Senhit - Adrenalina - San Marino 🇸🇲 - Official Music Video - Eurovision 2021

2021.márc. 7.
2 010 531 Megtekintés

Senhit will represent San Marino at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song Adrenalina.
Song Producers:
Thomas Stengaard, Joy Deb, Linnea Deb, Jimmy Thörnfeldt, Kenny Silverdique, Suzi Pancenkov, Malou Linn Eloise Ruotsalainen, Chanel Tukia, Senhit
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    Eurovision Song ContestEurovision Song Contest28 napja
    • FLO RIDA!!!! 🇸🇲💗💖

      Luke FernandezLuke Fernandez2 napja
    • @ESC Watermelon qq%%

      MichelangeloMichelangelo4 napja
    • Senhit 1

      Daria CichaDaria Cicha6 napja
    • This will be in top 5 sure🇸🇲🇸🇲🇸🇲🇸🇲

      Zakaria Chihab hazzotZakaria Chihab hazzot8 napja
    • 5

      Spongey CartoonSpongey Cartoon22 napja
  • Mi dispiace , ma è la solita canzonetta in inglese uguale a tante altre. Forza Maneskin

    Claudia LeonelliClaudia Leonelli2 órája
  • Show Opener for Semi Final 2 and Show Closer for Grand Finale, douze points to 🇸🇲! Ciao!

    Luke FernandezLuke Fernandez2 órája
  • Copy song :)

    Turkish ManTurkish Man4 órája
  • COOL!

    PoliceManuelPoliceManuel5 órája
  • Actually this is Keri Hilson

    Dimitrios StefanidisDimitrios Stefanidis5 órája
  • Great video clip production that goes very well with this type of song. Yes i have to admit that Senhit is a great and experienced artist and her song this year is better then last year. However is still way bellow what i enjoy listening in the ESC. "Mata Hari" from Azerbaijan is slightly better then this song. Again the rap bit in this song seems to be a copy from Katie Perry's "Dark Horse"(2+/10)

    JMiguelmartinsJMiguelmartins8 órája

    xo till we overdosexo till we overdose13 órája
  • Vote for 🇸🇲 in Semi Final 2 🔥🔥🔥

    Nikolai MøllerNikolai Møller16 órája
  • Cher????

    Dolores ToribioDolores Toribio17 órája
  • I want this to win💖

    katniss slytherdorkatniss slytherdor23 órája
  • Dana of San Marino

  • If this year one of these countries does not win, it will sound that Eurovision is fake!! Azerbaijan Romania San Marino Cyprus

    Edman HuseynEdman HuseynNapja
    • San Marino 🎉🎉

      Ain't yoursAin't yoursNapja
  • Fun fact: Senhit represented San Marino in Eurovision Song Contest 2011

    Ravan VelizadeRavan VelizadeNapja
    • Lol we know

      Ain't yoursAin't yoursNapja
  • She looks a bit scary but very solid song actually

    Marek IhnatMarek IhnatNapja
    • she's not scary... just very energetic, colourful and freaky :D I love her!

      Candy WinterstormCandy Winterstorm16 órája
  • voting it just because its flo rida

  • If Azerbaijan does not win, I want San Marino to win. The country is very small. They did their best for the best performance ever!

    Edman HuseynEdman HuseynNapja
  • My 12 points go to Azerbaijan and San Marino!

    Edman HuseynEdman HuseynNapja
  • How do I get this song out of my mind?

    Camila CasadosCamila CasadosNapja
  • Greece supports San Mariko for this beautiful song ❤️

    lol worldlol worldNapja
  • 2:36 The compiler when you forget to write ; at the end.

    José Manuel SánchezJosé Manuel SánchezNapja
  • 2:16 Her face be like: Yep,I send Flo Rida for San Marino

    Spongey CartoonSpongey CartoonNapja
  • They really said: Flo you got 30 seconds don’t mess it up

    Mad MaxMad Max2 napja
  • Next year is Vatican on the road.

    X YX Y2 napja
  • Good job on the video and makeup!

    dalia2122dalia21222 napja
  • Great Song Republic of San Marino Probably top 10 final Un saluto dall'Italia un ottimo lavoro

    Davide MaggioloDavide Maggiolo2 napja
  • At last a excellent entry from San Marino just hope Flo Rida surprises everyone and shows up in Rotterdam , would be the icing on the cake and might give San Marino their debut win .

    roger keenroger keen2 napja
  • I just listened all songs & I think, this is my favourite. Of course, there is no live version, so I do not know, how it will sound on stage.

    SiiliViinSiiliViin2 napja
  • I like it & when I read composers names, I understand why. They are "good old" Swedish hit makers.

    SiiliViinSiiliViin2 napja
  • I am here everyday to get my dose of ADRENALINA

    Not ShyNot Shy2 napja
  • don't send disslike

    Berk ÇobanBerk Çoban2 napja
  • 🇵🇱😁🇵🇱😁🇵🇱❤️🇸🇲😃🇸🇲😃🇸🇲

    Jakub PiszczekJakub Piszczek2 napja
  • She is like a 21 century cleopatra

    Joep Van delftJoep Van delft2 napja
  • Βρε το μπαγάσα το Μελέτη στο 2:44 κάνει εμφάνιση στη Eurovision :D

    Elli DElli D3 napja
  • flooooooo raiiidaaaaaaaaa

    Alejandro RamosAlejandro Ramos3 napja
  • Would be so funny San Marino winning Eurovision . My house is bigger than the country 😂. Where they would organise the contest ? 🤪🧐

    Jimmy FournyJimmy Fourny3 napja
    • @alessandro peroni maybe in Italy

      Ain't yoursAin't yoursNapja
    • a similar thing had already happened in 1971, when the principality of monaco won, and they organized the event in the united kingdom, so if it win, they will probably do it in italy

      alessandro peronialessandro peroni2 napja
    • In Senhit's backyard probably 🤣

      SemSem3 napja
    • They will not win because the jury 🤦‍♂️

      Matteo SalviniMatteo Salvini3 napja
    • In someones Living room 😂

      Ralf BurghardRalf Burghard3 napja
  • Winner song👏💕

    Marija MirkovMarija Mirkov3 napja
  • This song is so cool and pretty!!! Love from Serbia🇷🇸🤝🇸🇲

    Staša KatanićStaša Katanić3 napja
  • Nicki Minaj doesn't likes this

    A SAA SA3 napja
  • I'll vote for San Marino definitely

    Filip WitFilip Wit3 napja
  • serhat! where are you?

    Hakkı BulutyanHakkı Bulutyan4 napja
  • The fact that they copied Tusse from sweden what Voices melodi is Funny That This copy rats are getting fame for copy the song that won in sweden i think they should ban this song form the contest! Like if you think the same as me

    Andreas MattssonAndreas Mattsson4 napja
    • The composers ARE Swedish

      Stefano MovilliStefano Movilli20 órája
    • What do you mean?

      Ain't yoursAin't yoursNapja
    • whut

      silence's melodysilence's melody3 napja
  • Soo excited to see the performance this song is 🔥🔥🔥

    Oskar BudzynskiOskar Budzynski4 napja
  • 12 points from Azerbaijan

    Tural ƏhmədovTural Əhmədov4 napja
  • I'm burning up with afflictions Gi-give me your full attention I want you to tame my fire now Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh Can't move without your eyes on me It's like my body's yours only So baby, don't leave me lonely now Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh We're like firе and gasoline Come and light it up with me So high on adrenaline You're my adrenalina Just one touch and I'll ignite I'm a flame, I'm dynamite So high on adrenaline You're my adrenalina Flo Rida Senhit got adrenaline (adrenalina) Step in the party, 'cause she know to do my body like hot coals Gasoline, kerosene, stop, drop, roll I can't blame it on the stove 911 when she comin' down the pole Yeah, we're like flames when we touch, can't get enough We get ignited, so excited, you can feel a rush Like cloud fire, more fire when we in the club Put up my lighter, got the heat, she got me burnin' up Whoa, so hot, look at it steam up We got the blaze, so inferno when we team up Hotspot, hot girl, have you seen her? We up in smoke, fireworks, adrenalina (whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh) You got me to this point, don't let go No, I'm not lеavin', not without you You know, and you know I know, oh, oh You know, I know (whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh) We're like firе and gasoline Come and light it up with me So high on adrenaline You're my adrenalina Just one touch and I'll ignite I'm a flame, I'm dynamite So high on adrenaline You're my adrenalina Adrenalina (adrenalina) Adrenalina 'Cause I'm fire now and only you can tame me And like a moth into a flame, I'm burnin' up So won't you get on over here And tell me you can do me right? Baby, can you? Adrenaline We're like firе and gasoline Come and light it up with me So high on adrenaline You're my adrenalina (adrenaline) Just one touch and I'll ignite I'm a flame, I'm dynamite So high on adrenaline You're my adrenalina Adrenalina, na-na Adrenalina (adrenalina) Just one touch and I'll ignite I'm a flame, I'm dynamite So high on adrenaline You're my adrenalina

    Yaroslava HellboundYaroslava Hellbound4 napja
  • Queen of pop

    RéglisseRéglisse4 napja
  • much much much love from italyyy from meeeee

    MichelangeloMichelangelo4 napja
  • Is this directed by Maurizio Cattelan? I clocked those Maurizio chairs immediately

    Froufrou DeluxeFroufrou Deluxe4 napja
  • The Winner!

    Norbert VargaNorbert Varga4 napja
  • Say na-na-na, baby....:))))

    Валентина ЕкатерининаВалентина Екатеринина4 napja
  • LOVE ITTTT ! Greetings from Greece ❤️

    Chin chan ChonChin chan Chon5 napja
  • Senhit ft. Flo Rida

    TNE GamingTNE Gaming5 napja
  • I love this song

    Irene AnublaIrene Anubla5 napja

    Minaj MIXMinaj MIX5 napja
  • I wish she sang like this in live performances....

    ՝ ՝՝ ՝5 napja
  • I'm actually crying.. So good..

    RoRo5 napja
  • Flo Rida is not in Rotterdam

    StefanoStefano5 napja
    • He will be in rotterdam next week

      MarcCS 71MarcCS 714 napja
    • @Stefano Well, I think he's already vaccinated, so perhaps they will let him on stage? Idk tbh. But if he leaves the 14th he's still in time for the jury rehearsals.

      Quentin ReusensQuentin Reusens5 napja
    • @Quentin Reusens HA! Will he? He better fly in now because of the 5-day quarantine...

      StefanoStefano5 napja
    • He will be next week.

      Quentin ReusensQuentin Reusens5 napja
    • No, he is not. stop lying

      Edmund ToryEdmund Tory5 napja

    Andrew ChapranAndrew Chapran5 napja
  • Maybe the best song this year in Esc

    Javier JimenezJavier Jimenez5 napja
  • I hope San Marino gets to the finals, I don’t want it to win necessarily but this is the best they’ve ever had (except the social network song)

    JMJM5 napja
  • 1:49 Thats my favorite part of the ENTIRE Eurovision this year

    AzizT5MAzizT5M5 napja
  • She deserves to win 👌🏻🌟🇸🇲 loves from Turkey🇹🇷

    Asli KarabilginAsli Karabilgin5 napja
  • San Marino Winner! You deserve it

    Daniel FairchapelDaniel Fairchapel5 napja
  • where is Serhat? 😢 he is the San Marino legend of Eurovision.

    Amanda RozaliAmanda Rozali5 napja
    • Serhat legend? 😅

      LuigiLuigi5 napja
  • Senhit >>> Serhat

    AL WinterAL Winter5 napja
  • I wonder if flo rida will come

    Potato PartyPotato Party5 napja
    • He won't 😞

      EuroSpain 21EuroSpain 215 napja
  • A'Keria C Davenport?

    M SM S5 napja
  • Finally! A great song from San Marino! I always want to root for them but they tend to make it difficult, but this time it's gonna be easy!

    Alf TuvikAlf Tuvik5 napja
  • My top ten 1 Israel 2 Australia 3 Italy 4 San Marino 5 Sweden 6 Azerbaijan 7 Malta 8 Switzerland 9 Lithuania 10 Cyprus

    nehdarnehdar6 napja
  • This is epic. But the second verse fucking HITS.

    Jonothan JonesJonothan Jones6 napja
  • If this wins, Italy becomes San Marino ;) Amazing tune! 12 Points from Norway!

    Amitopia TVAmitopia TV6 napja
  • Are any updates on Flo rida????

    Tómas Örn RúnarssonTómas Örn Rúnarsson6 napja
  • Y'all better vote for this. San Marino has to win, it would be SO iconic and would give hope to all of the smaller countries or whatever countries that think they can't win.

    Alex OneAlex One6 napja
    • @Cosmopavone and literally there’s less people in San Marino than in your city of course they won’t send Valentina monetta every time

      Killian DuaKillian Dua16 órája
    • @Toni Yes Luxemburg will return and will rent Post Malone to win the thing...

      CosmopavoneCosmopavone20 órája
    • Maybe Luxembourg will return?

      ToniToni20 órája
    • @Thun the glorious empire is on the edge of economic default.

    • @Cosmopavone Don't worry Bologna will be soon part of the glorious Empire called San Marino.

  • Wtf where is serhat ??

    Emirhan UğurEmirhan Uğur6 napja
  • She is in my top 5 . Maybe top 3 Love from Turkey to Europe

    Emin Ozan ÖztürkEmin Ozan Öztürk6 napja
  • Amazing song! Love and support from Bulgaria

    Никола СпасовНикола Спасов6 napja
  • The sound is so Turkish :)

    Mehmet YasarMehmet Yasar6 napja
    • 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱

      Ain't yoursAin't yours23 órája
  • Adrenalinic twerking

    DaemonDaemon6 napja
  • We stan a queen! Senhit you're our adrenalina!

    KalokerinesDiakopes1KalokerinesDiakopes16 napja
  • Good song but(my opinion sorry if tou like it) it is a bit overrated

    Aggelos KosmidisAggelos Kosmidis6 napja
  • ciekawe może nawet posłucham kilka razy

    SmadoSmado6 napja
  • Flo rida gonna be on stage?????????? Some updating?

    BlacknBlackn7 napja
    • @Nefelibata Nation i really hope so

      BlacknBlackn5 napja
    • At the rehearsal there's a stand in rapper and supposedly graphics on the led wall that say flo rida so it's likely he will be there but not at the first rehearsal

      Nefelibata NationNefelibata Nation5 napja
    • Flo rida will be in Europe???????

      Alex OneAlex One6 napja
    • Flo rida will be at the rehearsal???

      Samuel Alejandro Aguilar RáquiraSamuel Alejandro Aguilar Ráquira6 napja
  • Will San Marino host the first Open Air Eurovision Song Contest? I mean do they even have an arena which is big enough?

    Paul SchoberPaul Schober7 napja
    • Probably in Senhit's backyard or something XD

      SemSem6 napja
  • *San Senhino*

    Ray of lightRay of light7 napja
    • lol

      Emin Ozan ÖztürkEmin Ozan Öztürk6 napja
  • I am obsessed with this. San Marino for the win in 2021! I do hope Flo Rida can make it to Rotterdam for the final.

    Alicia YoungAlicia Young7 napja
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Mateusz ZacharzowskiMateusz Zacharzowski7 napja
  • Lady GАGА & Pitbull

    E40 Project!E40 Project!7 napja
  • finally!!! San Marino with a good pop-dance song!! Good luck!!!!

    R LR L7 napja
  • I would love to see a small country winning the contest. Go for it San Marino!!!

    dk lvdk lv7 napja
  • 2:04-2:35 the only good part of the song

    EllaElla7 napja
  • San Marino for the win!!!!

  • What this video means? Adrenochrome?

    Tana JalleTana Jalle7 napja
  • Can she blink 👀

    Tana JalleTana Jalle7 napja
  • Good luck from Turkey ❤️ ❤️❤️

    ESCmaNgaESCmaNga7 napja
    • Gerçekten çok güzel şarkı

      Emin Ozan ÖztürkEmin Ozan Öztürk6 napja
    • Çok iyi bir sahne performansı da koyarlarsa ortaya zirveyi zorlar bu şarkı. Umarim batirmazlar

      Bloo FosterBloo Foster7 napja
  • She is sick 🤩

    cobra kaicobra kai7 napja
  • Kind of curious to know how the version without Flo Rida will sound on stage in Rotterdam. At this point I am just assuming he won't be there

    EuroSpain 21EuroSpain 217 napja
  • I want this to qualify and do well so badly!!

    EuroSpain 21EuroSpain 217 napja
  • I think I may have found my first guilty pleasure for 2021...

    Alexandros FAlexandros F8 napja
  • bonne chanson. i liked. from chili.

    Carlos ArancibiaCarlos Arancibia8 napja
  • Not that Turkish man this year ?

    Lars SørensenLars Sørensen8 napja