JúróDaði 2 - Iceland’s Daði Freyr plays Eurovision songs 🇮🇸

2021.máj. 1.
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Daði Freyr performs several legendary songs of the Eurovision Song Contest in JúróDaði. He will represent Iceland this year together with Gagnamagnið.
JúróDaði 2 - Set List:
Satellite - Lena (Germany)
Der står et billede på mit bord - Rollo & King (Denmark)
Minn Hinsti Dans - Paul Oscar (Iceland)
Qéle, qéle - Sirusho (Armenia)
In My Dreams - Wig Wam (Norway)
Save Your Kisses For Me - Brotherhood of Man (UK)
City Lights - Blanche (Belgium)
Uno - Little Big (Russia)
Dancing Lasha Tumbai - Verka Serduchka (Ukraine)
10 Years - Daði & Gagnamagnið (Iceland)
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  • Thank you for watching! These are the songs performed in the video: JúróDaði 2 - Set List: Satellite - Lena (Germany) Der står et billede på mit bord - Rollo & King (Denmark) Minn Hinsti Dans - Paul Oscar (Iceland) Qéle, qéle - Sirusho (Armenia) In My Dreams - Wig Wam (Norway) Save Your Kisses For Me - Brotherhood of Man (UK) City Lights - Blanche (Belgium) Uno - Little Big (Russia) Dancing Lasha Tumbai - Verka Serduchka (Ukraine) 10 Years - Daði & Gagnamagnið (Iceland)

    Eurovision Song ContestEurovision Song Contest13 napja
    • Fantastic, thank YOU!

      FFFLASH0FFFLASH07 napja
    • Nice

      Drawing a stickmanDrawing a stickman12 napja
    • I'd love to hear Dađi's take on "Amor Pelos Dois" by Salvador Sobral 🇮🇸🇵🇹

      David BeddardDavid Beddard13 napja
    • I really enjoyed it

      Oliver TateOliver Tate13 napja
    • Thanks for including Minn Hinsti Dans.Wonderful song!

      Emma CurranEmma Curran13 napja
  • That uno, dos, quatro was a killer!

    Mait JüriadoMait Jüriado17 órája
  • Ну наконец, он внёс ясность, что в песне Сердючки пелось ЛАША ТУМБАЙ, thank you for incredible performance!

    First LastFirst Last17 órája
  • All the hats in the world off to the fact that he is singing the danish song in actual Danish.

    HenrietteHenriette17 órája
  • I like some of the songs way better in Daðis version than in the original... He's a great musician 🤩 Greetings from the Tyrolean mountains!

    Muggi4Muggi420 órája
  • Thanks for warming my heart! Good luck for next week.

    Mike GailerMike Gailer23 órája
  • A real artist giving quality to the festival (applause)

    Rokyo ChanRokyo ChanNapja
  • Your voice is AMAZING!!

    Stefanie PlumleyStefanie PlumleyNapja
  • LOVE YOU ❤️

    Wena EmitWena Emit2 napja
  • This Dancing Lasha Tumbai version is a masterpieceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    Marta PikułaMarta Pikuła3 napja
  • Ooooh... The Sitylights were magic

    Svitlana ChubSvitlana Chub3 napja
  • 22:50 is very lit 🔥

    Hikmat MursalzadeHikmat Mursalzade4 napja
  • he deservs to win eurovision

    Beatrise KrokfordaBeatrise Krokforda4 napja
  • Absolutely in love with this version of Save Your Kisses For Me ❤️

    Justin van der VenJustin van der Ven4 napja
  • Love from Canada! We hope you win! Is there a link to vote?

    Ariel MansellAriel Mansell5 napja
  • Please do 'Congratulations' Iceland 2006 - the booing at the start of the vid shows the Eurovision world was really not ready for Silvia Night, the arrogant troller of all trolls :D She made the path for Verka Serduchka and many in the years after, an icebreaker in a stagnant competition, in a similar way like Páll Oscar did in 1997.

    Dagný ReykjalínDagný Reykjalín5 napja
  • qele qele, legendary

    annalynannalyn6 napja
  • this whole thing was just one scream after another as he kept playing great songs and making them his own. Gods i can't wait to see how well his group places.

    Para DoxPara Dox6 napja
  • Второй год кайфую от Исландии .😌❤️

    MrNerdyMrNerdy6 napja
  • good man

    la melnichenkola melnichenko6 napja
  • Wow 😍😍 love it!

    Pedro MiguelPedro Miguel6 napja
  • Just the look of his face makes me laughing & his music makes me smile even more. Thank you Iceland from da Lowlands!

    GableVisionGableVision6 napja
  • His version of Uno ....OMG! Excellent !!

    Helena olafsdottirHelena olafsdottir7 napja
  • the fowel holder in the background is hilarious

    _ metastabil_ metastabil7 napja
  • He should release an entire album with eurovision covers.

    luisa pluisa p7 napja
  • Wig Wam should have won!

    Adam TomkinsonAdam Tomkinson7 napja
  • I Place a bet on Iceland at 25/1 to win eurovision 2021. I dont think my beloved Ireland will win , Good luck

    Frank ScalesFrank Scales7 napja
  • He is sooo passionate! And every version he makes sounds absolutely awesome 😍

    Oihana GallastegiOihana Gallastegi7 napja
  • City Lights was so amazing. Goosebumps all over.

    TomTom8 napja
  • He's a great musician and so funny! 💗 😊

    Magdalena RufinMagdalena Rufin8 napja
  • Woooow! 💜

    MivichiMivichi8 napja
  • Absolute genius. Can’t wait for the Glasgow gig later in the year.

    Sarah FlanaganSarah Flanagan8 napja
  • Encore !!! BIS, BIS 😍

    goupil dubocagegoupil dubocage8 napja
  • i am here for that qele qele version! amazing!

    bαckupbαckup8 napja
  • i already see myself listening to this every morning to work

    _ metastabil_ metastabil9 napja
  • Dadi, please tour Britain. It’s what we need.

    Stephen WhiteStephen White9 napja
  • Thank you for this mini concert! All songs are Brilliant! I’m so glad he covered Qele Qele 🥳 The City Lights cover.. wow epic!

    Kathryn GrecoKathryn Greco9 napja
  • Hi Daði! :) Now that you mentioned the sweaters, when will they become available again in the webshop? :)

    74zbida74zbida10 napja
  • Uno was an awesome cover!

    thoreliathorelia10 napja
  • Daði may not be my favourite this year, but I adore what he does!

    Zanza KlausZanza Klaus10 napja
  • Микроволновка прекрасна! И парень замечательный!!

    Olga RubakhaOlga Rubakha10 napja
  • U so great! Good luck!!!!!

    Olga RubakhaOlga Rubakha10 napja
  • This talent gosh ! These versions are such gems ! 12 pts from France for sure ❤

    max Prdrmax Prdr10 napja
  • *synthpop twerking*

    Ed JonesEd Jones10 napja
  • save your kisses for me is such a good song good taste Daði good taste

    mymblemymble10 napja
  • I really love his sound and his voice. Above all he seems such a lovely human being

    chia.ra.bchia.ra.b10 napja
  • Daði thank you pure GOLD.

    Ragnar LoðbrókRagnar Loðbrók10 napja
  • 12 points from the UK

    TheFirstFalconTheFirstFalcon10 napja
  • It's magical

    Nataliya MelnichenkoNataliya Melnichenko10 napja
  • I just can’t like this enough 😭🥰

    HOlly GolightlyHOlly Golightly10 napja
  • Wow! He makes every song sound even better. Wig Wam - I love it!

    Vivienne Maria FordeVivienne Maria Forde10 napja
  • great versions of City lights & Uno!!

    lolli gflolli gf11 napja
  • Ooh so many of my faves here like Denmark 01 and Iceland 97. I'm a huge fan of this man now

    TheBirdjamTheBirdjam11 napja
  • Qele qele 😍😍😍

    Kübra Elif AydınKübra Elif Aydın11 napja
  • Love It!

    Fiona BennettFiona Bennett11 napja
  • give him the prize now. he already won

    somi somisomi somi11 napja
  • omggggg!

    somi somisomi somi11 napja
  • This man is a continental treasure

    vagifsvvagifsv11 napja
  • 1000 000 points from Sweden. Last bid.

    Hannes BüngerHannes Bünger11 napja
  • Euro-tastic! What a talent! Can't wait to see your performance in the contest! ❤️ from 🇮🇪

    Martin O'HareMartin O'Hare11 napja
  • Olehhhhh Bravoooooo grande selección ¡¡¡¡¡¡ xDDDD ¡¡¡¡¡¡

    jlbersjlbers11 napja
  • Omg.. dit is zoo cool. I love it.

    Cuci LeCuci Le11 napja
  • He did the same thing last year. This guy is my hero!

    Soul 4 SpeechSoul 4 Speech11 napja
  • Omg I love ur Qele Qele version! Love from Armenia! 🇦🇲 🇦🇲 💙

    KingKlausKingKlaus11 napja
  • Absolutly incredible version of In My Dreams!!! Thanx!

    Magnus WingeMagnus Winge11 napja
  • A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I enjoyed every bit of it. Thank you so much :0)

    HauptstadtaffeHauptstadtaffe11 napja

    Esc IbrahimEsc Ibrahim11 napja
  • He looks like the iceland funky version of the winner of Portugal in 2017, Salvador Sobral

    ElsiniElsini11 napja

    Ryan GohRyan Goh11 napja
  • i live for 19:15

    dilaradilara11 napja
  • I love his authenticity, he knows he doesn't need a huge production behind. His talent and carisma do it all. I'm a big fan!!

    Lucía MoralesLucía Morales12 napja
  • Iceland sends another Anti Semitic group to Eurovision

    heathbaumheathbaum12 napja
  • Ukraine loves you!💚

    Oleksandra UdodOleksandra Udod12 napja
  • I cannot click Like enough. Love Eurovision, Love Synths, love original reimagining of classics, love the disco light on the toilet. This needs to be an album.

    Alastair JohnsonAlastair Johnson12 napja
  • Little Big - Forever!❤❤❤❤❤

    Сергей БражниковСергей Бражников12 napja
  • I need this guy to play: Hatrid mun sigra (iceland) Fairytale (Norway) Rhythm inside (Belgium) Waterloo (Sweden)

    AngelaAngela12 napja
    • He played Hatrid mun sigra last year! Just search for JuroDadi and you will find the first part on his channel, its there.

      Herr NorbertHerr Norbert10 napja
  • This man is our new Eurovision treasure and must be protected by all costs ❤

    AkemiFlameborgAkemiFlameborg12 napja
    • Yup

      UltraHero588UltraHero5886 napja
  • i'm in love

    Tatyana TopTatyana Top12 napja
  • So fantaztic ,i love him ,so playful &fun 💞🏳️‍⚧️🌈🦄👩‍🎤

    Headstrong UnicornHeadstrong Unicorn12 napja
  • 12 points from Australia 😫💦✌️♥️

    Secretly Peter ParkerSecretly Peter Parker12 napja
  • 2:18 High definition recordings powered by Dora the Explorer and what looks like an IKEA baby high chair. 🤣

    yookoalayookoala12 napja
  • Dadi is ICONIC

    Laura CavalcantiLaura Cavalcanti12 napja
  • City Lights by Daði Freyr >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> City Lights by Blanche.

    Jack PickoJack Picko12 napja
  • I really appreciate how much content JuroDadi has put out, we've really been spoiled rotten by him over the last year and a bit! Iceland, this man is a national treasure. 😁

    Rae SRae S12 napja
  • I can't wait for the eurovision!! Hope Iceland win. Love from England 🇬🇧 you got my vote

    michelle smichelle s12 napja
  • do we just ignore that microwave (Nvm I think it’s just a small oven)

    Drawing a stickmanDrawing a stickman12 napja
  • Iceland 1997 sounding lit

    Drawing a stickmanDrawing a stickman12 napja
  • Sing JAJA DING DONG!!!

    marck1317marck131712 napja
  • now we know the real verse from "One" by Little Big was "come to Daði"

    Elena MElena M12 napja
  • я один увидел на заднем плане унитаз и душ?

    ГЕНАДЗЬ 31.12 HENADZГЕНАДЗЬ 31.12 HENADZ12 napja
  • Eurovision should honestly think about putting all these covers and alternative genre versions of Eurovision songs on an album.

    roose85723roose8572312 napja
  • Dadi don't worry there are no dislikes on this video, these are just a few likes from Australia ;)

    Alexandr TurcalencoAlexandr Turcalenco12 napja
  • Lena being a proud Mama of that song

    Gracie DancerGracie Dancer12 napja
  • Great concert!

    TLT45 LATLT45 LA12 napja
  • This is why he is my favourite artist of this years Eurovision. If it wins or not is irrelevant, we got to know him through the contest. 10 years should be top 5 though.

    Alejandro Prada LozanoAlejandro Prada Lozano12 napja
  • I’m begging him to upload these covers on Spotify

    Alva NilssonAlva Nilsson12 napja
  • Love the pan out at 2:19 with the camera on the baby high chair 😁😎💖 The singing and playing is outstanding!

    Maja WanhainenMaja Wanhainen12 napja
  • Se habla mucho de lo pequeño que es el piso de los Go_A, pero la cocina de Daði da a un baño.

    sefossimocheyennesefossimocheyenne12 napja
  • 💚❤💙💜💛

    Oumit MouminOumit Moumin12 napja
  • OMG I didn't expect Wig Wam!!!! 🤩

    Ana MGAna MG12 napja