Eurovision Song Contest 2018 - Grand Final - Full Show

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Twenty-six countries participated at the Grand Final of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, which was held in Portugal's capital Lisbon. The event took place in the Altice Arena. The contest was won by Netta from Israel with her song Toy.
This were all the songs in order of appearance:
01 Ukraine - MELOVIN - Under The Ladder
02 Spain - Amaia y Alfred - Tu Canción
03 Slovenia - Lea Sirk - Hvala, ne!
04 Lithuania - Ieva Zasimauskaitė - When We're Old
05 Austria - Cesár Sampson - Nobody But You
06 Estonia - Elina Nechayeva - La Forza
07 Norway - Alexander Rybak - That's How You Write A Song
08 Portugal - Cláudia Pascoal - O Jardim
09 United Kingdom - SuRie - Storm
10 Serbia - Sanja Ilić & Balkanika - Nova Deca
11 Germany - Michael Schulte - You Let Me Walk Alone
12 Albania - Eugent Bushpepa - Mall
13 France - Madame Monsieur - Mercy
14 Czech Republic - Mikolas Josef - Lie To Me
15 Denmark - Rasmussen - Higher Ground
16 Australia - Jessica Mauboy - We Got Love
17 Finland - Saara Aalto - Monsters
18 Bulgaria - EQUINOX - Bones
19 Moldova - DoReDoS - My Lucky Day
20 Sweden - Benjamin Ingrosso - Dance You Off
21 Hungary - AWS - Viszlát Nyár
22 Israel - Netta - TOY
23 The Netherlands - Waylon - Outlaw In 'Em
24 Ireland - Ryan O'Shaughnessy - Together
25 Cyprus - Eleni Foureira - Fuego
26 Italy - Ermal Meta e Fabrizio Moro -Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente
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  • Best show

    Riri TynRiri Tyn2 órája
  • 07:03 Flag parade 16:40 Ukraine 24:40 Slovenia 28:47 Lithuania 32:45 Austria 36:50 Estonia 40:53 Norway 44:55 Portugal 51:32 United Kingdom 56:51 Serbia 1:01:04 Germany 1:05:04 Albania 1:09:07 France 1:13:17 Czech Republic 1:17:03 Denmark 1:21:03 Australia 1:28:43 Finland 1:32:26 Bulgaria 1:36:46 Moldova 1:41:34 Sweden 1:45:40 Hungary 1:49:43 Israel 1:53:53 The Netherlands 1:57:44 Ireland 2:01:41 Cyprus 2:05:50 Italy 2:37:49 Salvador Sobral Performance 2:54:02 Jury votes 3:32:22 Public voting 3:39:54 Winner annoucement 3:44:22 Winner performance 3:49:30 The end

    Jennifer HabibJennifer HabibNapja
  • Netta (Chicken)+Fuego=KFC

  • Israel still killing people in 2021

    Xoel lópezXoel lópezNapja
  • 2018: Netta: We are going to Jerusalem! Israel: No, we are going to Tel Aviv... 2019: Duncan wins Netta: We are going to Amsterdam! Netherlands: No, we are goin to Rotterdam Corona: No, we are staying home...

    Daniel VainøDaniel Vainø2 napja
  • Best year hands down 💗

    Bethany WardBethany Ward2 napja

    Žemyna CibulskaitėŽemyna Cibulskaitė4 napja
  • Rewatching this today. 2018 was one of the Best Eurovisions ever. Amazing musical diversity and the lack of LED s was a smart choice because each act has amazing lightning work done which make it super dynamic. Seeing the rehearsals from 2021 and we all see the same safe stuff from everybody 🤷‍♂️

    Pedro SilvaPedro Silva4 napja
  • Finlands song was very underrated

    muttalip 1006muttalip 10066 napja
  • I am from Slovenia and my fav. Is france

    TatTat7 napja
  • dude this month is eurovision 2021!!! it sin rotterdam because ducan won in 2019 in Tel Aviv

    J RJ R8 napja
  • We want to watch the semi finals too please.

    Black MoonstoneBlack Moonstone9 napja
  • Rest in peace Ors...


    Villano C.OVillano C.O9 napja

    Villano C.OVillano C.O9 napja

    Music EraMusic Era10 napja
  • What an extraordinary year indeed..

    Ricky DenteRicky Dente10 napja
  • 3:23:11 i love spätzle everyone loves spätzle

    ImVineprexDEImVineprexDE10 napja
  • Am I the only one who rewatches the flag parades of every eurovision? I just like the flag parades alot XD

    Lucas VermeireLucas Vermeire11 napja
  • 3:44:05 Daniela left the Filomena's hand please xD

    Rafael BarraRafael Barra12 napja
  • My favorites : 1. Hungary (R. I. P Örs 😭) 2. Czech Republic 3. Ukraine 4. Sweden 5. Norway 6. Finland 7. Germany 8. Denmark 9. Lithuania 10. Cyprus 11. Slovenia 12. Moldova 13. Albania 14. Netherlands 15. Ireland 16. Austria 17. Serbia 18. Bulgaria 19. Italy 20. Israel - I don't know what happen to me, but I hated Toy before and now I started liking it. Amazing vocals, catchy chorus. I understand now why it's so loved. ❤️ 21- Uk- Also didn't like then, but it's catchy. I like it now 😊 I love Filomena❤️ She did such a great job👏🙌

    Suvi TöröSuvi Törö13 napja
  • По поводу голосования - вот такой формат мне нравится больше, чем в 2019. Тут реально накала больше. И понятно, кого зрители признали лучшим! А вообще, было бы огонь, если бы сначала говорили баллы зрительские, а потом жюри по чуть-чуть раскрывали. Это вообще отвал башки был бы

    Мaria GulyaevaМaria Gulyaeva14 napja
  • 2021?

    Carlota Z. RobloxCarlota Z. Roblox14 napja
  • А кроме Италии никто не стремится победить из стран большой 5? Каждый год стабильно высочайший уровень подготовки

    Мaria GulyaevaМaria Gulyaeva14 napja
  • Love Rita Laranjeira from 🇵🇹

    estrelaestrela14 napja
  • Any fans here who also loves NCIS LA? Cause Daniela Ruah is Kensi Blye

    p jonssonp jonsson15 napja
  • Toy was my favourite song of 2018 but Austria should have won, it’s just such a Eurovision song

    :/:/16 napja
  • 1:50:00🥰🥰🥰

    Alex PearsAlex Pears16 napja
  • The best ESC of all time! So many good songs

    Liza KolganovaLiza Kolganova17 napja
  • 2021❤

    Maria A.AMaria A.A18 napja
  • I cannot get over the fact that Cyprus and Eleni were robbed

    P. SerraP. Serra19 napja
    • Me too! Such a queen. Sorry but i can't stand Netta. But my son does, i think the kids voted for the chicken. Just like with Lordi.

      AnastasiaAnastasia3 napja
  • Favourite songs: Viszlat nyat, lie to me and fuego

    Doom HenchmanDoom Henchman19 napja
  • Still here because of the Coronavirus , remembering the good old moments , especially when Salvador sang with Caetano . Caetano was so humble , making room for a new artist. Amazing 🤩

    UlliUlli20 napja
  • It hits different seeing Örs now when he's gone.

    Pelle JakobssonPelle Jakobsson21 napja
  • 2017: *Portugal 1st place* 2018: *Portugal last place* I love how it's all going up and down Xd

    Not ShyNot Shy21 napja
  • One of my favorite Song concert of eurovision, Cause of the Portugal and the Eleni foureira's Fuego 🔥🔥

    Peter DemsPeter Dems22 napja
  • Portugal loves the World and World loves PORTUGAL!

    Tails 13Tails 1323 napja
  • 16:38 Ukraine - Melovin

    Sophie Klooster, van 'tSophie Klooster, van 't23 napja
  • the wining country was so bad im disapointid :(

    Beatrise KrokfordaBeatrise Krokforda25 napja
  • One of the best years. So much diversity in music and so many amazing songs. So hard to choose a favourite. But was disappointed by the final result

    joelle awjoelle aw26 napja
  • Ukraine and Spain were so underrated :(

    joelle awjoelle aw26 napja
  • Austria are very good every year

    YoYoYoYo26 napja
  • 3:42:57 ouch, poor Salvador

    just vibinjust vibin27 napja
  • The best eurovision contest ever!!!!!! So, so good Portugal. 😍

    Monica LopesMonica LopesHónapja
  • Love how they edited out the stage invader during SuRie's song for the UK

    • Tran

      Trânhưng TrânhưngTrânhưng Trânhưng26 napja
  • estonia was great

  • Slovenia 🇸🇮lea sirk havala ne Serbia 🇷🇸 sanja iliv & balkanika nova deca France 🇨🇵 medame manesior merci Finland 🇫🇮 saara aalto monsters Moldova 🇲🇩 DoReDoS my lucky day Hungary 🇭🇺 Aws vizslat nyar

    Raim GamingRaim GamingHónapja
  • Slovenia🇸🇮Serbia🇷🇸France🇨🇵 Finland🇫🇮 Moldova🇲🇩 Hungary🇭🇺💋💋❣️❤️🧡💕💞💓💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍💯love from bangladesh 🇧🇩

    Raim GamingRaim GamingHónapja
  • First time watching this. Estonia was singing in Italian?!Beautiful.

    Daisy hatingugolDaisy hatingugolHónapja
  • ישראלים לייק

    עירית אדר IRITAעירית אדר IRITAHónapja
  • does someone know where i can get the studio version of the flag parade?

    Mario ZurzMario ZurzHónapja
  • Most beautiful show, hosted by the most beautiful country

    Ricardo Francisco JacobRicardo Francisco JacobHónapja
  • They should have filmed Sweden's reaction with the 21 points from public votes OMG deadt

    Norby GermanoNorby GermanoHónapja
  • I am so confused why Estonia didn't win. That visual, that voice, that powerful presence. The CHILLS in my skin! If someone from Estonia is reading this, for me you were the winners 🤗

    Pedro TaylorPedro TaylorHónapja
    • Thanks ❤️🇪🇪 i appreciate this

      Markus KoortMarkus Koort15 napja
  • An Albanian woman representing Cyprus and singing about a Spanish word

    Mlg Peppa pig is old as heckMlg Peppa pig is old as heckHónapja
  • Who is watching in 2021? 🥳❤️

    Alexander V. Nørskov IbsenAlexander V. Nørskov IbsenHónapja
  • Sweden bottom 4 in televote? O.O

  • My top 3(from norway) 1. Estonia 2. Cyprus 3. Czech republic

    Aase SoltveitAase SoltveitHónapja
  • Who else loved hvala né?

    Mlg Peppa pig is old as heckMlg Peppa pig is old as heckHónapja
  • Cyprus was robbed

  • You shouldn't have edited the stage invasion out. What happened during the absent mic (people singing for Surie until she gets it back) was amazing. You could have muted him out but keep it in as it was what really happened and we all saw. You know we can see in hundreds of videos on HUworld, right? There was really no point in doing that

  • Boring stage. Mediocre lights. Lack of security (stage invasion during UK performance). People: well done Portugal , best eurovision ev'a! 🙄😬🥱

  • Who wants Foureira to won!!!!!

    Πηνελόπη ΛέτσιουΠηνελόπη ΛέτσιουHónapja
  • 40:53 Alexander Rybak 😍🥵

    Fatma Karen KaymakFatma Karen KaymakHónapja
  • 07 is the best

    Lukáš BudinskýLukáš BudinskýHónapja
  • Cyprus had the best song by far, totally robbed.

    Mark PhillipsMark PhillipsHónapja
  • 1st. Cyprus 2nd. Finland 3rd. Bulgaria

  • 2021?

    Mikhail LevchenkoMikhail LevchenkoHónapja
  • fado is so beautiful... i get goosebumps everytime i hear it... both Ana Moura and Mariza have incredible voices... proud to be portuguese.

    Beatriz TavaresBeatriz TavaresHónapja
  • The most boring opening 😐😐

    Red RosesRed RosesHónapja
  • Here for Fuego!

  • Bulgaria !

    Alina ÖztürkAlina ÖztürkHónapja
  • Okay where's Greece did i miss something?

    Anastasia KntAnastasia KntHónapja
    • Failed to qualify this year

      Patryk LibrichtPatryk LibrichtHónapja
  • 11:50 my heart... :(

    Mehmet Uğur UyarMehmet Uğur UyarHónapja
  • Poor sweden second for the jury and almost the last for televote

    • They have won so many times so I don’t care😌😌

      perunajuuri 97perunajuuri 9711 napja
  • The only time that a german singer really sang good

    Kuro BlackdogKuro BlackdogHónapja
  • Who is here in 2021 cause he/she want back the old good days?

    michalis konstantinoumichalis konstantinouHónapja
  • 11:53 Ginyu Force Pose from Dragon ball. EPIC!

  • Fuego is the real WINNER ❤️❤️❤️

  • Serbia 2018 older Singer Sanja Ilic RIP

  • This was a wonderful year in Eurovision.

    Вова МэттэрсВова МэттэрсHónapja
  • 1) Sweden 2) Germany 3) Austria /France / Bulgaria 4) Irland 5) Tchekhov

    Anna BellyAnna BellyHónapja
    • Same 5. 2. And 1

      Romano 2711Romano 271113 napja
  • 1:09:06

    Eylia MiswanEylia Miswan2 hónapja
  • es 2021 y me cago en puto dios a la mitad del video ya me estaba durmiendo, increíble lo lenta que es la gente con la música

    Magelioso MangelMagelioso Mangel2 hónapja

    Сергей КоптевСергей Коптев2 hónapja
  • More fixed than 2004's Sweden v Denmark 2-2!!!

    123PameNET123PameNET2 hónapja
  • Best Eurovision Ever!!!

    Jorge Pinheiro SousaJorge Pinheiro Sousa2 hónapja
  • Why did they cut out the uk stage invasion

    C MazingC Mazing2 hónapja
  • i like it

    scaramouchescaramouche2 hónapja
  • 42:23 dude.. That face is my mood.

    Kemal AlkanKemal Alkan2 hónapja
  • I had the Moldova song stuck in my head all day 💀

    lemon treelemon tree2 hónapja
  • Yay Israel win yay netta toy!!!

    Michael officialMichael official2 hónapja
  • 3:12:22

    Diane MichelleDiane Michelle2 hónapja
  • Who's here watching in 2021 ?

    Анастасия АхременкоАнастасия Ахременко2 hónapja
  • Germany is soooo good! Israel can rock the concert! Way to go! Wish Asia had this song contest too..❤️❤️❤️

    Yan-yanYan-yan2 hónapja
  • Fuego μονο ρε

    Elena GeorgiouElena Georgiou2 hónapja
  • I'm here because of Melovin❤️

    Людмила ЛазареваЛюдмила Лазарева2 hónapja
  • I've watched this about 5 times but never gets old, I've ran out of Eurovisions to watch I've watched them all now

    darragh gregorydarragh gregory2 hónapja
  • Cyprus was soo good. Girl in fire . 🇹🇷🇹🇷

    Rosie PosieRosie Posie2 hónapja
  • Stupide son Israël... the best are Italy France Germany Danemark Irlande... Israël very stupide !!!! I don't understand realy... from Belgium 🇧🇪🇧🇪

    jas achjas ach2 hónapja