Say Whaaat Q&A with Jendrik from Germany 🇩🇪 - Eurovision 2021

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How long did it take to glue all the rhinestones to the ukulele? And how would Jendrik react if one of all 4,000 stones was gone? That and much more, you will find out in this Q&A video with Jendrik from Germany.
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  • Deutschland wird wohl leider mal wieder voll abkacken. Vllt sollten wir wieder ein Voting einführen, wobei es dieses mal eher an der abnormalen Konkurrenz liegen dürfte - aber eigentlich kann Deutschland mit der ganzen Welt mithalten SIEHE IMPFSTOFF!! Aber den kaufen wir ja wenn überhaupt auch allerhöchstens sparsam. ur Cedric

    Cedric BCedric B13 napja
  • Ich weiß jetzt schon das wir verkackt haben 😂😂 warum schicken wir sowas

    Aylin LULAylin LUL16 napja
  • Кто тоже смотрит видео и ищет кометы на русском?

    Муса МусабекМуса Мусабек20 napja
  • How can people dislike this? Have you seen him? He's like the cutest and funniest ever! Good luck, Jendrik 😃 PS. The seagull part 😂

    Oihana GallastegiOihana Gallastegi23 napja
  • Dude he looks like ha happier version of pewdiepie for some reason.

    Nikita IvanovicNikita Ivanovic23 napja
  • Mal wieder total schlecht. 🙄

    Dirnenspross08/15Dirnenspross08/1524 napja
  • Eurovision: How many Q&As do you want to do? Jendrik: JA

    Thijn TruijenThijn Truijen24 napja
  • Ein würdiger Kandidat :D

    MarCraft TimeMarCraft Time26 napja
  • The song has big chances to got many points from the juries. Mark my words✔.

    LovroLovro26 napja
  • He loves Iceland's song!He's so cute

  • He is like a 12 year old trapped in adult's body 🤣

  • Viel Glück aus Russland🇩🇪❤

    Лизо ИсаеваЛизо ИсаеваHónapja
  • Jendrik, marry me 🥺💍

    Yan LitvakYan LitvakHónapja
  • Poor 👎

  • Jendrik hide that Ukelele or I'm gonna steal it 😁

  • Some people are so beautiful from inside as well as outside.

  • Victory Azerbaijan🇦🇿

  • I shame for this man

    Marc MenzelMarc MenzelHónapja
  • Ekelhafter typ

    Marc MenzelMarc MenzelHónapja
  • My honey!

    Nikita OleksandrovichNikita OleksandrovichHónapja
  • The clip is beautiful, but I think the Azerbaijani song will be more perfect on stage, because it is very playful🤩

    james fairjames fairHónapja
    • bruh she just repeats mata hari a million times what's so playful about that

      AntonR NikAntonR NikHónapja
  • He's already 13th in the community, according to a XAZ fan ESC final! *WE CAN DREAM BIG FOR JENDRIK!* 🇬🇷❤🇩🇪

    Pikos ApikosPikos ApikosHónapja
  • Вот это гитарка, шик-блеск-красота)))))

    Alika ProkopenkoAlika ProkopenkoHónapja
  • He seems like a loveable dork but his song is annoying and cringy.

    Black LoboBlack LoboHónapja
    • annoying, yes. cringy, yes. original, yes. being himself, yes. producing everything from the song to the video and everything surrounding it, yes.

      AntonR NikAntonR NikHónapja
  • He's so cute!

    Juan NaviaJuan NaviaHónapja
  • I swear, he is definitely a dark horse this year!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It will end up last

    Kambariui, linksmaiKambariui, linksmaiHónapja
  • He is such a cutie and so lovable! The best german entry for years... I hope people are voting for us...

    Danny GeskeDanny GeskeHónapja
  • Jendrik 😘😘😘😘😘😘❣❣❣awwwch...... his smile, so cute and 💘💘💘💘💘💘 on my spotlight 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩.

    aji widarsoaji widarsoHónapja
  • Much love from Israel

    Valenter AtsValenter AtsHónapja
  • Whaaaaat? :D

    Black Star ASMRBlack Star ASMRHónapja
  • Our Jendriik^^❤️ I always look at you and smile, you are a hit of serotonin

    Lucky StrangerLucky StrangerHónapja
  • My #1 ♥️🧡💛💚💙💜 BIG LOVE from Russia 🇷🇺💋 Good luck, Jendrik 😘

    Ellis GallagherEllis GallagherHónapja
  • ok I loved him even more.

    Dr.Marianna W.WinchesterDr.Marianna W.WinchesterHónapja
  • He‘s the best! So nice and charming and friendly and funny! I‘m so happy he was chosen this year! ☀️

  • My top 10 1switzerland 🇨🇭 2 Malta 🇲🇹 3 san marino 🇸🇲 4 azerbaijan 🇦🇿 5 bulgaria 🇧🇬 6 italy🇮🇹 7 romania 🇷🇴 8lithaunia 🇱🇹 9 sweden 🇸🇪 10 france 🇫🇷

    jesc esc fan #uyghurturkishjesc esc fan #uyghurturkishHónapja
  • , 🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮

    Eemil HänninenEemil HänninenHónapja
  • This Guy is completely a craziness!!! The man would want to be a seagull!!!🤣🤣🤣

    Aitor Robles MorillasAitor Robles MorillasHónapja
  • But I wonder if the seagull really gets pleasure when it shits on people?

    vik svevik sveHónapja
  • Тут русские есть ?

    Просто АлександрПросто АлександрHónapja
    • Конечно)

      Полина ПанзинаПолина ПанзинаHónapja
    • no

      Tobs TobsTobs TobsHónapja
  • People, stop mocking Jendrik and Germany ! He's gonna slay on stage, you just can't imagine how brilliant it will be.

    D MD MHónapja
    • @Turtellok Maybe not here, but on Instagram and Twitter lots of annoying morons attack Jendrick almost every day. If not him, then Manizha or Jeangu or Uku...

      D MD MHónapja
    • @D M he said that you are delusional and he won't "slay" on stage. And I don't think anyone is mocking Germany in the comments and that comes from a German

    • @Kambariui, linksmai Which means ?

      D MD MHónapja
    • Youbare delusional

      Kambariui, linksmaiKambariui, linksmaiHónapja
  • 12 points by me! Hope he will win!

    Mi MiMi MiHónapja
  • Very cute!!

    Lauretta 845Lauretta 845Hónapja
  • Tbh, why he is so cute ? I'm sorry, I think the Jendrik face reminds me for Duncan😭

    Syahrul AndikaSyahrul AndikaHónapja
  • I adore your German accent, Jendrik. And your mines 👌

    Sylwia KukSylwia KukHónapja
  • he be shitting on people like: 😇

    Cindy WangCindy WangHónapja
  • No one: The interviewer: Strongest German accent possible

    Fresh MoFresh MoHónapja
  • Jendrik is such a likeable guy. Good luck to you!

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      Tom NevilleTom NevilleHónapja
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      Peter SammyPeter SammyHónapja
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      Raquel GoerRaquel GoerHónapja
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      Raquel GoerRaquel GoerHónapja
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  • Jendrik is just an icon😍

    Eurovision with Jude KennedyEurovision with Jude KennedyHónapja
    • Yessssss

      Pascal WilferPascal WilferHónapja
  • Yay Jendrik! 🇩🇪 I love the song! It's fun 😄

    * eurovision girl ** eurovision girl *Hónapja
  • expect from the dumb videoclip - this is one of the best songs this year - so much wisdom and in the same time so much fun ! i hope this will be the year that germany finally break thought

  • He’s so cute 🥰

    Arctic ElephantArctic ElephantHónapja
  • Are you looking for hot dates in your neighbourhood?

    DatingSeiteOnline comDatingSeiteOnline comHónapja
  • After Rybak & gromee in 2018 Lake Malawi & srbuk in 2019 Jendrik is my New Stan for this year 🇩🇪💛🖤❤️

    ESC PikayohannESC PikayohannHónapja
  • I have a strong dark horse feeling around this entry. 🐎

    Lupo LupusLupo LupusHónapja
  • I actually love our entry this year! 🇩🇪🎉 Too bad that Germans are so cynical.

    Lucas BenderLucas BenderHónapja
    • As is tradition ☺️

      Edgelord of Edginess the EdgethEdgelord of Edginess the EdgethHónapja
  • Worst song ever!

  • He is cute

    Griffinclaw nGriffinclaw nHónapja
  • Hahaha dieses Englisch Ach ich liebe es 😂 der Song ist so gut 👍🏻

  • He really needs to visit a barber shop.

    Mark EinsteinMark EinsteinHónapja
    • Это прическа такая, к твоему сведению

      Lucky StrangerLucky StrangerHónapja
    • @Florian ĸarl no, because his hair is a mess

      Mark EinsteinMark EinsteinHónapja
    • We? Only because you don't like it? That's no reason

      Florian ĸarlFlorian ĸarlHónapja
  • Ist das aus dem 1-live-Fragenhagel? 🤔

    Kat NKat NHónapja
    • Nein, das ist aus dem NDR-Blitzdate

  • What happened to the Eurovision This Week videos? There hasn’t been an upload in like 3 weeks!

    Brxon TillxrBrxon TillxrHónapja
  • Love from Azerbaijani❤🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿

    alien from bakualien from bakuHónapja
    • Love back from Germany

  • How many time has this channel uploaded something about Germany or France? Give some time to the other acts we haven’t been able to know more about....

    Nico VarnavaNico VarnavaHónapja
    • @Nico Varnava I agree with you, but every video that is dedicated to an artist gains more popularity for the artist. A lot of people get affected from popularity.

      Dr.Marianna W.WinchesterDr.Marianna W.WinchesterHónapja
    • @Dr.Marianna W.Winchester wasted promotion then lol, you cant force people to like something

      Nico VarnavaNico VarnavaHónapja
    • they pay, they get promoted.

      Dr.Marianna W.WinchesterDr.Marianna W.WinchesterHónapja
    • They are paying the most :P

      Florian ĸarlFlorian ĸarlHónapja
    • I think that some countries are more proactive than others. I truly doubt Eurovision would turn down new content.

      Clark KentClark KentHónapja
  • How many time has this channel uploaded something about Germany or France? Give some time to the other acts we haven’t been able to know more about....

    Nico VarnavaNico VarnavaHónapja
    • They upload Only one thing for France (The accoustic) Btw Germany has alot of money so

      ESC PikayohannESC PikayohannHónapja
  • I truly do think that he will be the dark horse of this year's contest, his entry definitely stands out and unlike a lot of the more lighthearted songs of the past few years, this song actually succeeds in what it's trying to do. I wish him luck

    Lewis GallowayLewis GallowayHónapja
    • @Mikeonbike86 if that would be the case then Germany would have never won the contest

      Thomas HThomas HHónapja
    • @Mikeonbike86 Bullshit. We had 4 TopTen positions since 2010. This "no one likes Germany 😥" is just a bad excuse.

      Herr NorbertHerr NorbertHónapja
    • @Mikeonbike86 You're so right... People living in Germany aren't the same people who did all these terrible things 80 years ago, the Germans can't help about what their ancestors did, it's not their fault so it's sad that they are still judged in this regard, they're normal, good people. And even if someone has a problem with them, he should look at their song at the ESC because it is judged there. ❤️🇩🇪

      Sylwia KukSylwia KukHónapja
    • I think Germany is STILL so hated by all european countrys, because of what happened about 80 years ago, can you all grow up and remember that the contest is only about the music and not about which country is the most liked

    • This is not a dark horse xD

  • Nevjerojatna, najbolja glazba koju sam ikad čuo

  • Am I the only one thinking that his German accent is cute??

    French HufflepuffieFrench HufflepuffieHónapja
    • Yes it is. Greetings from a German Hufflepuff😁💛

      Emily SophieEmily SophieHónapja
  • He seems like such a lovely guy! I know for a fact that he's gonna do better than the UK. Good luck from Wales! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿❤️🇩🇪

    Friendly TigerFriendly TigerHónapja
    • @thinking 'bout I don't see anything rude in my comment. Why don't you answer to the guy who wrote 'shut up!' instead ?

      D MD MHónapja
    • @D M Please don't be so rude! This is a comment section which has the purpose to give people the opportiunity to share their opinions and exchange them with others. It is clear that opinions are subjective and nonuniversial but that doesn't make them less valuable. So in the context of that and because @Friendly Tiger hasn't used any quotes or sources to proof her "fact" it is clear that the usage of this phrase in his/her comment is a colloquial way to underline a strong believe or opinion. And @Friendly Tiger never said that it wasn't just his/her opinion and even reworded his/her statement after your comment to make it more clear. So if you have a different opinion it is okay to voice it as long as you do it in a polite way.

      thinking 'boutthinking 'boutHónapja
    • @Friendly Tiger That's what I already understood. But it's only your own personal opinion. Nothing more.

      D MD MHónapja
    • @D M let me rephrase it. In my opinion, I think that I believe that Germany will do better than the UK in the Eurovision song contest, I think.

      Friendly TigerFriendly TigerHónapja
    • @areatw I'm just saying good luck! 😳

      Friendly TigerFriendly TigerHónapja
  • Pewdiepie

    Cute Putin Nummer tvåCute Putin Nummer tvåHónapja
  • This boy is crying bisexuality. And I love it 😍😍 He's so cute.

    Arturo Pérez DíazArturo Pérez DíazHónapja
    • He is gay :D

      Danny GeskeDanny GeskeHónapja
    • bisexual? Not at all

      Florian ĸarlFlorian ĸarlHónapja
    • I think he’s gay? And has a boyfriend

      Gay ConfusionGay ConfusionHónapja
  • Mw13

    Bumbu EliasBumbu EliasHónapja
  • One of the cutest representative we have this year 🇬🇷❤️🇩🇪

    • @D M ❤️❤️❤️

    • Alles klar ! Ich mag Jendrik und seinen Song so sehr. Ich hoffe, er beeindruckt alle Leuten mit seinem Auftritt. Ich werde sicher für Deutschland Punkte schicken. Nicht nur für Jendrik, aber auch für ihn und für die Botschaft seines Lieds. Grüße aus Frankreich 🇨🇵❤️🇩🇪

      D MD MHónapja
  • Poor Jendrik.... He seems to be such a nice guy... And he's way too underrated....😞

    Σ ΜΣ ΜHónapja
    • For me if I could vote just for the Rhinestone Ukulele I so would! Its so cool!

      Jennifer BloomfieldJennifer BloomfieldHónapja
    • No

    • @Thomas H for me it isn't that low! #15 in my top... Well, as I can understand ,surely he enjoys his participation in ESC, and no matter the result, he became famous in all Europe, and elsewhere, where there are ESC fans! 😊

      Σ ΜΣ ΜHónapja
    • @Σ Μ I can see why it is low in ranking but it doesn't matter as long he had fun making the song and focuses on the people that like it

      Thomas HThomas HHónapja
    • @Thomas H I guess he does.... Why..? Did he ask why, ppl, don't like his song??😕I didn't understand such thing! I, just said that, cause in all ESC fans tops, his song is pretty low...

      Σ ΜΣ ΜHónapja
  • He is such a cuteyy, lots of love from Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 to Germany 🇩🇪

    Turkan ShamilovaTurkan ShamilovaHónapja
  • Who else is going to Vote in Eurovision this year? 👇

    • I vote. 12 times 4 germany

      Chris TiMeChris TiMe9 napja

      Kippi / NiklasKippi / NiklasHónapja
    • me

      Fun TravelFun TravelHónapja
  • whether they win or not, but Italy never disappoints

    Syed Habib TastedSyed Habib TastedHónapja
  • İtalia Owns My Heart İtalia Took My Heart İtalia What was That i didn't Expect İt This is Amazing Molto Bravo İtalia Go On Never stop Azerbaijan Adore İt 😍

    Syed Habib TastedSyed Habib TastedHónapja
  • I swear Italy sending rock is one of those things you didn't know you needed until you saw it!

    Syed Habib TastedSyed Habib TastedHónapja
    • You are drunk

      Estaré pagando de másEstaré pagando de másHónapja
    • What does this have to do with the video though😂

      Daisy hatingugolDaisy hatingugolHónapja
    • I know right

      Jacob RamsbottomJacob RamsbottomHónapja
  • Another video of Jendrik..... Really bad song. 0 points from 🇲🇹

    • So, why do you watch it???

      Pete WinPete Win27 napja
    • 12 points go to Germany from Azerbaijan 🇩🇪

      Lucky StrangerLucky StrangerHónapja
    • @SpaceWeaver go to* :)

      JS !JS !Hónapja
    • Zero points goes to boring Malta from Germany..boooooring..😴

    • However, my 12 Points from Germany 🇩🇪 go to Malta 🇲🇹

      JS !JS !Hónapja
  • Strong entries this year. Italy and Spain are in my top 10 and France is my winner. Germany is interesting, the Netherlands very unique and UK is a real party, feel-good summer song. Can't wait for the performances!

    • italy is good

      Syed Habib TastedSyed Habib TastedHónapja
  • BIG 5 at their best this year. France is so french, Italy perfectly weird-italian, UK as british as never before, Spain spanish as usual and Germany as crazy as it really is. Great!!!

    • 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪❤️❤️❤️

      Nigar ŞükürovaNigar ŞükürovaHónapja
    • @Pyropostings I don't care about memes. This is only crap.

      D MD MHónapja
    • @Hans Wurst haha wyld

    • @D M its just a meme😂 search: hanz get ze flammenwerfer! and you will know what i mean. I know that not only germany used them...

    • @Pyropostings Actually other soldiers used Flammenwerfer. Not exclusively German ones. Such a cliché ! 🤦

      D MD MHónapja
  • They really pushin Jendrik with all that videos and interviews, lmao

    Eric GabrielEric GabrielHónapja
    • Yea and I think it‘s important, his character is one of his big pluses and due to the pandemic you hardly notice this in any other way.

    • Have you seen their Instagram it’s full of The Roop 😂

      Hannah BarleyHannah BarleyHónapja
  • Is there ANY top guy this year for fu*cks sake?

    Mariusz BarcinMariusz BarcinHónapja
    • The Spanish

      Estaré pagando de másEstaré pagando de másHónapja
    • @Jean he is

    • @Jean he is bi wbk

      ESC CyprusESC CyprusHónapja
    • they’re ALL bottoms!

    • HAHAHA

  • People who dislike on a video like this should rot in hell.

    Rapid LightningRapid LightningHónapja
  • Good luck Germany from Cyprus🇨🇾❤🇩🇪

    Mpampas souMpampas souHónapja
    • Thanks so much. Good luck Cyprus from Germany 🇩🇪❤️🇨🇾

      Vanessa WagnerVanessa WagnerHónapja
  • 1:43 I am faithful partner ❤️

    Fun TravelFun TravelHónapja
    • Such a human

      Lucky StrangerLucky StrangerHónapja
    • @Mywalk yes

      Syed Habib TastedSyed Habib TastedHónapja
    • so sweet of jendrik

      Syed Habib TastedSyed Habib TastedHónapja
    • this shows he is a real man

  • Lets Germany win this time. Go on Jendrik ❤️

    Fun TravelFun TravelHónapja
    • @Syed Habib Tasted yes

    • germany has tough entry this year

      Syed Habib TastedSyed Habib TastedHónapja
    • lets see

  • Under 10 points?

    CPS_ ChristoSSCPS_ ChristoSSHónapja
    • @Paluxy L. yes thats right, if we lose every year again, than they must make a new jury.

    • @Dojolp I hope not , it should be a lesson to the german esc team to select better songs for the contest . A good song is for me a song you can hear on the radio every day without getting angry ..... a good example is Frans with Sorry , I have hear this song over 500 times on the radio and it's still a good song .

      Paluxy L.Paluxy L.Hónapja
    • @Paluxy L. Rllx ? i hope any drunk guys vote for us

    • @Dojolp I'm sure we will get this year again zero points , lol

      Paluxy L.Paluxy L.Hónapja
    • Soory German zero points 🤣 But I think this year we get more points. Ps: im from Germany

  • Good 👍

    Naima AbbadNaima AbbadHónapja
  • 🇩🇪

    Maximum KalMaximum KalHónapja
  • How a person can be so adorable!?😍

    ESC CyprusESC CyprusHónapja
  • I have no idea who did the interview with Jendrik, but questions were on point 😅👌

    Marko MilivojevicMarko MilivojevicHónapja
  • just stop

    Gachi CutiepieGachi CutiepieHónapja
  • Икона!

  • Hello!

    • Hello! How are you doing? Does it snow at your place?

      Linda Kristine KjørlibråtenLinda Kristine KjørlibråtenHónapja
  • Jendrik is legend.

    Kristijan MileskiKristijan MileskiHónapja
  • Who is also excited for eurovision?

  • First ...

    Sidrit ÇollakuSidrit ÇollakuHónapja