James Newman - Embers - United Kingdom 🇬🇧 - Official Music Video - Eurovision 2021

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James Newman will represent the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song Embers.
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  • Read more about James Newman here: eurovision.tv/story/james-newman-embers

    Eurovision Song ContestEurovision Song ContestHónapja
    • @Peter Holgate What do you mean??

      Ann-Christine NilssonAnn-Christine Nilsson23 napja
    • @Ann-Christine Nilsson what like Euphoria?

      Peter HolgatePeter Holgate23 napja
    • If this came from Sweden everyone would say it´s "generic plastic pop".

      Ann-Christine NilssonAnn-Christine Nilsson24 napja
    • I love the song of U. K. This year and I will vote for it, I hope everybody will vote for it and not forget it. 🇬🇷 🇬🇧

      TheGoaBaseTheGoaBase29 napja
    • Honestly it's a great song but the Europe hates Britain so we all know we're not gonna get many point but this is the direction we should have been going years ago well done James can sence your UK number 1 single is on the cards and my predicted winner this year is Norway congrats to keiino absolute banger 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🇬🇧🇳🇴

      Louise HarperLouise Harper29 napja
  • Can’t wait for Scotland to gain independence and give us a Red Hot Chilli Piper’s Braveheart song

    Niamh P14Niamh P14Órája
  • They better have a fire dance routine from backup dancers during the beat drop when they perform this live. With lights and confetti! 💖💖💖

    Katie ThorleyKatie ThorleyÓrája
  • His 2020 entry was better.

    IK0786xIK0786x4 órája
  • A real feel-good song. Hoping they make the best of staging and that they highlight the parts played by the trumpets. That would make the song really stand out.

    Sylvie KSylvie K4 órája
  • Me encanta 🇪🇦

    Paula HerreroPaula Herrero5 órája
  • He's the cutest!

    Matthew WattsMatthew Watts5 órája
  • what have they created this time remove this from existence

    FishbowlFishbowl7 órája
  • Good luck with❤ from Greece🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷

    Xrusobalanths KarampimperhsXrusobalanths Karampimperhs8 órája
  • Such a fun, I love it 🤩🥳 I would like it to win instead of boring Switzerland's song. 12 points from Poland!

    Ewa KrawczykEwa Krawczyk8 órája
  • Honestly I like this song, it makes me smile. Idk why so many people don't like it..

    The Last NightmareThe Last Nightmare20 órája
  • you guys from different countries saying ''12 points for Uk'' but we wont get any ahaha

    taytay21 órája
  • HELLO ENGLISH FRIENDS Don't forget to vote for us Greece Stefania - LAST DANCE vote 4 we will do the same for the final

    Silvia RodriskaSilvia Rodriska23 órája
  • I can't believe UK tried for once

  • Should have just sent shy fx at least we'd have a certified bop.

    oliver gilleoliver gilleNapja
  • Better than usual UK entries good luck James.

    Celil Batu SöylemezCelil Batu SöylemezNapja
  • Тамби это ты?)))

    Антон БуткоАнтон БуткоNapja
  • Song: there's a fire burning for you Me: confused screaming

    Glen JonesGlen Jones2 napja
  • Nice song. Very catchy. But... what's with the shots of the couple tongueing?

    Will Adam MusicWill Adam Music2 napja
  • I think people love saying something negative about this song JUST because its the UK , if it was Sweden people would be going on and on about how amazing it is and that it will be top 10 easy! its a bop .. FACT!

    albar 05albar 052 napja
    • For sure, another factor has to be included here, people don't tend to vote for the UK. That is a given fact. So unless this song gets a lot of jury votes and a descent run with voters it will not score. However this year, I think it will do extreme well. I think it will be runner up. Azerbaijan winning and Cyprus third.

      D GrayD GrayNapja
  • This would never get to the finals.. oh wait...

    Blaško the FatalistBlaško the Fatalist2 napja
    • Yeah because the other songs are all major classics lol

      Peter HolgatePeter HolgateNapja
  • With good staging( never the case with the UK) this could give the best place for the UK in the last 20 years

    JeanJean2 napja
    • Uk came 5th in 2009. Im not sure it will do that well.

      Archie LangleyArchie LangleyNapja
  • Cant stop listening to this..underrated just because it is UK

    Mariusz BarcinMariusz Barcin2 napja
  • Proper FIFA 12-14 vibes

    Natural HazardNatural Hazard2 napja
  • You guys remember 2019 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 3 votes

    Jordan BpJordan Bp3 napja
    • yes but this is many leagues above our 2019 entry, this at least sounds like its in the 21st century

  • Damnnnn a voice boy... Kisses from Bulgaria 😘😘😘❤️🌹❤️

    Eleonora IlievaEleonora Ilieva3 napja
  • This song gonna rock eurovision 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 gonna be top 10

    Anthony BarrattAnthony Barratt3 napja

    EmeraldDemaruEmeraldDemaru3 napja
  • okay this song is fun! goodluck united kingdom 🇬🇧!! love from poland 🇵🇱🥰

    MachGodMachGod3 napja
  • Wow UK brought it this year

    Lea ChristineLea Christine3 napja
  • This is the best song entry by the UK for many years but it won't win because of the BREXIT issues. The Germans will give it Nil Points, you wait and see...

    Soccer NewAPSLSoccer NewAPSL3 napja
    • @Tjcat Cat ah, think I misunderstood who your comment was aimed at 😂 sorry about that!

      KBKB2 napja
    • @KB I don’t understand why you have linked my comment to the erosion of the welsh language. I have welsh grandparents and would love the welsh language to be present at Eurovision. I remember Eurovision of the old days when all songs were sang in different languages and I loved it. What I said about embarrassment is a feeling lots of people say which is we won’t win because of brexit.

      Tjcat CatTjcat Cat2 napja
    • @Tjcat Cat I'm Welsh. The erosion of our language and culture as a result of England's dominance and intervention isn't subtle. Sorry if you find it embarrassing, and sure, maybe it seems dramatic, but I just find Wales being overlooked symptomatic of English dominance over the union itself.

      KBKB2 napja
    • I’m from the uk, your comments are embarrassing. Stop it

      Tjcat CatTjcat Cat2 napja
    • @Ambam Ah, that's fine, no worries!! :)

      KBKB2 napja
  • the worst of the worst.

    Mateusz XMateusz X3 napja
  • This sounds exactly like Calvin Harris feat. "__any non-EDM singer's name here__" from 2012. And it's not positive feedback in 2021.

    silver madisonsilver madison3 napja
    • @Peter Holgate Yeah look at entries like the balkan countries. Or Island yikes! Like stepping in a time machine and dropping back 2 decades or even 5!

      D GrayD GrayNapja
    • because all the other entries are fresh and new right hahaha

      Peter HolgatePeter HolgateNapja
  • He is like a teddybär 🤭🤭👍

    W. SW. S3 napja
  • Seems like British hipsters love American cars!

    Ionko GueorguievIonko Gueorguiev3 napja
  • Крутая песня, ребята! Привет из России :)

    KseniaKsenia3 napja
  • Good (definitely better than past years) but it reminds me something I've already heard. Unfortunately it seems like the usual song worked out beforehand to be catchy that I expect to find in commercial pop rankings for a while. In other words: ok to be listened at the radio absent-mindedly while driving. For this reason I expect an average score, I'd say around 15/20th place.

    AmbamAmbam4 napja
    • Because the guy actually has a true English accent rather than some botched East European desperate attempt at English which then makes it sound "hip"?

      D GrayD GrayNapja
  • 12 points from sweden go to uk

  • Listen, this is MUCH better than what uk sent us last year but its not that good as for a top 10-15. I mean its different for uk and i hope they continue but overall the song is overrated and its just a club banger. Believe me i would listen it to my car for sure but i feel like eurovision is NOT the place ( my opinion )

    ACGACG4 napja
  • ngl im kinda proud of my country for this- like normally the UK songs are cheesy, unhearable flat songs but this isnt bad! We have a chance :)

    Isla DoranIsla Doran4 napja
  • Had to Google the meaning of "embers" - one never stops learning even though we all more or less know English language 😉 nice entry btw 👍

    Aurelija RosenzweigAurelija Rosenzweig4 napja
  • 12 poins from Israel.... I mean Palestina go to UK

    • I'm Jewish myself but c'mon. Though I'd love to see Palestine enter the contest and perhaps win some day? Can host it in Gaza then? Would be cool.

      D GrayD GrayNapja
  • Summer song🏜 good luck uk

    Jose GarciaJose Garcia4 napja
  • I really like!

    Vanda ArriscadoVanda Arriscado4 napja
  • He looks more like a niteclub bouncer than a performer. Bottom half again.

    Dyn y JawaDyn y Jawa4 napja
    • @D Gray that would be our 16th 2nd place finishing

      Super CatmanSuper Catman3 napja
    • Top3 this year. Watch my words! 1-Azerbaijan 2-UK 3-Cyprus 4... 5-Israel 4 I think Italy but could be Malta as well. Just a guess

      D GrayD Gray4 napja
  • I need 2 hour version of this.anyone?

    JeanJean4 napja
  • It’s not beating Iceland 🇮🇸and that’s coming from an English lad

    Bradley BraganBradley Bragan4 napja
  • Very nice 👍🔊🔊🔊

    Greta KlimonieneGreta Klimoniene4 napja
  • Omg UK, you suprised to all us. I cant stop the listening

    Aysel DemirelAysel Demirel5 napja
  • About time we had a decent song to compete with!!

    Jamie WrigglesworthJamie Wrigglesworth5 napja
  • Previous songs I've been like 🙈 this year's one I'm now like 🇬🇧💃💃💃

    Leanne WightmanLeanne Wightman5 napja
  • absolutely LOVE it. Makes me smile

    Lorna FrazerLorna Frazer5 napja
  • - Mom, can we just have John Newman? - We already have John Newman at home John Newman at home:

    izhar venturaizhar ventura5 napja
  • This sounds like any other generic song I would hear by turning on the radio. Nice voice, but it doesn't feel 'unique' for Eurovision 🤍

    Some ViewerSome Viewer5 napja
  • This screams G•A•Y

    rustyispunkrustyispunk5 napja
  • I really like this!!

    Melody GelmersMelody Gelmers6 napja
  • Light up the rooms, and then Rotterdam😍 good luck UK 🇹🇷🇬🇧

    Ömer Faruk YeşildağÖmer Faruk Yeşildağ6 napja
  • John Newman 's brother . Listen to his vibes .

    Célia DiasCélia Dias6 napja

    MillieMillie6 napja
  • Uk sends positive vibes to Rotterdam! 🥳🇬🇧🥳🇬🇧🥳🇬🇧 ... 💃🏻🕺🏼💃🏻🕺🏼💃🏻🕺🏼

    YONASYONAS6 napja
  • It’s an ok song but is still weak. James had a great voice but he has no charisma as a performer which will let this down. Only saving grace this year so that 90% of the entries are weak so will be interesting to see where it places but I’m guessing 18-25th range.

    R MR M6 napja
  • I'd love for the UK to come good but I doubt this will finish higher then 20th. Yet again.

    alsunpilsutalsunpilsut6 napja
  • Underrated

    OLLIRUM 33OLLIRUM 336 napja
  • Catchy AF ... and a great pop song to lift our spirits during this horrid covid Nonsense! what is not to LOVE about this song!!! Top 10 FOR SURE! ... well done UK !

    albar 05albar 056 napja
    • @Diverre yeah true

      JDGamePlaysJDGamePlays2 napja
    • There’s no way this makes it to the top 10 but it is a glow up compared to previous years 👌🏻

      DiverreDiverre2 napja
    • NAH

      JDGamePlaysJDGamePlays5 napja
  • Good luck UK from Russia 💖😍😍😍 I LOVE THIS SONG 💖

    A PA P6 napja
  • LYRICS: Sometimes I know my fire burns low But as long as you're with me I'll never get cold 'Til day and night, 'til darkness and light I never worry when you're by my side Oh, feelings change and seasons fade But nothing will burn us out Nothing can stop us now Out of the embers You and I are gonna light up the room (Yeah, you and I gonna light up the room) Out of the embers There's a fire burning for you (Yeah, there's a fire burning for you) I feel the heat here There's still a chance for us Down herе in the ashes, yeah, thеre's something growing Out of the embers You and I are gonna light up the room (Yeah, you and I gonna light) Light up the room Light up the room You and me forever, we're free We're cool under pressure, and that's all we need So take my hand, and forget the past We're in this together, there's no looking back Oh, feelings change and seasons fade But nothing will burn us out Nothing can stop us now Out of the embers You and I are gonna light up the room (Yeah, you and I gonna light up the room) Out of the embers There's a fire burning for you (Yeah, there's a fire burning for you) I feel the heat here There's still a chance for us Down here in the ashes, yeah, there's something growing Out of the embers You and I are gonna light up the room (Yeah, you and I gonna light) Light up the room Out of the embers You and I are gonna light up the room (Yeah, you and I gonna light up the room) Out of the embers You and I are gonna light up the room (Yeah, you and I gonna light up the room) Light up the room Light up the room

    S DS D6 napja
  • It's a Decent Song, I don't see how it stands out this year.

    Ofir MoskovitchOfir Moskovitch6 napja
  • no wonder why I feel like he is so familiar, he is the big bro of John Newman lollllllllllll

    Ethan BuiEthan Bui6 napja
  • No. Sorry just no.

    P TP T6 napja
  • İf you want to listen to the real Eurovision song Azerbaijan 2021 MATA HARİ 🇦🇿❤

    Terlan HuseynovTerlan Huseynov7 napja
  • so far this is the best song I've heard this year at Eurovision. 🇷🇺❤️🇬🇧

    Vlad DominoVlad Domino7 napja
  • This is actually pretty catchy😂

    ItsbigbunnyItsbigbunny7 napja
  • Thing with eurovision is, UK get told they don;t take it serious, when we do, its then slated. Imagine if we sent a girl clucking like a chicken, (Netta), would we have won?? Or would we have been not taking it serious?

    Peter HolgatePeter Holgate7 napja
  • Big my land go uk

    jed lovedayjed loveday7 napja
  • Did Rudimental produce this song?? digging it

    beach182beach1827 napja
  • At last... a winner

    Brian KeoghBrian Keogh7 napja
  • the brits must be thankful to norway for not choosing 'let loose'

    UchitoUchito7 napja
  • I seriously think that the UK should quit participating at ESC out of protest. It seems that no matter how good a song is, the audience does not want to vote for a BIG 5 country, especially for the UK. I am not saying that the UK has always sent the best songs but there were some bangers. For example, I really liked Surrie and we saw how she ended (she even got attacked on the stage lol)

    JeanJean7 napja
    • Problem is the big 5 status also takes the focus off the songs in question. Many dedicated Eurovision fans actually watch songs prior to the event itself. And with nothing at stake for the big 5 they are relegated to the "oh yeah those songs" list. People are more eager to focus on songs that have something on the line. This is also why the host country usually doesn't do well at all during the event. Look at Israel in 2019 or Portugal 2018. They usually finish dead last. Countries like Azerbaijan Cyprus Malta Israel and to some degree Sweden are way ahead already, while the songs sent by the UK and for instance Italy aren't bad at all. But the lack of coverage simply hurts the entry. The only one able to break that wall was Germany in 2010.

      D GrayD GrayNapja
    • That’s just the silly “toys out the pram” attitude the rest of Europe probably expects from the uk. I’m from the uk and we absolutely have sent songs that don’t deserve top ten in the past 20 + years. Yes Surie is a great girl and singer but the song was frustratingly uninspiring. And given that usually over 40 countries enter each year why should we believe we have to win all the time, law of averages states one win every 40 years, some countries have never won. Yes I am utterly frustrated we don’t send better songs but withdrawing would only hurt ourselves, no one else would care

      Tjcat CatTjcat Cat2 napja
    • Nah the songs you send are just weak. This one is catchy and will most likely do better than your previous entries, but it won’t make the top 10 and it won’t have anything to do with the UK being part of the Big 5. France is #2 in the odds, Italy is close as well so 2 out of 5 of them are at the top. Germany, Spain, and the UK’s songs aren’t good so it just makes sense

      DiverreDiverre2 napja
    • I agree

      Mervyn DonnellMervyn Donnell7 napja
  • Holy mother of god this is a banger!!! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 come on UK!!!

    The BlakenatorPlaysThe BlakenatorPlays7 napja
  • Lol only 900 000 views

    Mariusz BarcinMariusz Barcin7 napja
  • Love this

    JeanJean7 napja
  • Im voting four the uk

    gamer girlgamer girl8 napja
  • Guys, come on... no.

    FrancescaFrancesca8 napja
  • Clean Bandit behind it ? Success, Peter from the Netherlands.

    Peter van LoefPeter van Loef8 napja
  • Great song😊 Greetings from Poland!🇵🇱🇬🇧

    MaatMaat8 napja
  • My personal 12 points are for the UK.

    AlexisDePologneAlexisDePologne8 napja
  • As usual bottom of the barrel

    • unless you have a crystal ball , why so negative!

      albar 05albar 058 napja
  • This one goes straight to my playlist!!! So nice for the club, the beach or a road trip but i don’t know if it’s Eurovision material. Good luck and greetings from México 🇲🇽

    Fabian Mar SoFabian Mar So8 napja
  • I love this song in my opinion this song is so cool and dance song . I think stage will amazing 😌 good luck from Azerbaijan 6 points go to UK

    ESC AzerbaijanESC Azerbaijan8 napja
  • Good song, this song deserve to be in left side of the scoreboard.

    ViggzplashfilmsViggzplashfilms8 napja

    mary deppmary depp8 napja
  • 12 points from Latvia 🇱🇻😍

    E BundzenieksE Bundzenieks8 napja
  • I quite like this! It's a lot better then what we have had in some years!

    Jennifer BloomfieldJennifer Bloomfield8 napja
  • Tune.

    abnormallyfunnyabnormallyfunny9 napja
  • Much love from Israel

    Valenter AtsValenter Ats9 napja
  • This is actually really good! Bravo UK!

    Andreas StratigopoulosAndreas Stratigopoulos9 napja
  • Save Winner 2021

    Kira ErasmusKira Erasmus9 napja
  • 12 points from France to United Kingdom

    Benjamin BlackburnBenjamin Blackburn9 napja
  • This song will be the perfect show opener for the grand final

    HafizhWKHafizhWK9 napja
  • A.K.A. Firestarter 2021

    Peter LarkinPeter Larkin9 napja