Gjon's Tears - Tout l’Univers - Switzerland 🇨🇭 - Official Music Video - Eurovision 2021

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Gjon's Tears will represent Switzerland at Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam with the song Tout l’univers.
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    Eurovision Song ContestEurovision Song Contest2 hónapja
    • I can't put in words how deeply breathtaking this song is. Its words and your voice bring me to tears each time and now that I see the images, it's just all perfect, it's already a heart winning song, not just for this contest ♥️ sending much love 🦋

      Tania 3006Tania 300617 napja
    • Such a Destiel song for Schweiz Suisse Svizze

      Luke FernandezLuke Fernandez17 napja

      Javier Sánchez LópezJavier Sánchez López24 napja
    • I didn't understand the lyrics but its over all impact is very lit! I love it!

      Jan Michael BelenaJan Michael BelenaHónapja
    • @Medhy ha bon ? J’aurais répondu de même à un Français. Et pour naviguer pas mal, on a rien à envier à personne et inversement !

      Bernie DUBernie DUHónapja
  • My personal winner!! I dont understand a word but this song makes me cry TT_TT

    risingsoulrisingsoul33 perccel
  • my man got so hurt even his soul was on the tarmac

    Alin ButaAlin Buta55 perccel
  • Rocioo

  • This is a great surprise from Switzerland, 12 points from Spain!

    Alba Gómez MorenoAlba Gómez MorenoÓrája
  • Excellent! Quelle belle voix!

    Helen MyersHelen Myers2 órája
  • My top 15: Switzerland, Cyprus, Israel, San Marino, Malta, Greece, Norway, Azerbaijan, France, Iceland, Ukraine, Italy, Lithuania, Spain, Sweden. Honourable mentions: Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Estonia, UK, Finland. I think Switzerland will win ❤️❤️❤️

    blgygntcs89blgygntcs892 órája
  • CHILLS EVERY SINGLE TIME I HEAR IT ❤ Love from Greece 🇬🇷

    Ioanna StamatiadiIoanna Stamatiadi3 órája
  • The most beautiful voice this year

    Jay LoewJay Loew3 órája
  • One of my Top 3: Lithuania, San Marino and Switzerland

    Jay LoewJay Loew4 órája
  • На репетиции такой жирный, а в клипе нормально сложенный?? Долго наверно ретушировали😂😂

    Sa BoguśLOVESa BoguśLOVE6 órája
  • I like this song, but this suffers from the same thing that 2019 winner did: I forget that this exists. I can not recall Arcade or this in my head, and in recaps my brain just skips over this. It's like this song doesn't exist, and that's just... Odd. I guess that means that this is going to win?

    SnidgedSnidged7 órája
    • Both songs have the same producer. Maybe thats it

      A. EA. E5 órája
  • The winner of Eurovision 2021!!!

    Petrova RalitsaPetrova Ralitsa7 órája
  • Cette chanson me donne la chair de poule. Génial.

    AkifAkif8 órája
    • This version is very interesting and won Switzerland the favorite. Since the rehearsals, and especially the 2nd, it is free fall, to the point of wondering if Gjon's Tears will be qualified for the Grand Final, so bad is the performance.

      Greg 4546Greg 45463 órája
  • My winner❤️

    v. alentinelv. alentinel9 órája

    JenerikJenerik11 órája
  • 💙💙💙💙💙

    Bluenose70 xBluenose70 x13 órája
  • I don’t think it’s better than his 2020 entry because répondez-moi is just INCREDIBLE - I can’t describe the greatness of that song. But this one is amazing too. After loïc nottet he will be the second esc artist whose releases I’ll follow even after the competition. Good luck!

    Berna E.Berna E.14 órája
  • Still my favourite!

    Kate CarrollKate Carroll15 órája
  • This guy is mesmerizing! 12 points from 🇺🇦

    Ksenia KolesnikKsenia Kolesnik15 órája
  • Cette chanson me fait penser à une ancienne... Mais je n'arrive pas à la trouver! Quelqu'un peut m'aider?

    sheenaa312sheenaa31216 órája
  • Ou sont les français ? Je suis le seul

    Vsevolod BelobrovtsevVsevolod Belobrovtsev16 órája
    • ici

      snsblzsnsblz16 órája
  • Great 👍🏼 12 points from Ukraine 🇺🇦 Very strong , amazing , bravo !

    Y. H.Y. H.16 órája
  • Super Song. Viel Glück!

    LOVE ISLOVE IS18 órája
  • C’est normal que je suis pas aussi impressionné que ça ? C’est pas mal comme chanson mais c’est pas la meilleure que j’ai entendue de ma vie non plus.

    Oliver QueenOliver Queen18 órája
    • This version is very interesting and won Switzerland the favorite. Since the rehearsals, and especially the 2nd, it is free fall, to the point of wondering if Gjon's Tears will be qualified for the Grand Final, so bad is the performance.

      Greg 4546Greg 45463 órája
  • Start of the video is such a Snow patrol- Chasing cars de ja vu, hahah

    Mara MilosMara Milos18 órája
  • En España a tope!!!

    Liliana rubio perisLiliana rubio peris18 órája
  • I Love it!

    Liliana rubio perisLiliana rubio peris18 órája
  • It is this version which allowed Switzerland to be the favorite. As soon as Gjon's Tears performed live, his rating dropped considerably and even worsened after his 2nd rehearsal establishing a dubious but above all ridiculous choreography. To believe that Switzerland really does not want to win ...

    Greg 4546Greg 454619 órája
  • 🇦🇲❤🇨🇭

    Bella GhazaryanBella Ghazaryan19 órája
  • @Jordan Rowan Which playlist you're talking about? I have so many.

    Marios ChristodoulouMarios Christodoulou19 órája
  • Easily the best Eurovision Song of 2021. 2 is Manisha (Russia), 3 is Roxen (Romania). I said it

    Andrey DavydovAndrey Davydov19 órája
  • ❤️ from Ukraine

    jim pigjim pig20 órája
  • Such beautiful song! Love it! From Russia.

    Taya ChillsTaya Chills20 órája
  • My winner for esc 😍

    Ani XAni X20 órája
  • 12 points de l’Angleterre!

    Debby Carlson-LamrhariDebby Carlson-Lamrhari20 órája
  • Beautiful song I hope the staging is amazing too

  • The song is incredible.... i loooove it, 12 points from your French friends

    Latarget MathildeLatarget Mathilde21 órája
  • 💗 it's simply so wonderful .... 💗💗

    Asha SarenAsha Saren21 órája
  • TRADUCCIÓN AL ESPAÑOL/TRANSLATION INTO SPANISH. Deja que el viento helador ponga su mano sobre mi hombro y mi mi mente en blanco. No veo dónde esconderme, el amanecer se ensombrece, detrás de un campo desolado, no permitas que este trance enriquecedor te paralice. Percibo detrás de nosotros fragmentos de tu alma y en qué me ha convertido el dolor Todo el universo. Nosotros, dos corazones en la Tierra. En medio de los precipicios donde todo estalla y nosotros, en su punto de mira. Sin ti Nuestro aliento ¿qué va ser de el, sí estamos al límite? Este amor que nos atenaza. Percibo detrás de nosotros fragmentos de tu alma y en qué me ha convertido el dolor. Todo el universo.... Sin ti Bajo mis párpados, encuentro aire. Ahhhhhhh! Todo el universo....... ¿Como sanar nuestros corazones rugientes?

    Guido SforzaGuido Sforza22 órája
  • 💗😉👍

    Ko мKo м23 órája
  • I am really blown away from this I have been listening to this for half an hour and I am still blown away this definitely deserves to win eurovision 2021 in my opinion a lot of support from belgium 🇧🇪

    Fleur CasperFleur CasperNapja
  • He found Elon's car in space😱😂

    mary dkmary dkNapja
  • Es bellísima pq canta en francés, por la música, por el cantante, la letra todo...y luego ves semejantes m""" como loco loco o el diablo que solo son chicas bailando...esta canción es bellísima!

    Ester MarinEster MarinNapja
  • Its the best Song this year!

    Ester MarinEster MarinNapja
  • My winner, I know people are talking about France which I love also Malta which I love too and Italy. They are my top 4. This just stands out too much, the emotion I cannot believe how much in the odds he has gone out, 9-1 I'm glad as I have now put £150 each way on him to win. I have no worries on this not winning its just like Arcade, its just an emotional brilliant song. Just love this, my winner 💙. Just my opinion guys 😀 love love love Eurovision.

    Bluenose70 xBluenose70 xNapja
  • What a blatant copy!

    Nederlanditis NederlanditisNederlanditis NederlanditisNapja
  • Angel voice💖

    larisa seferoviclarisa seferovicNapja
  • Wtf im from romania i deadass love this song so much i hope it wins

    Theo CTheo CNapja
  • I don't know why, but I really want this person to win it really is a song with a good story that really attracts me. Although I don't quite understand what he is singing over, but i do know that it is about the universe and that story makes me enjoying the song so much. French is of course also a very beautiful language which really appeals to me. For me a winner sings here hence he is in my top 10! I really wish you a lot of success on stage in Rotterdam I can't wait to see you perform! Greetings from The Netherlands!❤️🇳🇱

    Marli RemmenMarli RemmenNapja
  • ngl, reminds me of Arcade

    Timonas BekionisTimonas BekionisNapja
  • He has a voice of an angel and this song is so beautiful can anybody translate this for me please? I would really appreciate it. Much love from love from London UK

    Irena Deacon HenriquezIrena Deacon HenriquezNapja
    • Salut. What ! We make effort everytime with your language and now we should translate for you ! Lol ! Never !!! Come on make effort... It seems hard, je sais, but we are absolutly fed up with english language and maybe with english...

      Patrick GPatrick G14 órája
  • Ne zaman dinlesem ağlatıyor beni

    Hale AydınHale AydınNapja
  • Gjon's just gently touched every string of my soul with his runs. Definitely the WINNER of this show and great ARTIST drawing the painting with his voice. 12 points from Belarus🇧🇾 (if we could vote this year😥).

    Rich ArdRich ArdNapja
    • I'm sorry for your disqualification. I love Belarus got it deep inside! From Azerbaijan 🇦🇿❤️🇧🇾

      Farid GasimovFarid Gasimov6 órája
  • Muy bonita, hasta que salen los coros y sube de volumen. Como la mayoría de canciones eurovisivas.

  • 💪🥇🇨🇭🥈🇨🇵🥉🇲🇹4🇹🇩

    ッSebastien ッッSebastien ッNapja
  • I love this song even if i barly understand a Word in the song

    Fuli Foxpaws {Was Snowy Foxpaws}Fuli Foxpaws {Was Snowy Foxpaws}Napja
  • Not bad.

    Andreas KAndreas KNapja
  • I can’t stop listening to this song!!!

  • Very similar to Mylene Farmer songs.

    Alex KononenkoAlex KononenkoNapja
  • клип кринж

    Victor KrivenkoVictor KrivenkoNapja
  • This eurovision will be unique

    Manos MenManos MenNapja
  • This year a french song will win. This one or one from France.

    Olga BushunovaOlga BushunovaNapja
  • Aucune chance !

    Alain CARRIERAlain CARRIERNapja
    • Pourquoi ? Cette chanson est magnifique une des meilleures chansons française que j'ai entendu depuis des années donc j'espère il va gagner ! En tout cas il a plus de chance de remporter l'eurovision que la France contrairement à ce que les bookmakers veulent nous faire croire !

  • Tu vas gagner ! Tu as la meilleure voix et chanson ! On est tous derrière toi !

  • this is soooo good, deserves to win! 12 points from Latvia

  • My choice for this Eurosong definitivly!

    filip rafaelifilip rafaeliNapja
  • Switzerland wins Eurovision songfestival 2021 🇨🇭🔥

    Gijs EwaldGijs EwaldNapja
  • Love this song so very much. Can't stop listening to it, it gave me goosebumps. Please win in Eurovision 2021! Support from Malaysia! ❤🙌😊 You go Gjon Tears!!!

    Kelly OriantyKelly OriantyNapja
  • This song is the best was I hear on French and I understand this song its very coll

    Stacy FriesStacy FriesNapja
  • 1. bu olmalı...

    Elif KilitElif KilitNapja
  • Nice song, nice voice, but the video is cheap, inexpensive.

    Salamandra XYSalamandra XYNapja
  • It's cool, Russia is with you

    Борис СазановБорис СазановNapja
  • It delivers true emotions! I feel like I need to rush while wiping my tears, running to save my soulmate's life! It's way too good for ESC, but I'd give you some Oscars immediately.

    BAC Satyam KavyenBAC Satyam Kavyen2 napja
  • Simply amazing! French language is perfect for songs!!!

    Gabriel LimaGabriel Lima2 napja
  • His voice is in the average. This song deserves a better singer.

    stephen10stephen102 napja
  • This song is good but the singer could be better. In this case it would deserve the top 5 or higher

    stephen10stephen102 napja
  • Awesome song 🙌love it 💗💓

    Rossy BáezRossy Báez2 napja
  • This song and the French one are this year's true masterpieces!!!Good luck from Greece 🇬🇷 🎶 💙💙💙

    vassilikig1978vassilikig19782 napja
  • What??!!? This is the song that everyone considers a favorite ?? I'm not saying it's bad but there are other much better ones .

    Sofia TsanikovaSofia Tsanikova2 napja
  • Another great song among lots of others , good luck .

    roger keenroger keen2 napja
  • Urime, dhe sukse te metejshme

    Redinel ShkulakuRedinel Shkulaku2 napja
  • Waaw! Beautiful!!! Brawo! A beautiful song and a beautiful voice!

    penelopa321penelopa3212 napja
  • Я думаю, это победа.

    Space MediaSpace Media2 napja
  • This has winning song vibes. The confetti and everything 🏆

    Kumar RansingKumar Ransing2 napja
  • HELP i can't stop listening... winner material yup

    jamaisjeonjamaisjeon2 napja
  • Dépressif 🙄

    snowfallsnowfall2 napja
  • So many emotions..without understanding a word...Winner 🏆

    Lorena KafaziLorena Kafazi2 napja
  • Allez la Suisse

    Jason CarbonaraJason Carbonara2 napja
  • ¨Eurovisión para seguir viviendo¨

    Eurovisión On FireEurovisión On Fire2 napja
  • Give Switzerland a 3rd victory in Eurovision song contest

    Benjamin BlackburnBenjamin Blackburn2 napja
  • Give Switzerland a 3rd victory in Eurovision song contest

    Benjamin BlackburnBenjamin Blackburn2 napja
  • Неплохо, но и не 1 место

    РейверсРейверс2 napja
  • This song is like a roller coaster of emotions. I feel it more because the singer is Albanian. So proud of you Gjon 🇦🇱 🇨🇭

    Lo BaLo Ba2 napja
    • You can tell on his "pretty" face that he's albanian. 😅

  • Just gonna put my top 10 here so I can review it afterwards 1. Switzerland 2. San Marino 3. Romania 4. Greece 5. Russia 6. United Kingdom 7. Azerbaijan 8. Moldova 9. Bulgaria 10. Croatia

    Stronk StronkStronk Stronk2 napja
  • Un grand bravo de la France pour nos amis suisse pour cette magnifique chanson.

    arnaud gauthrinarnaud gauthrin2 napja
  • Dit hebben wij al gehad met de Nederlandse inzending in 2019. Mooi copy.

    Chano FortunatoChano Fortunato2 napja
  • Дуй в универ)))

    Irina DzebisovaIrina Dzebisova2 napja
  • Masterpiece

    LemonadeLemonade2 napja
  • Shite depressing,boring song 🥴🥴anoying voice 🥵

    Luke ŚwierkLuke Świerk2 napja