ¹

      Nanette JörgensenNanette Jörgensen12 napja
  • God Latvia was so underrated in this

    r o k or o k oHónapja
  • 1:54:20 too much fog 😂

  • Ahh, the memories. The first year I woke up early to watch it live and use up all my votes as SBS kept saying this was a once-off. The excitement to see how well Guy and his song would be received - so much that I wrote down all the names of the countries who voted 12 points Australia, planning to repay it on my trip to Europe. 6 years later Wake up for all semis and the final (I have my alarm already set!), vote until I can no more! (unless I am asleep which happened in 2019). Australia now has Australia decides, which again I vote until I can't. If only they knew what monster they were creating in 2015. This year (2021) will be my tenth to watch since I started in 2010 and I'm still so excited about it!!

    • I hope your ESC monster is very alive and kicking - I will be thinking of you next week :-) Good luck for Australia!

      Ran DuruRan DuruNapja
  • 12 points from Russia go to Russia 😂🤣

    Roman LaurencianaRoman LaurencianaHónapja
  • Just stares in Mexican American like: 👁👄👁 Noice 👌

  • 1. Швеция 2. Бельгия 3. Россия

    Наташа СтецюкНаташа СтецюкHónapja
  • The Slovenia entry was horrible

    Rare & unreleased Music 90’s 00’sRare & unreleased Music 90’s 00’sHónapja
  • Imagine if they meant Austria 🇦🇹 instead of Australia 🇦🇺

    Get VectoredGet VectoredHónapja
  • РЕБЯТА, ПРЕДСТАВЛЯЕТЕ!!! Я житель России🇷🇺, на следующий день я должен был ехать на экскурсию в другой город Ханты-Мансийск и не поехал, потому что смотрел ночью. И я сейчас учусь здесь

    White SingerWhite SingerHónapja
  • 2015 was a strong year at Eurovision, probably the strongest of the 2010s (2010 was also strong, but the winner was meh). The top 4 could have won it in other years. I also graduated high school in 2015, so these songs bring back my memories from high school.

  • This was a quite strong year with many competitive contestants. My personal favorite was Norway, because it touched my heart. But, of course, also Sweden was tight. Estonia, Serbia, Germany, Russia, Belgium, Israel and Italy were very good, too. Brilliant victory ceremony.

  • *достаю топор Когда началась вторая половина голосования, начался и бред. За такие бессмысленные оценки нужно 👊💥 Обидно за Полину Гагарину и за трио Италии (´。_。`)

    Kat NikKat NikHónapja
  • Зашла ради Италии, но потом случилось РАППА ПА (☞ ᐛ )☞

    Kat NikKat NikHónapja
  • Вот так должна была выглядеть постановка Юлии Самойловой, как у Польши. Простенько и со вкусом, видно коляску и никаких вулканов.

    Оксана ПархоменкоОксана ПархоменкоHónapja
  • Celine Dion did this competition and won early in her carear

    Bill BowersBill BowersHónapja
  • Kazananların tepkilerinden Türkiyeyi çıkarmışlar. They have actually excluded Turkey from winner reactions 2:51:51 2003 doesnt exist?

    Alperen OrsdemirAlperen OrsdemirHónapja
    • Aynen biz yokuz ama Ermenistanla yapılan videoda varız

      Addili BiraçAddili BiraçHónapja
  • 2021. Wait, what?

  • My ranking: 1. Belgium (9.3) 2. Norway (9.2) 3. Latvia (9.2) 4. Sweden (8.9) 5. Australia (8.6) 6. Slovenia (8.3) 7. Georgia (8.3) 8. Estonia (7.4) 9. Russia (7.2) 10. Armenia (6.9) 11. Albania (6.6) 12. Germany (6.1) 13. Spain (5.8) 14. Israel (5.3) 15. Azerbaijan (4.8) 16. Lithuania (4.7) 17. Greece (4.6) 18. Italy (4.6) 19. Serbia (4.5) 20. Montenegro (4.5) 21. France (4.4) 22. United Kingdom (4.4) 23. Cyprus (4.3) 24. Romania (4.2) 25. Poland (4.0) 26. Hungary (3.9) 27. Austria (3.5) Average Score: 6.0/10

  • the best eurovision periodt 2019 close second

  • Can I please Have Georgia, Germany, Norway's Female lead and Albania in a Super Group. I am literally stuck Like obsessed with them and voices.

  • That Note in Alive and the 2nd Best Gown of the Night, Albania Is guaranteed covered by me... OMG THIS May now tie Golden Boy for me. This was a song I feel from every fiber of my life... Girl wore me out

  • Warrior is going to take my 7th place or 6th RU. She had me from that hand on hip. Its giving me Never Again/Fighter Vibes.. Very Kelly Xtina tease

  • Hungary would've been a better opener in my opinion. This song is pretty but gets lost in this group

  • Armenia, I just have to say Essaï Altounian is all that I could focus on. He is literally dreamy

  • UK, so that was quirky and cute but that song is more Broadway or West End then radio friendly in my opinion. I may get killed for this, I perfer Jemini's Cry Baby (I know its epically bad) the song is more pop friendly than this cut in 2015

  • Spain brings drama but Her DANCER STOLE THAT FROM HER. BUT I LIKE THIS SONG I would Lipsync it for dramatic purposes

  • France, Lithuania, Estonia, Montenegro, and Romania they were Fine Performances, Songs, great messages but they would be songs I wouldn't say OMG I have to listen everyday. I think they are fine

  • Love Injected is a great song for the visuals But it leaves me lyrically wanting more but that Gown Bisch Wow who are you and why are you not walking a Miss World stage!?!

  • Poland Best Opening that Piano done almost made me cry and that backdrop I want in a formal wear Jacket... That would be a stronger hitting song If the Lead Vocalist was stronger. In this case I compare it to Dolly Parton to Whitney Houston and I will always Love you. Its cute and great in simplicity like Dolly's original version but Whitney Took the lyrics, storylines, Narration, and nuances to the Level of why its Such A revered song. Poland can have that with like a Christina Aguilera, JoJo, Maybe even Alessia Clara or Joss Stone could make it Iconic

  • Go Off Ann Sophie!!! Can someone from Europe explain why y'all didn't pop for that!?!?! I am a dude but understood and felt her narrative... That's unacceptable her Nul Points..... That was Sillky inky sexiness WTH people...

  • I want to say that These opinions are my own as an American Fan!! Robbed-I'm Yours by the makemakes(this song would be a commercial hit over in the States its very Vh1 Saturday Morning) Robbed-Black Smoke (Ann Sophie was disrespected, this song lyrically is so cool plus she is Vibey like a Amy Winehouse, Jessie J, Duffy, touch of Pink its a great happy break up song) Guy Sebastian IS Kelly Clarkson/Carrie Underwood's Match in Terms of being THAT IDOL THAT SLAYS EVERYTIME.. GOLDEN BOY OMG IS EPIC...SHOULDVE PLACED HIGHER IL VILO WOW.....deserving they would do great In the USA... Cyprus, I like this song I almost wished it was a duet. I can see him with Taylor Swift or Demi Lovato or even Delta Goodrom... Greece was OUTSTANDING QUEEN VIBES IT HAD A GLIMER OF XTINA AND CELINE IN THAT... ALBANA Kinda of Obsessed Norway her tone was gorgeous... Heroes deserving winner but my Heart still thinks the top 6 was Winner: Golden Boy (Israel) RU: Grande Amore (Italy) 2nd RU: Heroes (Sweden) 3rd RU: Black Smoke (Germany) 4th RU: I'M Alive (Albania) 5th RU: Tonight Again (Australia) 6th RU: Here For You (Slovenia) 7th RU: Warrior (Georgia) 8th RU: I Shouldve Been There For You (Cyprus) 9th RU: I'm Yours by The Make makers 10th RU: Rythmn Tonight (UK)

  • 2015 and 2018 are the best

  • probably the Eurovision with higher quality singers of all times

    marco rafaelmarco rafaelHónapja
  • most amazing opening!

    Rodran del AvonaRodran del AvonaHónapja
  • Latvia should have came first or second, and I’m actually swedish and i think so even tough Sweden won

  • 3:32:23 СУУУУУУКИ!

    Funny SadFunny SadHónapja
  • I can't remember Mariah Carey giving out the Maltese results

  • i love the visuals

  • The best song 2015 Georgia 🇬🇪 ❤️

    Bonnie ParkerBonnie ParkerHónapja
  • Tbh, for me, this year was a little Eh. What the visuals this year WOWIE! Prob one of my fav. My top are 🇧🇪🇸🇪🇦🇺 , honerble mentions are 🇬🇪🇮🇹🇪🇸 Belgiums was amazing! Prob not personally favourite, but really belived they should have won, with the main singers voice alone! Sweden had AMAZING visuals and is pretty iconic. Australia, im still a bit confused on why they are in eurovision, but the song is just god damn catchy. Prob wont mind being forced to listen to it for an hour ^^ I think this year was not so great for me, was bc most of the songs was just these long, quiet songs, which isent really my taste. But if you like it its totally fine!

    Koskot OwlKoskot OwlHónapja
  • Hearing Loïc is amazing every single time! 💖

  • The intro was so chaotic lol

    Linnea O'BrienLinnea O'Brien2 hónapja
  • Ahh Australia’s performance was simply perfection ❤️🥰

    Zsófia DragonZsófia Dragon2 hónapja
  • Russia Italy Sweden

    avazbek ermatovavazbek ermatov2 hónapja
  • Loic Nottet ahhhhhhhh

    Georgia ParavaGeorgia Parava2 hónapja
  • Good year. Good songs. Good edition. Horrible winner. At least 2016 was good.

    JuD R*2JuD R*22 hónapja
  • one of the best Eurovision grand finals, many good songs and deserved winner but I adored Norway for their great show

    Vahid MortazavyVahid Mortazavy2 hónapja
  • Estonia & Montenegro

    Jovan TJovan T2 hónapja
  • Кто смотрит в 2021?

    Анастасия АхременкоАнастасия Ахременко2 hónapja
  • Это самое лучшее Евровидение за всю её историю! Привет из России! 🇷🇺

    White SingerWhite Singer2 hónapja
    • Пр

      Roblox PlayRoblox PlayHónapja
  • This is the best Opening I have ever seen!

    Ingar BrafIngar Braf2 hónapja
  • Still can’t believe Russia didn’t win this year

    HansenHansen2 hónapja
  • 3:28:58 She looks like Jamala

    Diane MichelleDiane Michelle2 hónapja
  • Celebrities are Happy Valentine's Day in 2015: Astelic - 12 (also 13)

    Diane MichelleDiane Michelle2 hónapja
  • How crazy is it that 10th place only got 53 points ? :O

    FenkstaFenksta2 hónapja
  • 11:48 we got fucking mugged off here

    ZeenixZeenix2 hónapja
  • Твелв поинтс фром Раша, ГОУ ТУ РАША!!! ХАХА!

    Никита НикитчукНикита Никитчук2 hónapja
  • Ireland should have won that year, we passed gay marriage that day

    darragh gregorydarragh gregory2 hónapja
  • Poland robbed. As always.

    Grzegorz WesołowskiGrzegorz Wesołowski2 hónapja
  • Celebrities are Jesus Christ Superstar in 2015: Snow - 45 (also 46) David Lee Roth - 60 (also 61)

    Diane MichelleDiane Michelle2 hónapja
  • Celebrities are 7 in 2015 (born 2008): Paul the Octopus (World Cup 2008) (posthumous) Coco Quinn

    Diane MichelleDiane Michelle2 hónapja
  • 2:03

    arm 21arm 212 hónapja
  • Spoilers, Sweden wins.

    42_Robot42_Robot2 hónapja
  • 15:50 why did you include the song of Russia 2013? why not the winners of the past? Are you not ashamed yourself? Russia does not want to win in every possible way, but at the same time you use its songs. Hypocritical Europe.

    𝙄𝙧𝙞𝙨𝙝🇮🇪🍀𝙄𝙧𝙞𝙨𝙝🇮🇪🍀2 hónapja
  • No feck Portugal you ruined it 3:46:44 it was Italy with 269 points

    Wilfred EdstromWilfred Edstrom2 hónapja
  • The 10 minute introduction was amazing, I'm super impressed. And the Austria song was fantastic: I can only imagine that it didn't perform because people don't like to see a host country win twice in a row. France also deserved much more, but for some reason Europeans never ever vote for France. Unfair results really is the main reason why I stopped watching Eurovision.

    Robert De GrootRobert De Groot2 hónapja
  • Great year💓💓💓

    Addili BiraçAddili Biraç2 hónapja
  • Whose missing Eurovision!! When we'll be able to watch such a nice event again!??