Music First with Ana Soklič from Slovenia - Eurovision Song Contest 2021

2021.máj. 1.
25 231 Megtekintés

Music First, always! These three words from Duncan Laurence's victory speech at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 inspired us to start a new series about music. In this episode, Ana Soklič from Slovenia tells us all about her song Amen.
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  • This song made me tear up each time I watched it.

    M WM W6 napja
  • the bookies are all betting on typical repetitive euro-pop songs and schlager music, yet Slovenia has won the audience's hearts and will qualify 100%

    Nathalie BazingaNathalie Bazinga6 napja
  • I close my eyes and hear her sing, I thought I was listening to a black woman. She's clearly inspired by soul and gospel.

    deandrake 27deandrake 277 napja
  • Outstanding beautifully and powerful. Thank you for that song.

    KarisKaris7 napja
  • I will vote for you, Ana. The song is amazing and your voice is powerful. Good luck from Sweden 🇸🇪

    Nina StarkNina Stark7 napja
  • 👍 👍 👍

    Winchester 333Winchester 3338 napja
  • Everyone’s sleeping on this 😔❤️

    EscArmoGirlEscArmoGirl9 napja
  • I hope for you that the background chorus singers will be on the stage aswell. And smile!

    Andy TreichlerAndy Treichler10 napja
  • With Ana, you can be sure it's really music first. Podrška iz Hrvatske! 🇭🇷❤️🇸🇮

    MatheologiaMatheologia10 napja
  • She definitely deserves to be in the grand final 😍

    nickytje deleunickytje deleu10 napja
  • Best song this year imo

    X ibirX ibir10 napja
  • Her grandmother passed away recently

    ZagradišekZagradišek11 napja
  • 👹👹👹💗💗💗🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮

    666 AMENS666 AMENS11 napja
  • 🇬🇷❤🇸🇮

    ff4tff4t11 napja
  • 👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹 E V I L 👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹

    666 AMENS666 AMENS12 napja
  • I don’t get why some people get upset for the song being inspired by her religion. If we embrace and celebrate people of different skin color or sexuality, I expect everyone to do the same for people of different faiths

    Boštjan MirtičBoštjan Mirtič12 napja
  • Religion is 👹DEVIL'S WORK!

    666 AMENS666 AMENS13 napja
    • @Špela Žumer Why not? I have full right as Slovenian to share my thoughts. Do you reckon this song is the best Slovenia can produce? Do you think that the way this song was selected to represent Slovenia at the ESC was fair to the other applicants? I do not. I will do whatever I think is right and say whatever I want! Sorry.

      666 AMENS666 AMENS9 napja
    • @666 AMENS if u don’t like her song than why do u keep coming back to it?

      Špela ŽumerŠpela Žumer9 napja
    • @Špela Žumer What about you?

      666 AMENS666 AMENS12 napja
    • @666 AMENS u are literally commenting nonstop on her

      Špela ŽumerŠpela Žumer12 napja
    • @Špela Žumer You are possessed. 👹👹👹👹

      666 AMENS666 AMENS12 napja
  • Is she 37 years old?

    Noop noopNoop noop13 napja
  • the 6 points from the netherlands go tho amen

    Mark DekkerMark Dekker13 napja
  • Fun fact : Charlie Mason took part to the composition of 'Rise like a phoenix' in 2014.

    D MD M13 napja
  • Now this is what I call a real SINGER. Great attitude, self confidence, relaxed and convincing speech. The best female voice of ESC 2021.

    Piano with PanoPiano with Pano13 napja
  • Her song needs to go to the Grand Final, otherwise it’ll all just be bops

    AndrewAndrew13 napja
  • You're in my votes, Ana. It's a great voice and song! Good luck!!

    Pris TurimPris Turim13 napja
  • her voice is so beautiful. I dont like gospel though

    Edmund ToryEdmund Tory13 napja
  • Wonderfully,thank you for bringing back quality to Eurovision!

    popi totopopi toto13 napja
  • I hope it will be surprise qualified instead of Sweden/Norway

    No uNo u13 napja
    • True. Norway should stay in semi even though I adore Tix as an artist but his song is just bad and boring

      WatertealWaterteal12 napja
  • She is a stellar singer! It's also really nice to see how much she appreciates the gospel choir.

    Janet VisserJanet Visser13 napja
  • Why she's most underrated?She's amazing

    Itziar Caballero TornalItziar Caballero Tornal13 napja
  • Ana has an amazing presence! Just really strong, magnetic energy. The song is very emotional and beautiful. Good luck to Slovenia from Bulgaria 🇧🇬👌🍀🤞🏻🇸🇮

    Ina IvanovaIna Ivanova13 napja
  • the most underrated song of year, I hope she will qualify🙏🏻❤

    Арина ЕрёменкоАрина Ерёменко13 napja
  • Best song of Semi Final 1 😍

    R MR M13 napja
  • I'm from Germany and I can vote in the 1st Semi Final .....and Ana, you get one of my votes because I think you deserve to be in the Grand Final.

    • And I will vote for Slovenia AND Norway 👅

      D MD M13 napja
  • so so much love!!!!! so happy the choir was brought up too, i love how amazing they sound altogether!!! can't wait to hear this Amen live ❤❤

    say my namesay my name13 napja
  • God bless you

    Benjamin BlackburnBenjamin Blackburn13 napja
    • Religion is not devine necessity. Religion is 👹DEVIL'S WORK!

      666 AMENS666 AMENS13 napja
  • The music is too strong, one can not hear the details of her beautiful voice.

    Therese NydahlTherese Nydahl13 napja
  • I hope it goes to the final. This is my winner. But I see it coming like finland 2017. 😔

    ASMR FuchsASMR Fuchs13 napja
  • She must be in the final

    Simona MoantaSimona Moanta13 napja
  • Better than Austria

    MrKylieMMrKylieM13 napja
  • Weak ballad for a great vocalist... i prefer million times Voda!

  • Ana you are amazing and the song is wonderful. The song is one of my favorites this year. Good luck from Israel 🇮🇱

    Doron LahavDoron Lahav13 napja
  • 🇦🇿❤🇸🇮

  • I really like her. She's open. I really hope she does well. It's not my fav song or even really my style of music in fact gospel is my least fav but I want in the finals.

    Naruto UzumakiNaruto Uzumaki13 napja
  • I had never been so early here! However good luck to Ana to qualify. From 🇦🇿❤️👍😁😄

    Farid GasimovFarid Gasimov13 napja
  • It's black culture being pushed into European mind. Resist.

    justsayinjustsayin13 napja
    • its not black culture I'm not resisting

      Vincent StefVincent Stef6 napja
    • Religion is 👹DEVIL'S WORK!

      666 AMENS666 AMENS13 napja
    • I'd say it's more American.... idk is gospel music a thing outside of the US?

      Naruto UzumakiNaruto Uzumaki13 napja
  • Amen🙏✝️🕊

    EvaEva13 napja
    • 👹👹👹👹👹VIBES👹👹👹👹👹

      666 AMENS666 AMENS13 napja
    • @Eva i'm from Azerbaijan, the 2011 winner 🇦🇿

      Farid GasimovFarid Gasimov13 napja
    • @Farid Gasimov nah

      EvaEva13 napja
    • @Eva yeah do you know where I am from?

      Farid GasimovFarid Gasimov13 napja
    • @Farid Gasimov amen to amen😅🇦🇹🇸🇮

      EvaEva13 napja
  • voice is amazing and song is awesome. why tf nobody supports her

    Ron WeasleyRon Weasley13 napja
    • @Ron Weasley It's unbearable, continuous shouting Hallelujàh and that's it. T O T A L C R A P.

      666 AMENS666 AMENS6 napja
    • @666 AMENS whaat? :D LMAO annoying part is interesting. One of the most peaceful song in contest. Every esc song is a bit repetitive. Is there any song original in 21st century? These are never ways to humiliate this song bye.

      Ron WeasleyRon Weasley6 napja
    • @Nina Stark Come on. The song is boring crap full of clichés. Old fashioned, annoying, preachy, repetitive, lacking any originality... etc etc...

      666 AMENS666 AMENS7 napja
    • Perhaps many people think that the song feels religious because she sings amen and hallelujah. Or that a large majority seem to choose singing depending on how much skin is shown, sexiness and what the artist looks like. That's sad. I'm not religious and think that Anas voice is amazing. The song is powerful and beautiful. Slovenia is my winner. Greetings from Sweden

      Nina StarkNina Stark7 napja
    • Religion is 👹DEVIL'S WORK!

      666 AMENS666 AMENS13 napja
  • she is in my top 10 but she is not even in top 35 in odds

    Ron WeasleyRon Weasley13 napja
  • 👍

    Frangu AndreyFrangu Andrey13 napja
  • OMG she's just too underrated. She 100% deserve the final imo, the song is amazing and her voice is outstanding. I'll definitely vote for her in the semi. Good luck Ana and Slovenia!

    Leo PaccaLeo Pacca13 napja
  • If she slays the staging by telling a story, she will get through to the final!!! I really hope she will.

    Frankie MFrankie M13 napja
    • Remember the staging of Tamara's performance in 2019 !

      D MD M13 napja
  • Unpopular opinion : Slovenia deserves to qualify much more than Serbia

    D MD M13 napja
    • @OFFICIAL ESC I'm not surprised by your reaction, as you belong to the bunch of haters who always attack TIX and the NRK.

      D MD M13 napja
    • @Dreamer It is not a comparison but a more general point.

      D MD M13 napja
    • Different Semi Final - Meaningless to compare

      DreamerDreamer13 napja
    • @OFFICIAL ESC Where did you see a staging ? Rehearsals haven't started yet. No country would reproduce the same staging than at the National Final or in the official music video 🤦

      D MD M13 napja
    • I wouldn't say Serbia .....I would say Norway (with this weird bad staging)

  • Keeper of Water, Goddess Amen and just a Slovenian Icon Good Luck 💕🇸🇮

    Kalter MusicKalter Music13 napja
  • ICON

    Harlequin BrinHarlequin Brin13 napja
  • Wow your voice is so powerful and strong. Your voice is definitely from an angel above. Good luck from Australia 🇦🇺

    shadowlord Xx76shadowlord Xx7613 napja
  • woww she is so beautiful and has an amazing voice' Good luck from Israel

    stav lstav l13 napja
  • Good luck

    Hellp me rech 1000 subbs witout any VideoosHellp me rech 1000 subbs witout any Videoos13 napja
  • Good lucky Slovenia! Love from Azerbaijani🇦🇿🇸🇮❤

    alien from bakualien from baku13 napja
    • @Farid Gasimov napım

      alien from bakualien from baku13 napja
    • I'm from Azerbaijan too.

      Farid GasimovFarid Gasimov13 napja
  • 🇦🇹 better watch out, 🇸🇮 got the better song of Amen

    Tamela CaseyTamela Casey14 napja
    • @Tamela Casey True. Stop crying, Jesus might get upset! 😂😂😂😂

      666 AMENS666 AMENS4 napja
    • @666 AMENS that is mean of you

      Tamela CaseyTamela Casey5 napja
    • Both go to Hell! Religion is 👹DEVIL'S WORK!

      666 AMENS666 AMENS13 napja
  • Succesfull

    Erdinç TopkaraErdinç Topkara14 napja
  • Everybody: Music first! Ana: God first!

    LoreleiLorelei14 napja
    • Religion is 👹DEVIL'S WORK!

      666 AMENS666 AMENS13 napja
  • Best Slovenian🇸🇮 entry ever😍

    MadiMUSMadiMUS14 napja
    • Religion is 👹DEVIL'S WORK!

      666 AMENS666 AMENS13 napja
    • The message is so powerful, a lot of hope, we need hope in this difficult times

      Benjamin BlackburnBenjamin Blackburn13 napja
    • Yes,

      Benjamin BlackburnBenjamin Blackburn13 napja
  • Great Voice and Beautiful, but her singing in english is not gonna work in favor of her. Still Slovenia has good entry this year.

    Ofir MoskovitchOfir Moskovitch14 napja
  • Vote for her!

    Carlos Méndez CardozaCarlos Méndez Cardoza14 napja
    • No way

      666 AMENS666 AMENS13 napja
  • 😼😍

    SHEAR 《MLK》SHEAR 《MLK》14 napja
  • When she said "Gospel" I felt that

    Lu caLu ca14 napja
  • This is the most underrated song of Eurovision 2021. She has a great voice and deserves to go to the Grand Final. Good luck from Spain 🇪🇸

    Isabella AKLIsabella AKL14 napja
    • It is positioned as the worst one this year on betting sites. It's unbelievable. Definitely, it deserves a higher position. Put some money on Slovenia this year :D

      Dragan MiljanovićDragan Miljanović8 napja
    • @Olegs Kurdjukovs not really Imagine their song was amazing but their voice was trash ?

      Crab RaveCrab Rave13 napja
    • @Olegs Kurdjukovs Well yes, but her song is also amazing ♥️

      Isabella AKLIsabella AKL14 napja
    • Eurovision not about voice, its about songs

      Olegs KurdjukovsOlegs Kurdjukovs14 napja
  • The most underrated person/country this year! I believe she would slay on stage!

    GabzyGabzy14 napja
  • She deserves to be on the final! 🇸🇮

    Emanuel GorosoEmanuel Goroso14 napja
    • @Alejandra Alex That is what's gonna happen. We'll see in 2 weeks time who's comment was pathetic, you pathetic clown.

      666 AMENS666 AMENS12 napja
    • @666 AMENS Pathetic comment.

      Alejandra AlexAlejandra Alex12 napja
    • @Alejandra Alex Bottom 3 for sure. 100% GUARANTEED. Religion is 👹DEVIL'S WORK!

      666 AMENS666 AMENS13 napja
    • @No u I can have my own opinion. Go away if you have a problem.

      Alejandra AlexAlejandra Alex13 napja
    • @Alejandra Alex let's not exaggerate

      No uNo u13 napja
  • I don't cear what others think but I see this going to the final. Powerful voice and song. Good luck from Lithuania.

    Tomas14Tomas1414 napja
  • She has one of the best voices in this year!

    Mateusz GołębiowskiMateusz Gołębiowski14 napja
  • My gods her voices is amazing and i like the song.

    Noah HubertNoah Hubert14 napja
  • Don't fear failure. Fear being in the exact same place next year as you are today.

    Monky DollqueenMonky Dollqueen14 napja
  • *She has an amazing voice but her song is very weak. Slovenia need's to send Zala & Gaspar or Lea Sirk again.*

    Le PiafLe Piaf14 napja
    • @OFFICIAL ESC *Ula Lozar as well, she was amazing at EMA with her song 'Fridays'.*

      Le PiafLe Piaf13 napja
    • or just send the amazing *Lina Kuduzović*

  • The secret favorite of hearts that do not see the value she deserve 🇦🇿❤️🇸🇮

    John StoneJohn Stone14 napja
    • I'm from Azerbaijan too 🇦🇿

      Farid GasimovFarid Gasimov13 napja
  • She has such a powerful voice. 😍

    Efren Luna PelaezEfren Luna Pelaez14 napja
    • @SENITE 2017 is past??? Wtf are you kidding me? I remember 2017 like it was like 1 day ago

      Farid GasimovFarid Gasimov13 napja
    • @Farid Gasimov It's now about slovenia not about albania. jesus 2017 is the past

      SENITESENITE13 napja
    • Not that powerful as Lindita Halimi - Albania 2017 😊

      Farid GasimovFarid Gasimov13 napja
  • *Albina's, Lesley's and Natalia's mother.* 😅

    Le PiafLe Piaf14 napja
    • @Umut Ali Yes, true. The youngest is Albina, who is 22. Lesley is 34 and Natalia 37. So no one of these women could be mother of the others.

      D MD M13 napja
    • @D M she looks younger

      Umut AliUmut Ali13 napja
    • Mother ? Why ? Ana is only 37 !!!

      D MD M14 napja
  • Wow

    Daniel PiskadloDaniel Piskadlo14 napja
  • Like Euro Oh mayqaaaa

    Elmar PubgElmar Pubg14 napja
  • Woo

    MillieMillie14 napja
  • Woah I’m early

    Tom KlemenčičTom Klemenčič14 napja
  • First ;)

    El ElEl El14 napja
    • @Elmar Pubg no, I have answered first in this comment... That turns me second

      Adrián Ribes AlgueróAdrián Ribes Algueró14 napja
    • Yes 🙂

      Daniel PiskadloDaniel Piskadlo14 napja
    • @Adrián Ribes Algueró no Second Me

      Elmar PubgElmar Pubg14 napja
    • Second

      Adrián Ribes AlgueróAdrián Ribes Algueró14 napja