Molly Sandén - "I would name my dog Húsavík" - Rapid Fire Questions

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Get to know if Molly Sandén prefers Benjamin Ingrosso's or Eric Saade's Eurovision Entry. Does she rather eat Breakfast for Dinner or Dinner for Breakfast? Can you guess if she rather make a duet with Duncan Laurence or join in as a band member in Lordi?
These are some of the Rapid Fire Questions that we have asked the Oscar nominated artist Molly Sandén. She is the singing voice behind the character Sigrit in the Netflix movie Eurovision Song Contest: The Story Of Fire Saga and the song 'Húsavík' from the movie has been nominated in the 93rd Academy Awards.
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  • I think hard Molly Sandén should have been included as Golden invited Artist at The Grand Final of Eurovision as some Winners interval act this year or the last winner of JESC!!! Every year Eurovision isn't linked and shortlisted to Oscars!!!

    Aitor Robles MorillasAitor Robles Morillas14 napja
  • If husavik was really presenting Sweden this year - it's a top 3 song for sure.

    Ofir MoskovitchOfir Moskovitch14 napja
  • Cyprus 2012 in the background... Taste!

    Thijn TruijenThijn Truijen15 napja
  • Is icredible how fast she grown to be an ICON, love her :D

    Adriano FAdriano F16 napja
  • She looks like ninni lumi

    Seguimos GrabandoSeguimos Grabando16 napja
  • Molly's full name: Molly My Marianne Sandén

    Alf CalzonAlf Calzon17 napja
  • LET HER PERFORM AS AN INTERVAL ACT. 🙏 That would be a good justice for not winning the Oscars.

    dzeno rzvdzeno rzv18 napja
  • We *need* Molly performing. Please make it happen ESC.

    JaydJayd19 napja
  • Twerking with oscar

    KirilKiril19 napja
  • I think Eurovision should invite she to sing Husavik🎶 at this year's eurovision grand final 22 of May!!! She deserves it ✨💘

    real_neco RFreal_neco RF19 napja
  • Ich hoffe das wird ein derbe nicer ESC! ❤️🌈

    Black Star ASMRBlack Star ASMR19 napja
  • She looks like Greta Tunberg

    BAKU EscBAKU Esc19 napja
  • 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸

    Teo DahlqvistTeo Dahlqvist19 napja
  • Manga nasıl kazanamadı ya

    MARULMARUL20 napja
  • Omg, LOVE THIS! ❤️❤️❤️

    Mathilda BacklundMathilda Backlund20 napja
  • So give her what she wants @Eurovision! We would like to see her performing "Husavik" at Eurovision! YES!

    EUROEURO20 napja
  • Eric is her ex though LOL

    Habibi TVHabibi TV20 napja
  • I will call my cat Molly

  • Don't do that to your dog. 🙄🐶🐶🐶

    Carlos BarataCarlos Barata20 napja
  • ‏I am a cartoon filmmaker and I made a movie for the peaky Blinder gang on my account

    زيزو تونز zizotoonsزيزو تونز zizotoons20 napja
  • What if Sweden rejoined Junior ESC

    litsave selitsave se20 napja
    • @Denis Oh, thank you for saying that - i am swede myself so i should know but thank you!

      litsave selitsave se19 napja
    • SVT isn¨t interested in it any-more. They said that while it was still a children's show they liked it. But now it's more a case of children and teens acting like adults, it's not a concept they like any more.

      DenisDenis19 napja
  • Interesanti interesanti

    Ivars MatisonsIvars Matisons20 napja
  • Songs in background: La la love (cyprus 2012) dance you off (sweden 2018)

    Roosa SnkegiRoosa Snkegi20 napja
  • I don’t know who needs to hear this right now, but don’t give up.🤞 Stay Positive and Be Strong.

    MywalkMywalk20 napja
  • Since she is in Iceland... She can ask Dadi to sing Double trouble with her or Volcano man and Jaja Dingdong.

    Etiti YuloloEtiti Yulolo20 napja
    • OH that would have been awesome

      TFam AdventuresTFam Adventures18 napja
    • @Isabelle Do it! There's also a cover of Volcano Man from the artists that made a cameo in the movie on the Netflix channel too.

      roose85723roose8572319 napja
    • @roose85723 well now i need to check this out 😂

      IsabelleIsabelle19 napja
    • Lol Dadi does have covers of Volcano Man and Jaja Dingdong

      roose85723roose8572319 napja
    • I actually want this now

      IsabelleIsabelle20 napja
  • I never watched this movie, although I took part to it, and I really don't care about the hype of this song. I heard it once, it was good but nothing special too. Why not uploading videos about contestants that are obviously ignored by your channel ?

    D MD M20 napja
    • @D M That's correct. Still Oscar nominated tho.

      roose85723roose8572319 napja
    • @roose85723 Husavik didn't win.

      D MD M19 napja
    • It's because the Oscar Awards is tonight and it was nominated for Best Original Song! Something Eurovision related could potentially win a film award in the US. That's unique and should be celebrated! IMO, it's a fantastic song.

      roose85723roose8572319 napja
  • Love from AZERBAİJAN 🇦🇿❤️

    Elnur İsayevElnur İsayev20 napja
  • Ok stop giving this attention and focus on this years contestants.

    SekretSekret20 napja
  • A duet with Duncan Lawrence would be so awesome Molly at the ESC in Rotterdam were Duncan will be performing. Lots of love, Joanne from Holland.🥰

    Joanne Geurtz-SayersJoanne Geurtz-Sayers20 napja
    • YES that would be amazing

      Moonlight PapasMoonlight Papas19 napja
  • She should be in eurovision

    Hellp me rech 1000 subbs witout any VideoosHellp me rech 1000 subbs witout any Videoos20 napja
  • Molly Sanden for ESC 2022!

    Griffinclaw nGriffinclaw n20 napja
    • 2021!!! 🔥🔥🔥

      Mathilda BacklundMathilda Backlund20 napja
    • YES!

      ESC QuicxerESC Quicxer20 napja
  • She deserve a win in jesc 2006

    Mateusz GołębiowskiMateusz Gołębiowski20 napja
  • True winner in jesc 2006

    Mateusz GołębiowskiMateusz Gołębiowski20 napja
  • Queen

    Mateusz GołębiowskiMateusz Gołębiowski20 napja
  • The fact that she used to date Eric ahahah oopsie

    Mel TMel T20 napja
    • They're all in on it 😂

      Oihana GallastegiOihana Gallastegi7 napja
    • @Denis Plus, Molly was Benjamin’s first crush 😂

      Mathilda BacklundMathilda Backlund19 napja
    • She has also been friends with Benjamin since childhood. So whoever came up with the question knew what they were doing..

      DenisDenis19 napja
    • And Danny! 😂

      Mathilda BacklundMathilda Backlund20 napja
    • Whoever made that question knew what they were doingXD

      PlatinumKaizerPlatinumKaizer20 napja
  • Molly Sanden for ESC 2022?!

    Samy ESCSamy ESC20 napja
    • @Krystian Jarocki Flo Rida is performing though? Big stars have participated in the past for various countries

      drilldrill19 napja
    • @Mario Mohamed Adan Probably not, I say she is too of a big star to perform as an entry because of the film and because she may win an Oscar also. But it would be cool. Probably an interval act I say she is going to do not this year probably but maybe next year.

      Krystian JarockiKrystian Jarocki20 napja
    • yes

      Mario Mohamed AdanMario Mohamed Adan20 napja
  • realy? dance you off over popular pffh

    ESC IvetaESC Iveta20 napja
    • @ESC Iveta so lie I said a children's song:)

      DenisDenis19 napja
    • @Denis i am 19 years old but i love it becuase i was young when i was listening to the popular now it backs me in my childhood and becuase i love that song

      ESC IvetaESC Iveta19 napja
    • Popular is a children's song. It's good if you're like 15 years old..

      DenisDenis19 napja
    • @Amanda Okay, got it. That was fierce from the interviewer. She deserved a joker.

      D MD M19 napja
    • I think she's a bit biased there tbh. Eric's her ex and she's really close with Benjamin

      AmandaAmanda19 napja
  • I'm hearing La la love 🇨🇾❤️❤️

    Noop noopNoop noop20 napja
    • Iconic Ivri Adamou 🙌❤️😍💖

      D MD M20 napja
  • 🇷🇸

    Nina RisticNina Ristic20 napja
  • Wow, 1 minute ago 😻

    Сторожук ЯрославаСторожук Ярослава20 napja
  • Me an Icelander watching this

    Jón HelgaJón Helga20 napja
  • Hi

    alexismartdotalexismartdot20 napja
  • They should get her to perfom as interval act 🥰😭

    Rossi ESCRossi ESC20 napja
    • That would be amazing 😍😱😭

      Larry JLarry J12 napja
    • There's still one interval act to be dropped

      RubiiRubii18 napja
    • @The Kat Yeah, I was thinking that was a way around it. Husavik deserves more exposure and I would love to see it performed again but I doubt it will be at ESC this year.

      David IsraelDavid Israel19 napja
    • @David Israel She could perform once the voting is closed :)

      The KatThe Kat19 napja
    • The only thing is it may sway votes towards Iceland for the real thing but I'd love to see it.

      David IsraelDavid Israel20 napja
  • good...

    Tymur TymurTymur Tymur20 napja
  • Hello from AZERBAIJAN❤️🇦🇿

    S VS V20 napja
    • @Sean Keeney Love Ireland❤️

      S VS V20 napja
    • Hello from Ireland

      Sean KeeneySean Keeney20 napja
    • @Griffinclaw n Thanks ❤️😊

      Elsay TourchianElsay Tourchian20 napja
    • @Elsay Tourchian Not at all friend❤️😁

      S VS V20 napja
    • @S V Thanks ❤️😊

      Elsay TourchianElsay Tourchian20 napja
  • queen

    ESC IvetaESC Iveta20 napja
  • First

    Piotr RychłyPiotr Rychły20 napja
  • 3rd

    LegoproductionsLegoproductions20 napja
  • first....... 1 second ago

    beyza karakuzubeyza karakuzu20 napja
  • hi

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