Italy - LIVE - Mahmood - Soldi - Grand Final - Eurovision 2019

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Mahmood represented Italy at the Grand Final of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Soldi. Read more about Mahmood here:
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    Eurovision Song ContestEurovision Song ContestÉvvel
    • À dVvjvhvjvjbnbnvcggchvczÀfdgghghvvvcxvccvcchvbvbvvh dgghbhhjjjjnjkkkbjbnbbbcfgccvcxccxccc💌💚

      paolo mureddapaolo muredda21 órája
    • 0

      noy mornoy mor9 napja
    • 1¹¹¹¹את

      Nir TropNir Trop12 napja
    • butudov

      donatas masiliunasdonatas masiliunasHónapja
    • Lol

      Do ZoreDo ZoreHónapja

    Maria KonstantinidouMaria KonstantinidouÓrája
  • 2:56 Israel

    Izei OlivaresIzei Olivares5 órája
  • Im Asian, but this should have won

    Reinier Gabriel Dela LlarteReinier Gabriel Dela Llarte14 órája
  • Yes voglio fare tanti soldi

    Lupen BerardiLupen Berardi17 órája
  • ΚΑΘΕ φορα που το ακουω σκεφτομαι τον ξαδερφο μου, τον Φωτη.

    elena geramanelena geramanNapja
  • He should have won. The song is nice and he sang in his national language which I think is always better than when everyone sings in English...

    Katharina MKatharina M2 napja
  • Who is from 2021??

    Lorenta AhmetajLorenta Ahmetaj2 napja
  • I wish that Italy because he probably he will make an exibition at the next edition...

    Russo DarioRusso Dario2 napja
  • Always best songs on 2nd place: Turkey 2010 Australia 2016 Bulgaria 2017 Cyprus 2018 Italy 2019 All those masterpieces deserved to win

    Noop noopNoop noop2 napja
  • still rocks in 2021.

    Ivana RennieIvana Rennie2 napja
  • 1:08 Someone left his voice huh....

    Luh DrawsLuh Draws2 napja
  • The drunks is so bad..

    ZiellerZieller3 napja
  • Лучний !!!

    Nadja KulebaNadja Kuleba3 napja
  • His voice like using auto tune even he's not

    chris xaschris xas4 napja
  • Respect to those who listen to this on a device and still clap

    chris xaschris xas4 napja
  • 0:32

    HarleyKinnHarleyKinn4 napja

    Inês DiasInês Dias4 napja
    • Duncan and his 350 million Spotify streams for Arcade say HI

      Lorenzo TucanoLorenzo Tucano4 napja
  • Great

    deivys hurtadodeivys hurtado4 napja
  • Come on guys... This guy was always gonna be successful even without winning. Stop fighting about which one was better and enjoy the fact that we got 2 masterpieces

    chris xaschris xas4 napja
  • the best song for 2 last years!!!! Bravo from Greece!!!

  • ora capisco ....sanremo se l'è meritato. Il secondo purtroppo sembrava troppo un secondo ferio.

    marina parigianimarina parigiani5 napja
  • Vencedor moral

    Isabela DuarteIsabela Duarte5 napja
  • He wrote this song himself and he’s a respected singer in Italy where he was born and grew up by his Italian mother, as his father abandoned the family when he was a baby. The song says that money cannot buy love and that’s what his father tried to do, being non existent most of his childhood life. In one of his interviews he said that he speaks no Arabic but he was taught the pronunciation and the accent of the specific part in the song by an Arab language teacher. There’s more than clapping and the word “soldi” in the song, but you need to be Italian to get the whole lyrics. Italian is such a beautiful language and Italy should continue singing in Eurovision in Italian. Vorrei scrivere questo in italiano perché ci stanno degli italiani che chiedono su che cosa si sta parlando nei commenti. Mahmood ha scritto questa canzone da solo ed è un artista rispettato in Italia dove si era nato e cresciuto da sua madre italiana, perché suo padre egiziano ha lasciato la famiglia quando lui era un bambino. L’arabo non lo parla ma era insegnato da un insegnante di arabo per la pronuncia delle parole in arabo che ci stanno in testo. Poi ci stanno tanti che dicono che lui avrebbe dovuto vincere se anche che non capiscono l’italiano, quindi io ho risposto che la lingua italiana è bellissima, e l’Italia deve continuare avere delle canzoni con la sua lingua in Eurovision. Mahmood respect però 💚🤍❤️

    Myria AnthiMyria Anthi5 napja
  • Da Grecia il vincetore!! Quanto prima volta l ho ascoltato ho dito questo e il winner!!!!

    Marinelala GiasemiMarinelala Giasemi5 napja
  • che canzone del cazzo..

    Andreas belliAndreas belli5 napja
  • Beautiful final smile after the tension of the performance.

    Christian FerraciniChristian Ferracini5 napja
  • I´m obsessed with the shirt

    Raul RojasRaul Rojas6 napja
  • his attempts to appear masculine and ghetto are hilarious...Especially when he started to show in his recent video what a queen he actually is

    Edmund ToryEdmund Tory6 napja
  • check the song: Sarantis Leave me alone

    Tropical IslandTropical Island6 napja
  • Should of won that year it was robbed 😂😂

    Niamh CondonNiamh Condon7 napja
  • Go theodora

    LoucasLoucas7 napja
  • Go italyyyyy

    LoucasLoucas7 napja
  • Great Italian singer. On the steps of Andriano Celentano.

    Konstantinos ChatzopoulosKonstantinos Chatzopoulos7 napja
  • Sprit in the Sky was so much better than this.

    s. t.s. t.7 napja
  • Netherlands deserved to win but this song had a deep meaning it wasn't some words together.

    john maroulisjohn maroulis7 napja
  • What a great performance! So bright, full of life and strength! I would like to be there and feel the energy together with the singer and viewers. Watching it in 2021 and getting more and more pleasure)))

    Валерия ТихоненкоВалерия Тихоненко7 napja
  • Привет!

    Rail IsmagilovRail Ismagilov8 napja
  • Kesinlikle 1.liği Arcade'den daha çok hakeden bir şarkıydı. 2. Manga vakası ya . Pek tabi her şeyin bir sebebi var pandemi patlak verince şimdi bu itoşşlar milleti toplardı sikendallar sikendallar aman neyse walaadii waladiii hxabipiii :/

    heliosshelioss8 napja
  • the best

    Biol VolutBiol Volut8 napja
  • Italy should have won :( This is a heart touching song.

    Beatriz PradoBeatriz Prado10 napja
  • *I edited my comment so nobody saw what I wrote before*

    Thelma Nilsson 5AThelma Nilsson 5A10 napja
  • Even tho I'm not italian, this was a clear winner, can't understand how this didn't win

    Thelma Nilsson 5AThelma Nilsson 5A10 napja
  • After 1 year I'm still wondering how Italy won't won

    jimkrsjimkrs10 napja
  • well i dont think this song should've won, cuz arcade was better 1.000x than this

    m erenm eren10 napja
    • @Lorenzo Tucano no pubblicity for that song, no official clip. Wait to see his new album and latest single “klan”, duncan is nothing compared to mahmood

    • @maatteocarta I guess Moigemood’s latest song is called Zero to reflect the success he has lately.

      Lorenzo TucanoLorenzo Tucano6 napja
    • @Lorenzo Tucano worldwide after 2 years thanks to tik tok😂

      maatteocartamaatteocarta6 napja
    • @Lorenzo Tucano yeah, I know. but I saw lots of people saying this was better

      m erenm eren10 napja
    • Well, it didn’t win and Arcade became a worldwide hit. So I guess most people agree with you.

      Lorenzo TucanoLorenzo Tucano10 napja
  • Am I the only one who always since I saw this performance thought that it sounded off somehow. Maybe the music track was a bit too silent or something? I loved this song. I even learned it all by heart even though I don't know italian language but I was a bit dissapointed by the performance so I never got why people were so crazy about it. I thought the staging lacked something and didn't captivate me as much as I wanted it to do

    Indrė DuobaitėIndrė Duobaitė10 napja
  • There is no one excuse why Italy didn’t win

    Dimitris KosmasDimitris Kosmas10 napja
  • amazing

    Lenet BintanLenet Bintan12 napja
  • My rankings 1Netherlands 2Italy 3Estonia

    UwUm3h ???UwUm3h ???12 napja
  • ❤❤❤❤🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷

    Maria KourmmmMaria Kourmmm12 napja
  • Im dutch and im happy that the netherlands won in 2019 cuz they havent won in soooo many years, but still this song is gold🛐

    m00n_øfficialm00n_øfficial12 napja
    • duncan and mahmood definitively the best of 2019 and of eurovision of all time I would say lol

      Maria FMaria F9 napja
  • Ну как же охуенен.

    Sellinda.xSellinda.x13 napja
  • In periferia fa molto caldo Mamma stai tranquilla sto arrivando Te la prenderai per un bugiardo Ti sembrava amore ma era altro Beve champagne sotto Ramadan Alla TV danno Jackie Chan Fuma narghilè mi chiede come va Mi chiede come va, come va, come va Sai già come va, come va, come va Penso più veloce per capire se domani tu mi fregherai Non ho tempo per chiarire perché solo ora so cosa sei È difficile stare al mondo quando perdi l'orgoglio Lasci casa in un giorno Tu dimmi se Pensavi solo ai soldi, soldi Come se avessi avuto soldi, soldi Dimmi se ti manco o te ne fotti, fotti Mi chiedevi come va, come va, come va Adesso come va, come va, come va Ciò che devi dire non l'hai detto Tradire è una pallottola nel petto Prendi tutta la tua carità Menti a casa ma lo sai che lo sa Su una sedia lei mi chiederà Mi chiede come va, come va, come va Sai già come va, come va, come va Penso più veloce per capire se domani tu mi fregherai Non ho tempo per chiarire perché solo ora so cosa sei È difficile stare al mondo Quando perdi l'orgoglio Ho capito in un secondo che tu da me Volevi solo soldi Come se avessi avuto soldi, soldi Prima mi parlavi fino a tardi, tardi Mi chiedevi come va, come va, come va Adesso come va, come va, come va Waladi, waladi, habibi ta'aleena Mi dicevi giocando giocando con aria fiera Waladi, waladi, habibi sembrava vera La voglia, la voglia di tornare come prima Io da te non ho voluto soldi È difficile stare al mondo Quando perdi l'orgoglio Lasci casa in un giorno Tu dimmi se Volevi solo soldi, soldi Come se avessi avuto soldi, soldi Lasci la città ma nessuno lo sa Ieri eri qua ora dove sei, papà Mi chiedi come va, come va, come va Sai già come va, come va, come va

    Александр ГолубевАлександр Голубев14 napja
  • I am indian still i like this song a lot

    Tech GamingTech Gaming14 napja
  • לייק מי שמישראל פשוט אני רואה את כל התגובות באנבלית

    avishag harelavishag harel14 napja
  • Italian culture is knowing by heart every lyric from this song without having ever read it up

    Cecilia DavanzoCecilia Davanzo15 napja
  • Can we just take a moment to see how incredible the audience was this year? I mean usually the audience is euphoric but that year it was litteraly something else, such a heart warming ambience :)

    AstroVision Song ContestAstroVision Song Contest16 napja
  • That big smile when he is finished...Love it!! Love the song as well :)

    Regina BoonRegina Boon16 napja
  • La canzone italiana più brutta che abbia mai partecipato all' eurovision. Ed è pure arrivato secondo...siamo messi male...

    Anima NeraAnima Nera16 napja
    • @Anima Nera ringrazio il cielo ogni giorno per il fatto che mahmood abbia vinto nel 2019 lui merita davvero tantissimo successo.

      Daniela CiechiDaniela Ciechi16 napja
    • @Zeus Zeus Erano altri tempi e la discografia musicale era palesemente differente rispetto a quella di oggi ma questa canzone proprio non meritava di vincere Sanremo tantomeno di arrivare seconda all' Eurovision. Parere personale. Poi però ci credo che il mercato discografico va male se danno spazio a certi soggetti...

      Anima NeraAnima Nera16 napja
    • La canzone più brutta... non sono d'accordo. Na se tu intendi "I treni di Tozeur"... ok capisco. Quella canzone era spettacolo pro ;)

      Zeus ZeusZeus Zeus16 napja
  • 0:50 giorno??

    DefNotIzzanitysDefNotIzzanitys17 napja
  • I always love how Italy always sings in Italian and not english

    Matt FloydMatt Floyd17 napja
  • Влюбилась в него

    qazashqaqazashqa18 napja
  • I love his smile!

    Wendy HWendy H18 napja
  • Bravo !

  • A gay icon xx well done

    stergiosvetstergiosvet19 napja
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍👏👏

    Соломія ГладишСоломія Гладиш20 napja

    Crhistian De la torreCrhistian De la torre21 napja
  • great song but to be honest, it is the same like accidentalis karma - it lets you down on live performance! italy definetly has best music videos but live shows do not live up to the expectations.

    Jenni SusannaJenni Susanna22 napja
    • Unfortunately, the staging is not decided by the artist, but by RAI (the Italian television broadcaster), which does not commit itself at all and does not want to spend. They practically haven't even given him the correct backing track, he's singing a cappella. It's a shame, because he is very good live. In my opinion, despite these problems, he made a good performance

      sara Flowersara Flower22 napja
  • Everyone be voting for this song without even understanding a single word

    תומר שמשתומר שמש22 napja
    • @תומר שמש yes! He won as best composer at ESC 2019. You should check the lyrics of Soldi and the other songs. He's a great song writer.

      dangi79dangi7919 napja
    • @dangi79 Wait for real?

      תומר שמשתומר שמש20 napja
    • And he won first prize for best lyrics! 😃

      dangi79dangi7921 napja
  • The fact this didn't win is a TRAVESTY. One of the most original songs in modern history.

    MM23 napja
    • totally agree👏🏼

      Maria FMaria F22 napja
  • I forgot who won

    aussie 130aussie 13024 napja
  • This song actually made me learn italian, I was literally sitting on my bed in 2019 and thought, I want to understand what he's saying, so then I started learning, and now I do understand what he's saying easily, lmao

    maambomaambo24 napja
    • 👏👏 now it's time for Måneskin

      dangi79dangi7921 napja
  • 🇦🇿🇮🇹 Perfect song😍

    kpopkpop24 napja
  • his attempts to appear masculine and ghetto are hilarious...

    Edmund ToryEdmund Tory25 napja
  • Still listening to this in 2021 and ik I'm not the only 1

    ronan martinoronan martino25 napja
  • This HAD to win. ESC robbed Mahmood. This song slaps and claps

    Eva LočmeleEva Ločmele26 napja
  • he had the worst dancers possible

    Krist DamaskosKrist Damaskos26 napja
    • that's just mean, and unnecessary, they're not bad at dancing, he should have had more, to make it look more balanced, but there is literally no reason to insult them.

      maambomaambo24 napja
  • Deep voice and gay ❤️

    Sci - C -368 nilesh sharmaSci - C -368 nilesh sharma26 napja
  • 1:51 epic moment

    BujighBujigh28 napja
  • Inyecte me este temon en las venas!

    you knowzyou knowz29 napja
  • Soldi is still hit but Arcade? Dont think so.. This fact explaind Mahmood's success. Greetings from Turkey :)

    esra durgunesra durgunHónapja
    • @Lorenzo Tucano great answer ahahah :))

      esra durgunesra durgunHónapja
    • @esra durgun iT IZ bECaUz ov tIKtOK

      Lorenzo TucanoLorenzo TucanoHónapja
    • @Lorenzo Tucano it s because they did pr in tiktok :)

      esra durgunesra durgunHónapja
    • @esra durgun Maybe Soldi is a hit in Mediterranean countries. Arcade on the other hand is a worldwide hit. Charting in Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and the United States.

      Lorenzo TucanoLorenzo TucanoHónapja
    • @Lorenzo Tucano no dude Im not trolling:) Soldi could not win Eurovision but it is still hit among mediterranean contries. Arcade is ordinary song for me but Soldi is original. Italy deserved to win :)

      esra durgunesra durgunHónapja
  • The Israeli crowd was amazing throughout the whole competition.

    Wood SettonWood SettonHónapja
  • Trash

  • I love his voice 😍

    Sofia LurieSofia LurieHónapja
  • Still a hit man

    General KenobiGeneral KenobiHónapja
  • La mejor canción !!

    andres bedoyaandres bedoyaHónapja
  • I don’t understand anything but i actually loved the song Fact that 2 year ago when i watched this thing with one of my teachers, i realy hated it but in 2 years i started liking it.

    World Map MakerWorld Map MakerHónapja
    • @Elena 98 Im turkish and i didn’t understand anything i just liked the rythem.

      World Map MakerWorld Map Maker28 napja
    • @Elena 98 thanks

      World Map MakerWorld Map Maker28 napja
    • As an Italian I can tell you that the text is very deep and is an autobiography, the text tells the story of a boy who finds himself abandoned by his father. The title "Soldi" means money and means the meanness of the father who repeatedly betrays the expectations and expectations of his son. I hope that I help you.

      Elena 98Elena 98Hónapja
  • Gagnant Mahmoud

    Marecc CeramMarecc CeramHónapja
  • I can’t believe arcade and soldi was on the same Eurovision

    נוי רובינוי רוביHónapja
  • Greetings from Greece I love Italy!!😩🙌🏽

    Jjj CozzJjj CozzHónapja
  • Asik banget lagunya woiii

    Iin AzrinIin AzrinHónapja
  • This was such a bad and unvonvincing performance, but I am not surprised. I listened to one of his interviews and he seems dumb as f*ck, even in Italian. Great talent but no brains whatsoever.

    Mariusz BarcinMariusz BarcinHónapja
    • bad thing to envy a person's success 🤣

      sara Flowersara Flower29 napja
    • Ahahah the only dumb person here is you... your opinion is completely useless and no sense, he is talented and humble and he is one of the most loved artist in Italy also for his personality . So, bye bye

  • one of the best songs one of the worst staging xD

    Michał JaskolskiMichał JaskolskiHónapja
  • The chills when literally the whole arena clapped at the same time 🥲

    Nea och NellNea och NellHónapja
  • manga birinci olmalıydı

  • Best song in 2019 for me

    Marija BabićMarija BabićHónapja
    • Jestee

      Angela HereAngela HereHónapja
  • 🇮🇹♥️

    Laia BLaia BHónapja
  • The audience clapping has YEAH YEAH YEAH FUEGO energy

    Cesar TorresCesar TorresHónapja
  • Mahmood Soldi Should have won in 2019 in Tel Aviv The best song by far 12 points from the United Kingdom 🇮🇹 🇬🇧

    Daniel YefetDaniel YefetHónapja
  • pos el bella chao es mejor

    Enrique SorianoEnrique SorianoHónapja