OFFICIAL RECAP: All 39 songs of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021

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39 countries take part at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam on 18,20 and 22 May.
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  • Lithuania 🇱🇹🥰good luck ☘️✊🏻

    BeatrizQ 90BeatrizQ 9019 másodpercig
  • Azerbaycan MATA HARİİİ

    Ali AlmemmedovAli Almemmedov25 perccel
  • This year, Eurovision is going to be a fight between pop/electro music and rock and metal. Horns up!

    Nicole Magariños BarraganesNicole Magariños Barraganes35 perccel
  • Azerbaijan 😍😍😍😍Ukraine

    abide Tatarlarabide TatarlarÓrája
  • The UK is the best!!!

  • 🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿

    Lachin DashdemirovLachin DashdemirovÓrája
  • Greece is my favorite this year. Come on, Stefania! Love from Romania! 🇹🇩🤎🇬🇷

    Stefan KarrStefan KarrÓrája
  • This year the esc is very competitive iam looking forwad to the live show.. At the moment my top five picks are Cyprus🇨🇾 France 🇨🇵 Lithouania 🇱🇹 Malta 🇲🇹 Finland 🇫🇮 ...... but i will have a complete final opinion after the two semi finals

    Michalis VasileiouMichalis VasileiouÓrája
  • I still have an ear worm from Malta’s entry last year. Glad Destiny is back this year with her amazing voice! Love from Germany!

    Victor WeinbergerVictor WeinbergerÓrája
  • Гідна підбірка. Після швидкого перегляду, виокремлюються Франція та Нідерланди. Звучать по новому. Інші - по своєму гарні, але наче на повторі за останні 20 років

    WexfordWexford2 órája
  • Cyprus is my winner 🇨🇾🇺🇦

    Eugene ShtepaEugene Shtepa3 órája
  • Pppplp

    Katharina TewsKatharina Tews4 órája

    KrisKris4 órája
  • Bye UK should have has United King Dolls from Drag Race

    pinkertonladypinkertonlady6 órája
  • Biggest mistake of Russia not to send Little Big again, ngl 😬

    Henri BergHenri Berg6 órája
  • Looove to see so many POC artists this year!

    Henri BergHenri Berg6 órája
  • The way I wanna do a top too...but i cant choose at all, I love all these songs...I'll have to listen more

    Sakura HSakura H6 órája
  • LT has a nice song :D love it

    Stream OFFKappaStream OFFKappa7 órája
  • My top 10 from Sweden 1 Belgium🇧🇪 2 Italy🇮🇹 3 The Netherlands🇳🇱 4 San Marino🇸🇲 5 Azerbaijan🇦🇿 6 France🇫🇷 7 Ukraine🇺🇦 8 Serbia🇷🇸 9 Russia🇷🇺 10 Switzerland🇨🇭

    Esc HazelEsc Hazel7 órája
  • I lowkey like Ireland 🤩

    Pau CassandraPau Cassandra7 órája
  • Too bad Nahseb Fik didn’t represent Malta, but the Malta song is ok, too

    Austin NelsonAustin Nelson7 órája
  • European countries please, I only accept Australia and Israel no more

  • AZE🇦🇿

    Coys OoooCoys Oooo8 órája
  • The Motto is PARTEY?

    Daniel KemnitzDaniel Kemnitz8 órája
  • Azerbaijan the best 🇦🇿 after Malta, Sweden

    Aysel MemmedovaAysel Memmedova9 órája

    Euro fanEuro fan9 órája
  • Serbia-Hurricane girls are the best!! They give the best vibe to this competition! their song,looks,great voices....everything eurovision song contest needs!!

    Euro fanEuro fan9 órája
  • 💥Go_A - SHUM💥Ukraine💙💛

    Тетяна БершадськаТетяна Бершадська9 órája
  • Ukraine is the best!!!! greeting from Poland❤️

    CollsColls10 órája
  • Everybody losing this year it seems hi 2022

    Lala DeityLala Deity12 órája
  • Terrible! Is this where music has come. Nothing has anything to hit and to stay in my mind! Horrible. And now that we perhaps have this opportunity to do this competition, music is from...

    Ilpo IlvesIlpo Ilves16 órája
  • Loco Locooooo 💥

    mladen83dbmladen83db17 órája
  • My favorite is cyprus 💖 I'm from turkey

    RiverLyricsRiverLyrics18 órája
  • I had already given up on Eurovision twice, now I'm just going to listen Portugal and two more. I don't care about the result. Love is on my side is almost an oasis of timelessness and melodic beauty. Sorry for the sincerity.

    P. KuzmanovicP. Kuzmanovic19 órája
    • @P. Kuzmanovic I've been in love with the replay button since I heard the song from Portugal. Maybe this is having fun.

      Lauana PopescuLauana Popescu5 órája
    • @Jean Wrong. Eurovision is not monolithic and has a history with several phases and trends. On the other hand, since when is it not possible to have "fun" with timeless music, with real music? Finally, if there are only 2 musical universes for you, Eurovision and opera, you must have a very poor musical culture.

      P. KuzmanovicP. Kuzmanovic6 órája
    • Man, go listen to opera then. We all know what Eurovision is about: medium quality music (with some exceptions), summer hits, great performances, staging and and singers and, most importantly, a lots of fun

      JeanJean9 órája
  • 1 Finland 2 Malta 3 Poland 4 Sweden 5 UK

    William MckayWilliam Mckay19 órája
  • I will never understand how is Spain so low with the bookies

    Sergio GutierrezSergio Gutierrez19 órája
  • Azerbaijan is #1 for me, love from the UK 🇬🇧 🇦🇿 And wow, even my country has a pretty decent song for once 😮

    Rossellini Rossical Ross CRossellini Rossical Ross C19 órája
  • San Marino best!

    mirsad spahicmirsad spahic19 órája
  • My top 3: Sweden, Switzerland and Ukrain greetings from Turkey ❤️🇹🇷

    orhan çetinorhan çetin20 órája
  • En España seguimos siendo una mierda.

    Aitaa prAitaa pr20 órája
  • My personal favorites this year, hope one of these wins (btw I'm from Italy) 🇮🇹 : 5) Finland 🇫🇮 : everyone who is daring enough to bring rock to Eurovision gets extra points in my book! "Out of our minds, but not like the others", says the Italian entry! 4) Belgium 🇧🇪 : I just love her voice! Absolutely will listen on loop out of all of the entries. 3) Ukraine 🇺🇦 : you guys are CRAZY!! A ballad for the coming of spring but with a modern twist!! I just wanna stand up and dance! In times like this, we can all use some more energy!!! 2) France 🇫🇷 : another voice I could never get tired to listen to, she's like the song of a nightingale, flying freely! Love the video too! Bulgaria 🇧🇬 : I have no words. I cried. I got goosebumps. I'm her age so perhaps I relate too much to the song, but that's why it's my personal winner. Honorable mentions: Romania 🇷🇴 : I love the message behind it. Self care does mean being a little selfish at times. After all, you can't get better treatment than from yourself. Love yourself. Russia 🇷🇺 : THIS. This is the feminist song. I could never take TOY seriously, among all those silly dances and pajettes, it never sounded like woman wanting their rights. Russia's entry does it in a simple way. She's dressed in everyday clothes and lyrics are actual stereotypes about women. I don't think it will win, but maybe it can replace chicken lady in the public eye...

    ChooChooChurchillChooChooChurchill20 órája
  • I LOVE Malta

    Russianstacy WilliamsRussianstacy Williams21 órája
  • serbia

    Milana CvetanovicMilana Cvetanovic21 órája
  • it's a shame last year didn't happen, because I would've loved tot see if uno or think about things would've won. Becaus little big isn't even competing this year and daoi freyr is performing another song that is just inferior to think about things.

    AnderraAnderra21 órája
  • Cyprus song just so like Lady Gagas song!!! I guess that was the Bad romance song

    Naya GasimovaNaya Gasimova21 órája
  • Hooverphonic, wow!

    Misha L.Misha L.23 órája
  • Administrators deleted my comment just because I said that Montaigne has a 'punchable face'. It was not a threat, just an observation. Besides, 'a punchable face' is an expressions just like 'a resting bitch face' is. It has nothing to do with the meaning of the individual words.

    • Le mieux serait encore d'arrêter de poster des commentaires, ces derniers s'avérant peu utiles de façon globale.

      marc rovalmarc roval22 órája
  • Justice for UK Hun? 😭

    Axel Gaytan LealAxel Gaytan LealNapja
  • Where is belarus?

  • Ukraine 🇺🇦 Italy 🇮🇹, Finland 🇫🇮 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Вероніка МорозенкоВероніка МорозенкоNapja
  • Only one country appears to touch the effects of Covid in its song. Strange that not another song (more than 40 songs) reflects the issue in one way or other, really weird.

    Jaipeva PerezJaipeva PerezNapja
  • Greece ♥️♥️♥️ we love you Stefania good luck

    Ορφέας ΚιντώνηςΟρφέας ΚιντώνηςNapja
  • Please let it not be the TikTok song that wins... :(

    Drew CorumDrew CorumNapja
  • I'm sorry but half of these sound exactly the same and not in a good way...

  • Awesome 1. Uk 2. Germany 3. Some country

    Maxi FMaxi FNapja
  • Austria for me.Amen! Vincent Bueno is not only representing The Philippines but the entire Asian race. Goodluck Vincent Bueno.

    Wynn CruzWynn CruzNapja

  • Italy, Azerbaijan, Israel, Ireland, Sweden, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Finland. 😀

    Roman LaurencianaRoman LaurencianaNapja
  • I am from Poland and I know that for sure. Our song is the worst of all so the last place will be ours.

  • My top 39 39- France 🇫🇷 38- Serbia🇷🇸 37- Australia 🇦🇺 36- Germany 🇩🇪 35-Estonia 🇪🇪 34- Belgium 🇧🇪 33- Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 32- Denmark 🇩🇰 31- Albania 🇦🇱 30- Ukraine 🇺🇦 29 North Macedonia 🇲🇰 28- Portugal 🇵🇹 27- Georgia 🇬🇪 26- Russia 🇷🇺 25- Latvia 🇱🇻 24- Slovenia 🇸🇮 23- netherlands 🇳🇱 22- Moldova 🇲🇩 21- Poland 🇵🇱 20- Great Britain 🇬🇧 19- Spain 🇪🇸 18 - Italy 🇮🇹 17 Czech republic 🇨🇿 16- Finland 🇫🇮 15- Ireland 🇮🇪 14- Norway 🇳🇴 13 - Lithuania 🇱🇹 12- Israel 🇮🇱 11- Croatia 🇭🇷 10- Cyprus 🇨🇾 9- Greece 🇬🇷 8- Bulgaria 🇧🇬 7- Romania 🇷🇴 6- Malta 🇲🇹 5 Iceland 🇮🇸 4- Austria 🇦🇹 3- Sweden 🇸🇪 2- San Marino 🇸🇲 1 Switzerland 🇨🇭

    Plane crashes 4lifePlane crashes 4lifeNapja
  • 8.28 North Macedonia has a mask on the drummer hahahahhaahah

  • Vamos Portugal! Nós conseguimos ❤️🇵🇹❤️!!!

    Mafalda MatosMafalda MatosNapja
  • Sweden is the best period

  • It's sad, because there will not be Ketil Stokkan, but TIX will win!

  • I didn’t think that was Australia’s song but ok.

  • Why isn't Little Big representing Russia? Their song last year was a banger!!

    Michael LogarMichael LogarNapja
  • Finland and Portugal remembered what made them win.

  • 👑 12 Points from Azərbaycan goes To İtaliya 👑 🇮🇹🇦🇿

    Naz EldarNaz EldarNapja
  • sweden... i have a feeling russia presented kinda the same song

    Кокетка КреветкаКокетка КреветкаNapja
    • how can you see any similarities between them two? lolz

      persian catpersian catNapja
  • İtalia Ukraine Austria UK Moldova Are My Favorites 💖💖💖

    Magic isgəndərliMagic isgəndərliNapja
  • La Bella İtalia İ Hope U gonna Win U Own My 👑 İ 💖 U 'r Entry With L💍VE From Azərbaycan 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿 Baci

    Magic isgəndərliMagic isgəndərliNapja
  • TOP 10 in Alphabetical Order: Austria, Croatia, Finland, Ireland, Israel, Malta, Poland, Serbia, Spain and United Kingdom

    Richmond Road TVRichmond Road TVNapja
  • Man, romania gives goosebumps.

  • C'est première est Azerbaïdjan 🥰💜

    iyes artemisiyes artemisNapja
  • Ireland, Ukraine, Switzerland, Israel, Iceland

    Maja LüningMaja LüningNapja
  • What is your top 39 Reply your tops in my comment

    Antonio FerraraAntonio FerraraNapja
    • For me NR.1 ROUMANIA

      cherry landcherry landNapja
  • I think i like 🇫🇷 song this year😄 Happy days from sweden🇸🇪

    Ellen RehnEllen RehnNapja
  • Top 3 "Abstract" songs.... 1. Ukraine 2. France 3. Lithuania...

    Adam DFCAdam DFCNapja
  • 6 Songs sung by talented beautiful black artists: 1. 🇨🇿 2:53 2. 🇮🇱 6:23 3. 🇲🇹 7:46 4. 🇸🇲 10:33 5. 🇸🇪12:01 6. 🇳🇱12:45

    Adam DFCAdam DFCNapja
  • 3 Most Generic/Cliché songs: (Apologies in advance) 1. Georgia: 🇬🇪 @ 2. Slovenia: 🇸🇮 @ 3. UK 🇬🇧 @ 4. North Macedonia 🇲🇰 ​@​

    Adam DFCAdam DFCNapja
  • Top 3 weirdest /worst songs (Sorry in advance, just for entertainment): 1. Lithuania @ 🇱🇹 2. Ukraine @ 🇺🇦 3. Denmark @ 🇩🇰

    Adam DFCAdam DFCNapja
  • My top 6 from Australia: 1. Romania: 09:50🇷🇴 2. Azerbaijan: 01:08 🇦🇿 3. Israel (Occupied Palestine): 06:23 4. Switzerland : 12:22 🇨🇭 5. Bulgaria: 01:50 🇧🇬 6. Finland: 04:01 🇫🇮

    Adam DFCAdam DFCNapja

    Nunu NanaNunu NanaNapja
  • Does North Macedonia know he shaved his beard differently at different shoots? :D

  • Love the representation this year, specifically african and black representations with 6 countries being represented by talented beautiful black artists.

    Adam DFCAdam DFCNapja
  • top 3: 1:Greece🇬🇷 2: Israel🇮🇱 3: Cyprus🇨🇾 (with this order)

    Super LadySuper LadyNapja
  • I like how Latvia has that kpop vibe

  • My Top 1.Greece love greece song 2. Switzerland, 3.Ireland

  • Mata Hari

    Zəhra_Hüseyn. MirzəyevZəhra_Hüseyn. MirzəyevNapja
  • Yesss let’s rock 🇮🇹 for the winnnn!!!

    Who knows Who I’mWho knows Who I’mNapja

    Qedir QedirQedir QedirNapja
  • Switzerland, Blugaria, spain and italy are my favourites I like their songs its juste amazing. Love from Luxembourg🇱🇺

    BossYeet YTBossYeet YTNapja

    Emil HuseynovEmil HuseynovNapja
  • The best Azerbijan🇦🇿Good luck Efendi!🕌🕋🤲❤🌹💋🥇

    Zemine IsaxanovaZemine IsaxanovaNapja
  • My top 5 (not in any order): 5:25 Greece 🇬🇷 4:01 Finland 🇫🇮 12:22 Switzerland 🇨🇭 13:30 United Kingdom 🇬🇧 6:04 Ireland 🇮🇪 Honorable mentions: 2:11 Croatia 🇭🇷 9:09 Poland 🇵🇱 12:01 Sweden 🇸🇪

  • Очень сильные исполнители в этом году! Желаю им успехов!

    Ник МолНик МолNapja
  • la mayoria de canciones estan en ingles y parecen videos de mtv.

    Crist SngCrist SngNapja
  • I love Spanish song, Blas Cantó sings very beautifully🇪🇸💞

    Mario GandarillasMario GandarillasNapja

    Alaia ButtigiegAlaia ButtigiegNapja
  • Emocional song, amazing voice and sound efects. The pass to the final depends on a good performance. I love this song but i dont know if the public can apreciate it in eurovisión.