Get To Know Tusse - Sweden 🇸🇪 - Eurovision 2021

2021.ápr. 3.
54 241 Megtekintés

19-year old Tusse (Tousin Chiza), won the Swedish national selection "Melodifestivalen" in March. Before that he also competed in the Swedish edition of "Got Talent" and he won "Swedish Idol" in 2019.
Tusse is now continuing his musical journey towards Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam, where he will compete with the entry "Voices". A song created to unite people and make us realize that we are all more alike than we think.
Performance of Rise Like A Phoenix: Idol Sverige, TV4
Stina Stjernkvist, SVT
Instagram: @Tusseofc
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  • Good luck Tussi.. one of my favourite songs this year and you got my vote

    Igor IgorIgor Igor4 órája
  • Love him !! 💝💝💝💝💝

  • He has a nice singing voice and I like his song

    Black LoboBlack LoboNapja
  • Tusse, i know you can win this. According to reliable sources, you has the biggest chance in melodifestivalen to win eurovision! We love you to the moon and back!!!

    YouKlotskanalenYouKlotskanalen2 napja
  • И это Швеция ахахахахах

    Vee KeiVee Kei2 napja
  • Well he’s adorable. I can see why he’s so popular in Sweden now!

    Chris PolickChris Polick3 napja
  • I love him soooo much. This year my favorites are 🇦🇿 , 🇸🇪, 🇫🇷. Good luck 😘

    Heart Of MusicHeart Of Music4 napja
  • he s cute

    Nathalie BorekNathalie Borek5 napja
  • Representative of greater Sweden, black?

    interpolinterpol5 napja

      FaurtracsTVFaurtracsTV4 napja
  • I think that the glitter was missing in his black nail polish? That is a fashion equal to "having a bad hair day!"

    SideDuckSideDuck5 napja
  • 12 points from Azerbaijani to Sweeden🇸🇪🇸🇪🇦🇿🇦🇿❤😎👌

  • Love and respect from Azerbaijani🇦🇿🇸🇪❤❤cooll

  • Greetings from Korea!! Good luck to Sweden!! Sweden is the top leader of North American and European POP music industry. Therefore among Korean Entertainment Agencies, SM Entertainment have collaborated with Nordic especially Swedish songwriters since early 2010s. My most favorite Swedish composers are Andreas Oberg and Cazzi Opeia. Andreas Oberg took part in the composition of Umpah Umpah of Red Velvet, Follow of Monsta X and so on. Cazzi Opeia participated in the composition of Psycho of Red Velvet, Dance the night away of TWICE, ICY of ITZY and so on. Swedish singer, Zara Larsson is one of composers of TWICE'S More & More. I think Nordic especially Swedish songwriters have contributed the globalization of K POP.

    HanPyul KongHanPyul Kong5 napja
  • In my opinion this is just awful!

    Dave JacksonDave Jackson6 napja
    • @FaurtracsTV ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

      Dave JacksonDave Jackson4 napja
    • @Dave Jackson r

      FaurtracsTVFaurtracsTV4 napja
    • @Dave Jackson e

      FaurtracsTVFaurtracsTV4 napja
    • @Dave Jackson g

      FaurtracsTVFaurtracsTV4 napja
    • @Dave Jackson g

      FaurtracsTVFaurtracsTV4 napja
  • Хм, а когда юар там начнёт участвовать, от от ЮАР будет какой нибудь Василий Иванов?

    Многодетных отец ИльяМногодетных отец Илья6 napja
  • Good luck from finland🇫🇮

    Mea JoutsenMea Joutsen6 napja
  • this is to swedish peopole rösta på tusse sverige

    Theodor KarlssonTheodor Karlsson6 napja
  • Aw he seems so sweet, it’s a shame his song is rubbish

    Sam MapstoneSam Mapstone6 napja
  • he's such an adorable fluffball. KOM IGEN TUSSE! HEJA SVERIGE! 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

    Ansa IseliAnsa Iseli6 napja
  • Good luck from Germany 🇩🇪🇩🇪 ;). It is absolutly amazing.

    Thomas RussmeierThomas Russmeier7 napja
  • this guy is one of the sweetest and most genuine people i've ever met.

    Freya SchenbergFreya Schenberg7 napja
  • Born in Köngö

    Olle BorgströmOlle Borgström7 napja

      FaurtracsTVFaurtracsTV4 napja
    • @Roodi Kurtaran perhaps bit too much solarium?

      makeFImakeFI5 napja
    • @Roodi Kurtaran Hi it is a joke between swedes. Removing O and adding Ö

      Olle BorgströmOlle Borgström7 napja
    • @Roodi Kurtaran I'm swedish my self

      Olle BorgströmOlle Borgström7 napja
  • Ребята у нас нету шансов

    Дима СтанокДима Станок7 napja

      FaurtracsTVFaurtracsTV4 napja
  • I have to admit that the more I listen to his song, the more I like it. It's stuck in my head and I keep singing it unconsciously. I love his positive energy, the way he speaks to the camera. I love you, Tusse. Jag älskar dig, Tusse. 🇨🇾❤️🇸🇪

    MyEurovisionTVMyEurovisionTV7 napja
  • Dis is tusse Hej Tusse jag är från Sverige

    Jojo _11Jojo _118 napja
  • Ok,i am gonna be honest i am not the biggest fan of his song,but he himself seems like a very likeable guy so i wish him the best :)

    Layla MiaLayla Mia8 napja
  • Я которая ищу русский комм

    Cap cake 🧁Cap cake 🧁8 napja
  • Good music!!!!

  • Trevlig! Jag älskar Sverige 🇸🇪 ❤️ 🇸🇪 Lycka till!

    TurboTurbo8 napja
  • get to know tusse, how to eurovision sweden I mean u guys make esc about sweden ofc they will get more points from so many adversiting

    Guilherme PalmaGuilherme Palma8 napja
    • @Roodi Kurtaran But they make esc all about sweden. Mans the winner in 2015, host de esc in 2016 but went to esc in 2017 2019 and will be again in 2021.

      Guilherme PalmaGuilherme Palma8 napja
  • This must be the cutest and most adorable creature ever...All the best Tusse, your song is a banger

    Mariusz BarcinMariusz Barcin8 napja
  • Good luck from Ireland 🇮🇪 Maybe we'll be tied with victories this year 😉

    Lil JezinLil Jezin8 napja
  • Good luck from Israel. Hoping both you and Eden Alene advance from the 1st semi. I'll be voting for you. 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

    realmenchangediapersrealmenchangediapers8 napja

    Kalima İsmailovaKalima İsmailova8 napja
  • swedish Harry styles

    aoy nnmaoy nnm8 napja
  • he's a fan of Harry styles it's obvious

    aoy nnmaoy nnm8 napja
  • I like his voice and his song is one of my favorites this year

    You Farted SisYou Farted Sis8 napja
  • I was about to comment about him being a Swedish Hannah Montana but then he admitted it himself 😂😂😂😂 good luck from USA/Azerbaijan to Sweden ❤️❤️

    Joseph ShaulovJoseph Shaulov8 napja
  • Zero points.

    pentti mäenrantapentti mäenranta8 napja
    • Noooo

      Filip EscFilip Esc7 napja
  • male or female ???

    guster rymsguster ryms8 napja
    • @Roodi Kurtaran ty

      guster rymsguster ryms8 napja
  • Lykka til Tusse! This is an amazing song and you sing it beautifully.

    TroysPopTroysPop8 napja
  • Sorry Sweden but worst choice. This song is so extremely boring, generic and unoriginal.

    Build YouBuild You8 napja
    • ​@Build You I wouldn´t call 9th place in the televotes, like in 2019, mediocre. 32 countries did worse in the televotes. Sure, Sweden didn´t do well in the televotes in 2018, but overall, there are very few countries that has been as successful, in the televotes, in Eurovision as Sweden the last decade. I bet you can´t even name 5 countries that has done better in the televote. Charts are the opinion of the people who listen and buy the music. It´s not just about getting points in the contest, it´s about making a hit. A song that get a lot of points in the contest, but people doesn´t listen to afterwards is overrated. Not one that is successful.

      Åsa SÅsa S2 napja
    • @Åsa S And so? Charts aren't opinion of public who votes for the song man. Sweden successful? Absolutely not. Back in 2018, 2019 for example, what was that? Juries overated Sweden, but public places Sweden on very mediocre places, cause nobody likes them apart rigged jury of course, so in conclusion Sweden now isn't successful at all. This year choice is also awful due to generic and extremely boring song, sorry but Sweden is overated and that's true, period.

      Build YouBuild You2 napja
    • We´ve heard this comment year after year after year... still Sweden has been more successful in Eurovision, and on the charts, with those songs, than most other countries.

      Åsa SÅsa S7 napja
  • I'm sad The Mamas won't be representing Sweden this year but Tusse is also amazing. Voices is lit.

    Norby GermanoNorby Germano8 napja
  • Your are song great) from Ukraine

    Марина РыхлицкаяМарина Рыхлицкая8 napja
  • Good luck Tusse!

    ESC AndyESC Andy8 napja
  • I hope he wins. Because he has the best song. But i think they will not let him win. The have another favorites.

    greeksfulgreeksful9 napja
  • *puke*

    Chrono ChronoChrono Chrono9 napja
    • That kind of nastiness us unnecessary.

      Amy KellyAmy Kelly7 napja
  • He's such a sweetheart!

    Aphrodite DAphrodite D9 napja
  • He‘s so underrated

    Luca MLuca M9 napja
  • First person to win both Idol and Melodifestivalen, and he did it before turning 20! That is life goals acheived!

    DenisDenis9 napja
    • Yeah, that´s pretty amazing! Anna Bergendahl , 5th in Swedish Idol 2008, Winner of Melodifestivalen 2010, 11th place in semi in Eurovision Robin Stjernberg , 2nd in Swedish Idol 2011, Winner of Melodifestivalen 2013, 13th place in Eurovision Loreen , 4th in Swedish Idol 2004, Winner of Melodifestivalen 2012, Winner Eurovision 2012 Måns Zelmerlöw , 4th in Swedish Idol 2005, Winner of Melodifestivalen 2015, Winner Eurovision 2015 Robin Bengtsson , 3rd in Swedish Idol 2008, Winner of Melodifestivalen 2017, 5th place in Eurovision Tusse , Winner of Swedish Idol 2019, Winner of Melodifestivalen 2021

      Åsa SÅsa S7 napja
    • Agree with you totally 🙂 Incredable Tusse is 💯% very talented, his voice 👌🎵

      Leyla LeylaLeyla Leyla7 napja
  • Cutie pie

    JeanJean9 napja
  • Abi o değilde maNga nasıl kazanamadı ya

    Muhammet Talha ALTUNKAYNAKMuhammet Talha ALTUNKAYNAK9 napja
  • He is so cute! I'm in Love😍

    Svea's RikeSvea's Rike9 napja
  • He is such a cinnamon roll🥺❤️

    Hanna Maria LeppHanna Maria Lepp9 napja
    • @Amy Kelly it means he’s sweet🥺

      Hanna Maria LeppHanna Maria Lepp7 napja
    • I don't even know what that means but I love it! 🤣 Sweet and spicy?

      Amy KellyAmy Kelly7 napja
  • He doesn't look like Sweden. I wonder why.

    StellarheimStellarheim9 napja
  • Meh

  • Such a boring and generic song. Sweden should do something in the future, because the swedish entries are all the same for years

    RDrD1983RDrD19839 napja
  • Good luck sweden from finland 🇫🇮🤝🇸🇪

    Aaro PitkäAaro Pitkä9 napja
  • Unpopular opinion: Sweden has the best song and if they win it will be deserved. And they might, because the BLM movement will work in favour of the song.

    DimidruggDimidrugg9 napja
    • @Amy Kelly It is a thing in social media, which are worldwide.

      DimidruggDimidrugg7 napja
    • Is BLM a thing in Europe?

      Amy KellyAmy Kelly7 napja
    • @RDrD1983 It doesn't take away the message. Therefore it does not feel boring and generic imo.

      CaMiLLa DCaMiLLa D8 napja
    • The song is boring and generic

      RDrD1983RDrD19839 napja
  • 🇦🇿

    SabinaSabina9 napja
  • The most handsome Swedish I don't like blonds, thanks for replacing them

    I love escI love esc9 napja
  • The lion king

    JorgeJorge9 napja
  • He is great and I think the new staging could push him to top 5!

    Lee JamesLee James9 napja
    • @Amy Kelly OK

      RDrD1983RDrD19837 napja
    • @RDrD1983 if it hits you that way, it does. Other people find it engaging and inspiring. Among other things.

      Amy KellyAmy Kelly7 napja
    • No. The song is boring and generic

      RDrD1983RDrD19839 napja
  • He's adorable

    Audi SeusAudi Seus9 napja
  • Swedafrica

    BAKU EscBAKU Esc9 napja
  • Good luck from Colombia!

    Hector BenavidesHector Benavides9 napja
  • But will he have to buy his own bus ticket, or not?!

    MrCurryMrCurry9 napja
  • I hope every act will do a video like this, it's sweet and neat. If not it's just favoutism from ebu to sweeden.

    CharmedX321CharmedX3219 napja
    • I don´t think EBU can force people to do a video like this. It´s not favoritism, it´s every acts own choice to make a video like this and send to the channel. Their delegations have to be a bit active themselves, they can´t just sit around and wait. There has been a video called "Get to know Hurricane - Serbia 🇷🇸 - Eurovision 2021" already for instance.

      Åsa SÅsa S7 napja
  • He seems like an amazing person ❤ the song is also one of my favorites 😍

    * eurovision girl ** eurovision girl *9 napja
  • Wait what in Sweden i saw on the news that tusse used drugs after he won hes voice is destroyed now

    Mario OlsenMario Olsen9 napja

    NosurprisesNosurprises9 napja
  • Amazing voice /great song . Good luck Sweden 🇸🇪

    Harut HovhannisyanHarut Hovhannisyan9 napja
  • Kind cool guy ^^ Hope more of them will make this kind of video . Coz this year its poor in interview, no pre party , its missing something. The song, the tune remind me Denmark 2013, but nobody remember about it ^^ People are too young already ^^ . I love the song a lot, its in my top 5. Greeting from Belgium .

    NickycanNickycan9 napja
  • He seems like a fun person! Mad respect for keeping up with his studies alongside the music stuff, that's gotta be rough. PS. Those smiley nails are amazing :D

    Guido MistaGuido Mista9 napja
    • You are lucky that your comment doesn't have 4 likes, Mista.

      Gyro ZeppeliGyro Zeppeli7 napja
  • He has beautiful eyes

    Irina PilipchukIrina Pilipchuk9 napja
  • Poor guy we must now vote for him to win the Eurovision even if his song is crap

    areatwareatw9 napja
  • I don't want to know swedish mafia thanks

    JetJet9 napja
  • I wish you (the reader of this) a very successful and happy life full of love, joy, wealth and health.❤️

    MywalkMywalk9 napja
  • He's adorable :)

    Sir SteviaSir Stevia9 napja
  • I’m in love with his voice AND with his personality wow 🤩

    hellowwhelloww9 napja

    King MenKing Men9 napja
    • @King Men sweden

      ESC PikayohannESC Pikayohann3 napja
    • @ESC Pikayohann My heart wanted.

      King MenKing Men3 napja
    • @King Men why are you asking that ?

      ESC PikayohannESC Pikayohann7 napja
    • @ESC Pikayohann You seem to have forgotten what a powerful state AZERBAIJAN is! Azerbaijan has been and will continue to be first in every competition!

      King MenKing Men7 napja
    • @ESC Pikayohann what country are you a citizen of

      King MenKing Men7 napja
  • "We have more things in common than what separates us". Love that!

    Rob SpereallRob Spereall9 napja
  • She is 100% sweden

    alessandro confentealessandro confente9 napja
    • @BAKU Esc i know it sucks

      alessandro confentealessandro confente4 napja
    • *He

      Klasenius ProductionsKlasenius Productions8 napja
    • It’s a Man

      Lewis MillerLewis Miller9 napja
    • Yes, swedish are african now

      BAKU EscBAKU Esc9 napja
  • 🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮

    Eemil HänninenEemil Hänninen9 napja
  • Fellow Swedes. This boy is our national treasure and we need to protect him. ❤️

    stilldownwiththemutantundergroundstilldownwiththemutantunderground9 napja
    • yeah of course

      JIJI6 napja
    • Yes, he's so young and sweet, and the celebrity that comes with this kind of visibility can be brutal. I hope the world will be kind.

      Amy KellyAmy Kelly7 napja
    • uhmm ok...

      NovineuxNovineux8 napja

      Cat TricksCat Tricks8 napja
  • Great song. Greetings from the Netherlands

    Natasja Van der HoekNatasja Van der Hoek9 napja
  • He literally sang Rise Like a😂. Also good luck from America 🇺🇸

    Trey JacksonTrey Jackson9 napja
    • Ah, another U.S. person! I wonder how many fans we have here....I think most Eurovision related groups (including ESC) underestimate the numbers!

      Amy KellyAmy Kelly7 napja
  • One of my favorite artists this year,such an amazing guy seems so nice and his song is amazing aswell, hope he does well

    Sam O'GaraSam O'Gara9 napja
  • If he wins only by jury voting I will be pissed

    Julia RJulia R9 napja
    • To win, he will also have to be top 3 in the televote. So if he does win its deserved.

      Srdjan SavicSrdjan Savic9 napja
  • Ah yes, we could've had Eric Saade and a really cool song and instead we have yet another basic pop song, so cool

    TJ MorrisonTJ Morrison9 napja
    • @Dimitris Sartzetakis At least Tusse can actually sing...

      Max WennströmMax Wennström6 napja
    • Oh ick. Lol!

      Amy KellyAmy Kelly7 napja
    • @Forntonio It wasn’t. Quite different and unique.

      Dimitris SartzetakisDimitris Sartzetakis9 napja
    • Are you implying Saade’s song was not generic pop?

      ForntonioForntonio9 napja
  • Lol he got me with that Hannah Montana reference, go Tusse!!😂😂💙💛

    Ákos PÁkos P9 napja
  • Who has noticed that he has the Swedish flag on one of his nails? 🇸🇪

    Sylwia KukSylwia Kuk9 napja
    • I didn't actually 😆

      Elifan 06Elifan 062 napja
    • @MyEurovisionTV Makes sense :3 But you have to start somehow, don't you? As long as Tusse likes it then it's all good xD

      Roy MorenoRoy Moreno7 napja
    • @Roy Moreno I think it 's a matter of habit. If, say, you get used to wearing a watch, you will always feel that something is missing, if you forget to wear it, but I, who have not worn a watch for a long time, if I go to wear one, I will want to take it off my wrist.

      MyEurovisionTVMyEurovisionTV7 napja
    • I did! But I mostly focused on his ring on the thumb Is that even comfortable? xD Perhaps it's just me as I'm not a fan of having jewelry

      Roy MorenoRoy Moreno7 napja
  • Tons of luck ❤️ 🇸🇪från 🇮🇱

    GingerbreadGingerbread9 napja
  • Everyone: Good luck from AZERBAIJAN Me: Good luck from Swe... Ohh

    Arvid BrundinArvid Brundin9 napja
    • Me: Good luck from US... ohh 😂

      CassidyCassidy9 napja
  • he's so lovely!! wishing the best for him 💜

    Irene HerondaleIrene Herondale9 napja
  • Good luck from ARMENIA❤💙🧡

    Anna BaghmanyanAnna Baghmanyan9 napja
  • I hope you win!!! Good luck from Poland!!

    Małgorzata CiesielczykMałgorzata Ciesielczyk9 napja
  • Thanks tussle for being a brave swedish viking like your ansesters and representing the LGBTQ and BLM moment in this brave song 🇸🇪🇸🇪🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🇸🇾🇸🇾😷

    victardo officialvictardo official9 napja
    • @Srdjan Savic irony .....

      victardo officialvictardo official5 napja
    • WTF is wrong with you?

      Srdjan SavicSrdjan Savic9 napja
  • He seems like such a lovely person, best of luck from Croatia 🥰

    Purple 1999Purple 19999 napja
  • my winner, king tusse

    Dory DriverDory Driver9 napja