James Newman - Acoustic Version of Embers - United Kingdom 🇬🇧 - Eurovision 2021

2021.máj. 3.
19 589 Megtekintés

James Newman will represent the United Kingdom at Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song Embers.
This is the acoustic version of his entry.
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  • Nice as this is it isn't acoustic (electric guitar and electro backing track). More like a lounge / chill version.

    Kate FoxKate Fox2 napja
  • WOW !!!!!! This is incredible!!!!! VOTE EUROPE!! This song deserves votes!! I am loving this Acoustic version SO much

    albar 05albar 054 napja
  • Why do we send boring song ever year bottom three

    Mel PerkinsMel Perkins4 napja
    • This is just an acoustic version not the proper one

      jamie holtjamie holt3 napja
  • This is the first song in years I've liked/loved straightaway. Both the main version and this. It's boppy, upbeat and I've a feeling will become an earworm. Good luck 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🤞

    Crafty InkCrafty Ink5 napja
  • Love this version, it shows off what a fantastic voice James has. This song has a strong melody, and uplifting text and its one of the best the UK has sent in years. Good luck to James.

    123billydog123billydog5 napja
  • And the award for the most underrated song this year goes to Embers🥺🇬🇧

    Laia GiménezLaia Giménez6 napja
  • Absolutely love this! Very chilled, slightly somber yet hopeful.

    Kelly ShortKelly Short7 napja
  • This version > real version

    Ekrem HızlıEkrem Hızlı7 napja
  • Loving this! I wish they would to this perfomance at the Grand Final, I like it a bit better

    BoernautBoernaut7 napja
  • He deserves at least top 10

    Net WorkerNet Worker9 napja
  • Love this!!

    TIXTIX10 napja
  • Is that Preston??

    Patrick ClarkinPatrick Clarkin10 napja
  • That is not acoustic, kerk

    Ray HarleyRay Harley10 napja
  • My top 3 right now: 1. Malta 2. Cyprus 3. UK

    Reza FachrurizalReza Fachrurizal10 napja
  • Great version. It showcased his voice

    LEI. Ale Ro NiLEI. Ale Ro Ni10 napja
  • He got a very soothing voice, good luck ❤️

    cin Oostercin Ooster10 napja
  • Class song Russia🇷🇺❤️🇬🇧

    Андрей ПутинцевАндрей Путинцев11 napja
  • James is so amazing, I really love him. :')

    Lunairetic BLunairetic B11 napja
  • Very nice

    nwgnwg11 napja
  • It will be top 10 for sure

    Anthony BarrattAnthony Barratt11 napja
  • This groe so much for me. I will definitly vote for him

    Luca MLuca M11 napja
  • I like Embers! Good Luck UK With James Newman

    Vanda ArriscadoVanda Arriscado11 napja
  • This is stunning, I hope the UK get the left hand side finish we deserve! 🙏🏼

    Con ChalmersCon Chalmers11 napja
  • I feel like the average quality is waaaay better than in previous years

    AMOvifaAMOvifa11 napja
  • you are In my top 10 this years UK great song ❤️ Soooooo underrated 🇧🇪❤️🇬🇧

    QuentingQuenting11 napja
  • I think this song is good but no one will vote for this max 20 points in televote :(

    No uNo u11 napja
  • No

    angie alkaiosangie alkaios11 napja
  • F Sharp. I make this slightly off concert pitch. I'd prefer more Chord progressions myself but good luck.

    Tony WilliamTony William11 napja
  • Good luck, this is a great song

    Edmund ToryEdmund Tory11 napja
  • As beautiful as My Last Breath

    12 Iris Su12 Iris Su11 napja
  • my winner

    Radek DRadek D11 napja
  • These were the fastest 3min47 of the day, enjoyed every second

    Lolo PinerLolo Piner11 napja
  • The comment section is as lovely as this song! Feel blessed to listen to this song while reading your words! Love you, Europe ❤

    Emma JKEmma JK11 napja
  • This version is way better, we can hear an amazing vocalist voice in this version and it doesn't sound casual at all.

    Ofir MoskovitchOfir Moskovitch11 napja
  • That is so good!!!!!! ❤️💛🇬🇧🇪🇸🇵🇸

    Hibbie AHibbie A11 napja
  • Best UK's entry in a long time. This is actually so underrated, I hope he will be in the left side of the scoreboard because THIS DESERVES IT! Good luck from Spain❤️❤️

    jooseemiijooseemii11 napja
  • Very nice, first ever NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL MUSIC - EUROVISION album been released that's party music sorted so excited woohoooo

    Sunny LeoSunny Leo11 napja
  • If this was sent from Latvia or Montenegro it would be an underdog for top 10 but because it’s UK it will come towards the bottom. Shame.

    Lee ButlerLee Butler11 napja
  • The 12 points from the netherlands go tho embers

    Mark DekkerMark Dekker12 napja
  • Wow it's very amazing great song i love this song and the best singer ever for me. Go james From United kingdom good luck too you from Germany Ukraine❤💖😘😉👊✌☺👍😀🙏👏🙌😏💝

    Karina KarinaKarina Karina12 napja
  • May means Eurovisión !

    Laura Tacuri ArqqueLaura Tacuri Arqque12 napja
  • Flop

    brandonlovesmonkeysbrandonlovesmonkeys12 napja
  • This song deserves to be Top 10 at the very least. Europe, please vote for the UK 🇬🇧🇬🇧

    Chris LordChris Lord12 napja
  • Better than the original

    Eduardo WilbornEduardo Wilborn12 napja
  • How many songs versions do you need? ESC: yes

    mplaymplay12 napja
  • Simply so wonderful❤❤❤❤

    Pia YlitaloPia Ylitalo12 napja
  • UK needs to be on the left side of the board this year.... too damn good

    Sebastian GarnettSebastian Garnett12 napja
    • I think we will just be happy with top twenty five ie not last

      hanhan10 napja
  • This version is unexpectedly good Good luck James 🇬🇧

    Grace PearsonGrace Pearson12 napja
  • I can't stop listen this So cool😃😃

    Slime LoverSlime Lover12 napja
  • Good Luck UK from 🇵🇱♥️🇬🇧

    Slime LoverSlime Lover12 napja
  • All people ever say about this song is that it’s a ‘bop’ or a ‘banger’.

    MrMakeDoMrMakeDo12 napja
    • Is this good or bad? Do you even like it?

      danieljano88danieljano8811 napja
  • UK chose a mediocre Eurovision year to send a slightly better than average song. Probably the best chance we've had in a while 🤣.

    Jon MaddisonJon Maddison12 napja
  • The UK is amazing this year they are so underrated 🇬🇧

    Rhys AddisonRhys Addison12 napja
  • I really hope the UK doesn't get gutted by televote again because 'uK iS nEvER gONnA dO wELl AnYWaY!1!'

    ESC StroopwafelESC Stroopwafel12 napja
  • This hit differently. It gives you a chance to take in the lyrics and the meaning of the song. Love it

    SimplethingsSimplethings12 napja
  • Awesome bop and feeling positive about this song.

    linda holmeslinda holmes12 napja
  • Love it!

    T P PhotographyT P Photography12 napja
  • TOP10 FOR U. K., LOVE YOU JAMES..... from Greece

    TheGoaBaseTheGoaBase12 napja
  • sentimental twerking

    Guille MorenoGuille Moreno12 napja
    • @Крошка Антошка no need to mention

      Johnny boy 21Johnny boy 2111 napja
    • @Johnny boy 21 what’s google?

      Крошка АнтошкаКрошка Антошка11 napja
    • @Крошка Антошка google will help you

      Johnny boy 21Johnny boy 2111 napja
    • What’s twearking?

      Крошка АнтошкаКрошка Антошка11 napja
  • Ahhh the acoustic version is as lovely as as the original ❤❤❤ Well done James ❤❤❤

    emmybm15emmybm1512 napja
  • Last place… as always for UK

    Крошка АнтошкаКрошка Антошка12 napja
  • slow twerking

    Robot8ARobot8A12 napja
  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • This music is so British and that’s why I’m so pleased this year that the UK is sending something with identity and class. Well done James, I’ll be rooting for you !

    ThePeaceAroundThePeaceAround12 napja
  • I'm so proud of our song this year I relly hope that that uk do not come last year we have such a good song this year I relly hope we can deliver a good performance that stands out.

    Ginger Boy danceGinger Boy dance12 napja
  • this version fits much better with james

    Alex&SonjaAlex&Sonja12 napja
  • James has such an incredible voice ❤

    Victoria BrownVictoria Brown12 napja
  • Embers has the potential to surprise on the night. Dark Horse for a top 10.

    Jack PickoJack Picko12 napja
    • @Vincent Stef yes that's what I'm saying. But a dark horse is usually above where you think they'll finish. Ergo in this case, a dark horse for the top 10.

      Jack PickoJack Picko11 napja
    • @Jack Picko not top 10💀

      Vincent StefVincent Stef12 napja
    • @Jack Picko thats what I just said. It could get 11-15 not top 1

      Vincent StefVincent Stef12 napja
    • @Vincent Stef nah 11-15 is where I think Embers will finish. If the UK are very very lucky, then they might have potential for top 10.

      Jack PickoJack Picko12 napja
    • maybe dark horse for top 15 not 10

      Vincent StefVincent Stef12 napja
  • I’d love to hear ‘United Kingdom.. 12 points’ 👏 one country! Plz!

    Aaron CardwellAaron Cardwell12 napja
    • I remember my country Greece awarding the UK 12 points in 2009. It was a rare moment.

      DimidruggDimidrugg12 napja
  • Maybe his year the uk won’t be in the bottom 5 😂

    Hannah BarleyHannah Barley12 napja
    • @Крошка Антошка no way France is fab this year

      SilverStrumerSilverStrumer12 napja
    • @Крошка Антошка OK maybe not France

      Vincent StefVincent Stef12 napja
    • It will be in the bottom 3 along with France and Spain

      Крошка АнтошкаКрошка Антошка12 napja
  • This is the best song the UK has had for years. Great hook, great vocals. But as we all know, no one votes for the UK any more.

    anthony greenanthony green12 napja
    • It's said every year but UK keeps landing somewhere in the bottom

      Mark EinsteinMark Einstein12 napja
  • Lovely song

    Emma JKEmma JK12 napja
  • Ooo when the harmony comes in!! God we deserve to be on the left hand side of the board with this, it’s SO good 😭 Best of luck to our man James!! We’ll be proud of you no matter what

    Rachel BushongRachel Bushong12 napja
  • Another way better acoustic version.

    MasaimMasaim12 napja
  • Hope the UK do really well this year! sending love from Slovenia ❤

    amyamy12 napja
  • This so so beautiful! I'm crying

    Emily PageEmily Page12 napja
  • I loooooove all the versions of this song 🔥♥️😱

    Alan TorresAlan Torres12 napja
  • Please upload the Greek acoustic version of last dance

    Hdjak StHdjak St12 napja
  • 🇬🇧

    Clas 387 ProductionsClas 387 Productions12 napja
  • good luck from Perú, this song is to all us.... we will live darknest times

    Yuri Deonel Caceres JantoYuri Deonel Caceres Janto12 napja
    • Wishing you better, healthier and happier times asap ❤

      Emma JKEmma JK11 napja
  • This is deff my favourite song from UK in YEARS --- love the bop, the feeling - everything! This is surely gonna be on radio 24/7 after eurovision

    Leo GrigoriLeo Grigori12 napja
  • Why there is a "This song is the most underrated" comment under every video?

    Barfa GgdBarfa Ggd12 napja
    • @Lunairetic B Yeah,respect to your opinion🙂

      Barfa GgdBarfa Ggd11 napja
    • @Barfa Ggd Opinions. To me 2018 was weak af, for example. A lot of fan favourites got very bad results in the final, the first semi killed a lot of amazing performers and… Well, visually, in "show" terms, it was a boring year (except for Cyprus, Italy and maybe Germany). Agree with the other two. And I would say 2015 and 2014 were strong years as well.

      Lunairetic BLunairetic B11 napja
    • @Lunairetic B Actually this year is not powerful.Most powerfull years were 2018,2016 and 2009.I think last year was better🤔

      Barfa GgdBarfa Ggd11 napja
    • I think the level this year is AMAZING, and lots of songs deserve more love.

      Lunairetic BLunairetic B11 napja
    • Because it’s obviously gonna land somewhere in the bottom . Could be the last place again

      Крошка АнтошкаКрошка Антошка12 napja
  • Italy is never present here. Hope Eurovision is not boycotting it again as it's been done since the return in 2011 😊

    Antonio NowsAntonio Nows12 napja
    • Nah, they just don't bother promoting their songs because they know they don't need to. And because they don't want to win.

      DimidruggDimidrugg12 napja

    Susi TeufelinchenSusi Teufelinchen12 napja
    • Thanks from Spain! 😊

      jooseemiijooseemii11 napja
  • This song is really underrated, but it is a big bop. Vote for this Europe. Good luck from Germany 🇩🇪♥️🇬🇧

    LovroLovro12 napja
    • Thankyou Lovro 🇬🇧❤️🇩🇪

      Hayden EllisHayden Ellis9 napja
    • @ESC Lusbula its because the UK normally don't take it serious but this year we have fingers crossed ppl vote UK.. I can't otherwise I would.. come on UK 🇬🇧 💪 we are getting better 😀 🙌

      Anthony NettletonAnthony Nettleton10 napja
    • Thank you good luck Germany from the UK

      Bethany NoonBethany Noon11 napja
    • I think UK's overrated this year. People seem to love it for no apparent reason.

      ESC LusbulaESC Lusbula11 napja
    • @Golden Salmon Reported. bye

      Emma JKEmma JK12 napja
  • I think this could be a surprise result on the night, fingers crossed 🇬🇧

    William ChappleWilliam Chapple12 napja
    • @Крошка Антошка get lost you horrible creep.

      westendpadwestendpad11 napja
    • If the staging is done right, then it might

      SilverStrumerSilverStrumer12 napja
    • @Mark Einstein I can help you understand that, and it annoys me too! So, the BBC have systematically turned the Eurovision Song Contest into a joke in the public's eyes, by having Terry Wogan and Graham Norton commentate and ridicule many of the artists and performances. This means that the average British person sees Eurovision as nothing more than a bit of fun to laugh at. This means that serious British artists, have no interest in participating. It's seen as career suicide here. So we can blame the BBC and its mismanagement of broadcasting the contest to the British people.

      Jon MaddisonJon Maddison12 napja
    • @Jon Maddison I just don't understand why the UK can't send really popular artists like Ed Sheeran or Adele or at least Robbie Williams? They would have a chance to win.

      Mark EinsteinMark Einstein12 napja
    • @Mark Einstein so basically you just don't like the British people. At least you can admit it I guess 🤦.

      Jon MaddisonJon Maddison12 napja
  • I can stop listening to the uk this year! Good luck from Slovenia 🇸🇮 ❤️🇬🇧

    Tom KlemenčičTom Klemenčič12 napja
    • Love to Slovenia! ❤❤❤

      Emma JKEmma JK11 napja
  • Good luck from Russia ❤️

    Natasha MandarinaitsmeNatasha Mandarinaitsme12 napja
    • @Emma JK thank you ❤️

      Natasha MandarinaitsmeNatasha Mandarinaitsme11 napja
    • Wishing Russia Good luck, Natasha x 🍀❤

      Emma JKEmma JK11 napja
  • Boring song for Eurovision. Yawn. Slow ballad. Basic piano part. Then annoying line “out of the embers”. What embers. What is on fire. Which people are needing to rise up. This will go nowhere.

    Lone Ranger 22Lone Ranger 2212 napja
    • @Anonymous Cheers absolute anonymous!

      Lone Ranger 22Lone Ranger 2211 napja
    • @Lloyd Earwaker Yes. I normally just watch the semifinals and main final on TV. Love watching it even though UK always gets nil points.

      Lone Ranger 22Lone Ranger 2211 napja
    • Is this your first year visiting the Eurovision HUworld channel??

      Lloyd EarwakerLloyd Earwaker11 napja
    • You absolute clown.

      AnonymousAnonymous11 napja
    • @Lone Ranger 22 it literally says acoustic version in the title... no one else is confused

      Joe SwiftJoe Swift12 napja
  • one of the best acoustic versions

    Flora KispalFlora Kispal12 napja
  • I love his voice! Last year he was my numer 3 and this year he is my numer 4. ♥️

    Alejandra AlexAlejandra Alex12 napja
  • I swear the guy playing piano is Preston from The Ordinary Boys...or am I trippin

    Robert James Harry WalpoleRobert James Harry Walpole12 napja
  • Great song 🎵 great man 👌💪

    Romchik_ESC _Romchik_ESC _12 napja
  • Who else just randomly started watching EuroVision Song and now it’s just an every day thing?

    Fun TravelFun Travel12 napja
    • I discovered this World in 2015 with Heroes

      Gaby Cid SucreGaby Cid Sucre4 napja
    • @LEI. Ale Ro Ni haha isn't it amazing that now we can bingewatch all the great finals we have missed all these years😍

      Indrani DasIndrani Das10 napja
    • I got into the fandom last year. I am Mexican. No idea that ESC existed before youtube randmonly suggested a reaction video ... Now, 100% eurofan

      LEI. Ale Ro NiLEI. Ale Ro Ni10 napja
    • Do we have something else more uniquely enjoyable to do at these difficult times? In this F Covid Situation that the world is currently facing? Let's enjoy one of the best eurovision in the last decade. "Let The Music Heal Your Soul". And may the best song will win so this eurovision will be remembered for being one of the top of the top and not a shamevision (if a gimic will win and not a song).

      Ofir MoskovitchOfir Moskovitch11 napja
    • Heard Netta and never looked back

      Lion's DenLion's Den11 napja
  • It's not in my top 10, however in my opinion this is the best entry from the UK in a long time!

    L. JayL. Jay12 napja
    • James Newman and his up-tempo song could surprise lots of people, especially if the staging makes audience and viewers move and dance. Time to party !

      D MD M12 napja
    • @D M Personally, I'm not a big fan of both these entries. But that's just my own preference.

      L. JayL. Jay12 napja
    • @L. Jay What about "I can" by Blue in 2011. The boys band ranked 11th. And 2 years before, Jade Ewen reached the 5th place with "It's my time", written by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

      D MD M12 napja
    • @D M I watched since I was born but my ESC memories begin in 2010, so yeah, I'd say it's the best entry the last 11 years, maybe with one exception in 2017. Last years song was good too, but this one still tops it

      L. JayL. Jay12 napja
    • In a long time ? How many years precisely ? 5 ? 10 ? More ?

      D MD M12 napja
  • Good joob from Barcelona 😍🥰

    ricard aguilar soléricard aguilar solé12 napja
  • ❤️🐻💖🐼❤💕🐻🐻💞🐼🐼🎶

    D MD M12 napja
  • This one and Ireland are the dark horses of this year💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

    Bear FluffyBear Fluffy12 napja
    • @Mark Einstein I don't care about homophobic guy like you 👎🤢

      D MD M12 napja
    • Sure, the dark horses in the dark bottom of the final scoreboard.

      Mark EinsteinMark Einstein12 napja
    • I love both but it's hard to sing to Lesley and due to this fact she is lower than before on my top 10

      Alejandra AlexAlejandra Alex12 napja
    • Ireland much more than UK

      D MD M12 napja
  • Eurovision, pls uploaded Greece version

    Warum sollte ich es sagenWarum sollte ich es sagen12 napja
    • Ask ERT first, the greek national broadcaster !

      D MD M12 napja
  • May UK 🇬🇧 be in left side of scoreboard for once because this is a great bop.

    Gw112Gw11212 napja
    • @Крошка Антошка hope not I love this and I am in the UK and we really don't deserve to be bottom all the time

      Anthony NettletonAnthony Nettleton10 napja
    • @petar UK will land somewhere in the bottom, as usual

      Крошка АнтошкаКрошка Антошка11 napja
    • lol this is clearly 20th+ place

      petarpetar12 napja
    • No it’s not 😂

      James RiceJames Rice12 napja
    • He is a great artist but the chorus is a bit basic and generic. I'd never thought that I'd come to feel sorry for the UK given that in the 80s - 90s they used to get tens of "like" points for absolutely free...

      irondasgrirondasgr12 napja