Music First with Daði og Gagnamagnið from Iceland 🇮🇸 - Eurovision Song Contest 2021

31 270 Megtekintés

Music First, always! These three words from Duncan Laurence's victory speech at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 inspired us to start a new series about music. In this episode, Daði Freyr from Iceland tells us all about his song 10 Years.
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  • Winner!!!

    Laura CavalcantiLaura Cavalcanti2 napja
  • If we all vote for Iceland they'll win :-), I think they're entitled to win Eurovision 2021!

    Martine ToussaintMartine Toussaint3 napja
  • Wow, he's so talented! He did pretty much everything by himself! I think this is the best "Music First" video so far. Ps. It's so funny to read the Icelandic transcription 😂

    Oihana GallastegiOihana Gallastegi4 napja

    DoğaDoğa8 napja
  • Lovely artist! How is his accent when he speaks English? Question for English-speaking people... 😂 Scandinavian people speak English better than Latins or western European.

    goupil dubocagegoupil dubocage8 napja
  • Iceland sends another anti Semitic group to Eurovision

    heathbaumheathbaum12 napja
  • Cute 😇🙏🏻❤️

    Eargasm ASMREargasm ASMR13 napja
  • One of my favourites. I love it more and more at each listen

    Lorenzo CelliLorenzo Celli13 napja
  • i've made a mistake. i started listen to this group a month too early, so know i can't wait until eurovision comes!!

    Emil ÅbergEmil Åberg14 napja
  • This is my favorite song this year. Pozdravi iz Hrvatske 🇭🇷

    Marija BoMarija Bo15 napja
  • Cool! hahaha This guy has potential and he can surprise us. Mark my words

    Fabio MFabio M15 napja
  • Everything about the phonetic transcript I like (1:50)

    Sahi PKSahi PK16 napja
  • Keşke Türkiye'de katilsaydi

    Şule YıldırımŞule Yıldırım16 napja
  • We love a family business!!! HAHAHAH

    Norby GermanoNorby Germano16 napja
  • this is winner material, cmon city of reykjavik start funding the esc 2022 arena project cos ITS HAPPENINGGGG!! 🥳🏆🥇🇮🇸

    comiccominccomiccominc16 napja
  • I just want Iceland to win. 🇮🇸

    MR 00MR 0016 napja
    • YOU KNOW ITTTT!! ❤️🇮🇸🙌

      comiccominccomiccominc16 napja
  • I really wish he will at least finish on the top 10 !

    VincentVincent17 napja
  • i love dadi! def. 10/10, although think about things is an 99/10

    Yannick WasserbergYannick Wasserberg17 napja
  • Det er Island? Good Luck 🍀 from Germany 🇩🇪 to Iceland 🇮🇸❤️❤️❤️🏳️‍🌈

    Black Star ASMRBlack Star ASMR17 napja
  • What a fantastic project ! I feel pleased that thousands of people contributed with so much enthusiasm, motivation, energy. Dadi is really a very inspiring artist. Fingers crossed 🤞 for the Semi-Final 2 and for your qualification ! 💖

    D MD M17 napja
  • Another Discovibe Song, is it gonna work? Big Question... I think Disco is a bit outdated, but it is widely preffered over boring songs, so I assume somewhere in the middle. Out of base question: how tall is this guy? (He is over 1.98 meters for sure). But how much? 🤔

    Ofir MoskovitchOfir Moskovitch17 napja
    • @Gabriela Piechowicz Wow, He is super close to touch the stadium roof in just 1 finger 👍. He will get everyone attention as he really an Icelandic Hulk, no kidding, standing out is an understatement in his case.

      Ofir MoskovitchOfir Moskovitch13 napja
    • 208 cm

      Gabriela PiechowiczGabriela Piechowicz13 napja
  • Dope

  • Although last year was cancelled because of the pandemic, I personally want to think it's because they realised Iceland would have gotten every single vote and crushed the competition. They are iconic

    AishaAisha17 napja
  • I'm tired of this forced "viral dancing".

    Mitsos BoyMitsos Boy17 napja
  • Give the best performance in esc stage dady your the best 💪💪💪

    Tommy Irsyad NajibTommy Irsyad Najib17 napja
  • 12 points from norway😁

    HelmenHjelmenHelmenHjelmen17 napja
  • Iceland 2021 was my 33rd and now they are my 19th 🤗 .

    Thodoris KoukourikosThodoris Koukourikos17 napja
  • There is more talent and charisma in this guy than in some entire countries

    Edmund ToryEdmund Tory17 napja
  • i like this song more than think about things

    AliAli17 napja
  • the 12 points from the netherlands go tho 10 years

    Mark DekkerMark Dekker17 napja
  • I really LOVE this song!!

    Stella NilssonStella Nilsson17 napja
  • Where is Eurovision this week? It‘s been weeks since the last Video

    Luca MLuca M17 napja
  • My favorite part is from the beginning and then until the end, yeah, that Part of it 😂😂😂

    Luca MLuca M17 napja
  • Dadi! I will certainly vote for you and your great family🎉 With love from Russia 🇷🇺 Can’t wait to see you 14.06 in Moscow❤️❤️❤️

    Daisy Hunter ProductionDaisy Hunter Production17 napja
  • I miss Think about things so much, but 10 years could be minimal at the top 15 so good luck for that from Germany. 🇩🇪🤞🇮🇸

    LovroLovro17 napja
  • that's a no

    namenlmnamenlm17 napja
  • Winner!

    Pavel PavlovichPavel Pavlovich17 napja
  • 2:34 haha, from the beginning till the end of the song, he says it like he doesn’t know what he’s saying...

    King KalosKing Kalos17 napja
  • I love Dadi's style and charisma and I love this song. For me, it can even win whole contest. Love from Poland.

    SebbRollinsSebbRollins17 napja
  • 0:28 when you realize how tall is really Dađi

    Michela GinelliMichela Ginelli17 napja
    • @Ryan William yess.

      HelmenHjelmenHelmenHjelmen11 napja
    • Scandinavia = Norway, Sweden, Denmark Fennoscandia = Norway, Sweden, Finland Nordic countries = Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland

      Ryan WilliamRyan William11 napja
    • @IYgoobi feel like every source say different i dont know what to believe

      HelmenHjelmenHelmenHjelmen12 napja
    • @HelmenHjelmen Scandinavia is the region where Sweden, Norway and Denmark are located in. Iceland and Finland are nordic but not Scandinavian.

      IYgoobIYgoob12 napja
    • @IYgoob for us scandinavian is that a question similar to is finland scandinavian. Norwegian/danish people found iceland and now they speak old norwegian evolved in a different way. So close enough if you ask me. Seems like lots of sources argue about that

      HelmenHjelmenHelmenHjelmen12 napja
  • I can't remember the last time I wanted to befriend a Eurovision artist so badly...

    DimidruggDimidrugg17 napja
  • Dadi gives me strong Reddit memelord vibes.

    Sean KeeneySean Keeney17 napja
  • Well, if that isn't the beautiful studio of Ólafur Arnalds.

    ParantatatamParantatatam17 napja
    • it was his studio, where they recorded string part

      Gabriela PiechowiczGabriela Piechowicz13 napja

    Little Mountain LifeLittle Mountain Life17 napja
  • Europe loves you and we hope you will be the winners of this Eurovision😍👏Greetings from Italy😘🇮🇹

    Gabri TataGabri Tata17 napja
  • ✨My favourite part of the song is like the beginning and then like up to until the end✨ THEY ARE SO ICONIC :)))

    jooseemiijooseemii17 napja

    frederik027frederik02717 napja
  • Good Luck from Poland 🇵🇱❤️🇮🇸

    Mateusz GołębiowskiMateusz Gołębiowski17 napja
  • Why he should win is not only because the song is a banger and the moves are just fire, but also because he writes, produces, plays, and engineers the songs himself not a team of 10-20 people from some record lable.

    TheCoBBusTheCoBBus17 napja
    • @Luc That’s exactly what I mean! Everything extra they have done surrounding this is just incredible!

      MJLMJL17 napja
    • Also can we appreciate all the extra effort that was put here, like we got a totally free videogame, a two-part documentary, an online tour, a dance tutorial, lyrics videos in lots of languages etc. You can just be amazed by all the passion that they put up right there and all the little extra things that we didn’t expect but just popped up to help us go through those difficult times

      LucLuc17 napja
    • Yes! The amount of work they have put into this project is extraordinary. This isn’t something thrown together by a multi-million dollar team of “other” professionals. This is all done by him and his close friends/family/colleagues. There is no one who deserves the ‘credit’ (winning) for their Eurovision entry more than him, imo!

      MJLMJL17 napja
  • Everything about this video... ÆLÆG! :)

    Rowin - StephenRowin - Stephen17 napja
  • My Winner!

    Kenny VerkerkKenny Verkerk17 napja
  • i love love love THEM

    naomy garcianaomy garcia17 napja
  • Сool guys🔥😊

    Соломія ГладишСоломія Гладиш17 napja
  • He is amazing!!!!!

    Vess VessVess Vess17 napja
  • This Band and Song is basically a Family Project

    FlixrFlixr17 napja
  • husavik aint gonna win i got a feeling lol

    baddie dadaddiebaddie dadaddie17 napja
  • My favourite part ist from the beginning up to the end - that part :D I love this musician! He ist sooooo creative and owns HIS music. I like.

    Anni PAnni P17 napja
  • If this song qualify will has a place between 15 and 20 It's not something wow Really overrated song, 0 points from me

    Maximum KalMaximum Kal17 napja
    • I think it was kinda overrated last year, but it's very underrated this year tho

      Dorina BajtaiDorina Bajtai17 napja
    • I agree 100%

      Mpampas souMpampas sou17 napja
  • What's your favourite part of the song? Dadi: I think the part from the beginning to the end

    Sylwia KukSylwia Kuk17 napja
    • we can't blame him

      YouTube UserYouTube User17 napja
  • Good song but nothing special

    Henning BergHenning Berg17 napja
    • @Dorina Bajtai Except this is a song I can see the general public voting more for.

      Srdjan SavicSrdjan Savic16 napja
    • @MJL It's like Jendrik.

      Dorina BajtaiDorina Bajtai17 napja
    • “nothing special”, really? A song that was written, played, recorded, choreographed and filmed by the artist with their closest friends, family, and colleagues; in their beautiful home country, and is about a healthy, loving relationship with his wife. That’s “nothing special.” Compared to some other artists in Eurovision who just hired some multi-million dollar team to bring them a sampling of songs (not written by the artist, with far less meaningful lyrics), picked one out, and then hired another multi-million dollar production company to do their hair, makeup, clothes- and shoot a glossy music video in a film stage. Yeah, ok...

      MJLMJL17 napja
  • 0 points Sorry Iceland

    Euro VisionEuro Vision17 napja
  • Nobody: Dadi: my Favorite Part of the Song is the entire song

    Tobias LackingerTobias Lackinger17 napja
    • Yeah, it's my favourite part too😅

      Lilly_ArtLilly_Art5 napja
    • Well obviously someone asked him that question...

      Lewis LevyLewis Levy17 napja
  • I lost my job last year during the pandemic🌍 I created my channel believing for MYSELF, YOU and the rest of the WORLD🌍☀️. Thanks

    Life Is My OpportunityLife Is My Opportunity17 napja
  • THIS

    SterwerzeSterwerze17 napja

    havokhazardhavokhazard17 napja
  • Bad music bad musiccc

    Agsin BabayevAgsin Babayev17 napja
    • Nope

      Thodoris KoukourikosThodoris Koukourikos17 napja
  • Loves his aftername.😳😏

    Andreas FreyerAndreas Freyer17 napja
  • The voice is OK, but the hair is ..... not. Sorry!

    giannigianni17 napja
    • @Dorina Bajtai 😁👌

      giannigianni17 napja
    • I remember when he lost 100 insta followers because of his hair-

      Dorina BajtaiDorina Bajtai17 napja
  • My favorite part of the song is the same as his❤

    Agnieszka PietrzykAgnieszka Pietrzyk17 napja
  • Go Iceland! Good luck! 🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸

    Liza WormwoodLiza Wormwood17 napja
  • OMG!! That is my favourite part of the song too, so intense 😭

    SimonaSimona17 napja
  • Iceland is so underrated this year :/

    ViggzplashfilmsViggzplashfilms17 napja
    • But so overrated last year

      Alexandre EAlexandre E17 napja
  • 2:34 Lmao that part from the beginning to the end :D

    Cookie MonsterCookie Monster17 napja
    • "To Stand out of the Crowd!" 😆

      Ofir MoskovitchOfir Moskovitch17 napja

    S VS V17 napja
  • My favorites to win this year. 😊💙

    Everton PereiraEverton Pereira17 napja
  • so iconic

    Enstorminated - Sofisticate Assurdità Divertenti!Enstorminated - Sofisticate Assurdità Divertenti!17 napja
  • Even though Dadi, looks pretty cool... And he has a nice voice... (Especially, when he speaks.... )And his music is old fashioned.. And even that ,I like old fashioned music... I Don't like his songs!!😕

    Σ ΜΣ Μ17 napja
  • 12 POINTS FROM PORTUGAL 🇵🇹 GO TO... ICELAND!! 💙💙💙🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸

    Ana SilvaAna Silva17 napja
  • the fact that he wrote, composed, sand and produced most of the song is just. Wow. People hating on this wish they were half as talented as him

    nananananannananananan17 napja
  • If you haven't taken the time to play Think About Aliens, Dadi & Gagnamagnid's mobile game, I reccomend you to. It's a lot of fun.

    ESC StroopwafelESC Stroopwafel17 napja
  • Alright,I think that I find him one of the the sweetest and most iconic contestants of the year!🥰🥰🥰And I'm sure I'm not the only one !Go Daði ,you are the best ! 🇮🇸💝✨💖🌟🇮🇸🌟💖✨💝🇮🇸

    The Eternal GuardianThe Eternal Guardian17 napja
  • Love this song good luck from denmark 🇩🇰

    MertAndrev2MertAndrev217 napja
    • 🇮🇸❤🇩🇰

      Thodoris KoukourikosThodoris Koukourikos17 napja
  • Jajajaja All the song is his favorite part! 😅 I just wanna say that I love the lyrics

    Isabella AKLIsabella AKL17 napja
  • I love theeeem !! I feel like they really have a chance to win, they will stand out for sure 👀❤️

    DiverreDiverre17 napja
  • They are expecting a second child in September, I'm so happy for them!! 🥰

    TomTom ESCTomTom ESC17 napja
    • @Dimidrugg Let´s just hope that mother and baby are healthy and Daði writes his 2nd baby song.

      soul momsoul mom16 napja
    • @soul mom I'm very smart too... and I was born in September.

      DimidruggDimidrugg17 napja
    • @Dimidrugg I´m too smart to believe that ; )

      soul momsoul mom17 napja
    • @soul mom Believe it.

      DimidruggDimidrugg17 napja
    • @Dimidrugg This comment makes my day . : ) i don´t believe it though

      soul momsoul mom17 napja
  • The most iconic and the best at the same time😄

    ESC QuicxerESC Quicxer17 napja
  • "Okay Google where to buy tickets to Island, may 2022"

    MegaSablMegaSabl17 napja
  • Húsavík 2022!!! I’m very excited that Iceland will get its first-ever Eurovision win thanks to the elves that Will Ferrell will leave Hollywood and grant Icelandic citizenship to live in Húsavík as his retirement!!

    Luke FernandezLuke Fernandez17 napja
  • Good luck iceland

    Hellp me rech 1000 subbs witout any VideoosHellp me rech 1000 subbs witout any Videoos17 napja
  • these guys are honestly so iconic

    amyamy17 napja
    • It is the fun act this year. ❤️🌈

      Black Star ASMRBlack Star ASMR16 napja
  • 😘😘

    Mina MiticMina Mitic17 napja
  • They are so cool that I want to wish them victory regardless of the song. Good Luck 💕🇮🇸

    Kalter MusicKalter Music17 napja
  • So in the end, the ones who sent their audio files did make it!!! Yay! Good luck Iceland! My favorite part is also from the beginning to the end of the song 😃

    Jennifer Hf.Jennifer Hf.17 napja
    • yes, all the contributions are in the song

      Gabriela PiechowiczGabriela Piechowicz13 napja

    Lilly_ArtLilly_Art17 napja
  • Potential winner

    Sam RavanbakhshSam Ravanbakhsh17 napja
  • This is a great song Iceland good luck

    Daniel MurrayDaniel Murray17 napja
  • Hey Daði 😩 ayo this is a joke 😳

    Nerd0!Nerd0!17 napja

  • first

    Arnas BartusevičiusArnas Bartusevičius17 napja
    • 😳

      Carmen Martin-SonsecaCarmen Martin-Sonseca17 napja
    • 🤦🏼‍♀️

      Ana Luiza UrucuAna Luiza Urucu17 napja