The Roop - Discoteque - Lithuania 🇱🇹 - Official Video - Eurovision 2021

2021.febr. 6.
1 988 496 Megtekintés

The Roop will represent Lithuania at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song Discoteque.
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    Eurovision Song ContestEurovision Song Contest3 hónapja
    • WINNERS 2021

      TheGoaBaseTheGoaBase7 napja
    • Cool that Augmented Reality screen

      Peter VeerPeter Veer14 napja
    • Did the Ja Ja Ding Dong Guy was a dancer for Lithuania?

      Luke FernandezLuke Fernandez17 napja
    • This will better be their best result in Eurovision 😊

      Big BrotherBig BrotherHónapja
    • @ESC CyprusGB J jjj km njj=ok m b6kk==kk ir dar daugiau nei 7 jkmmjoopppiuu7jjjkkkkkkk ( fy /mmm+hh+j==ir jjjkkkkkkk(. +j=

      Irma MarozienėIrma MarozienėHónapja
  • Класна пісня!

    JllicaJllica3 perccel
  • I'm not really into the song.. that choreography, on the other hand 👌👌👌

    Thais B.Thais B.Órája
  • I like it 👍👍👍

    Наталія ЯНаталія Я2 órája
  • Не слушала изначально прошлогоднюю песню,залипла в топ 16 на вас ребята! Оооччччень необычно и вирусно 😍 На повторе 🤪 From Belarus👍

    Ekaterina LeutoEkaterina Leuto4 órája
  • Comeback from right said fred?

    Dave UnglaublichDave Unglaublich6 órája
  • The biggest revelation for me this year is THE ROOP. What exceptional artists! Just exploring their entire back catalogue and this group is amazing! New fan here! Deserves top 5 position for sure.

    Sophie KropmanSophie Kropman10 órája
  • First I was skeptical, but now I BEGIN TO WONDER.... ;-) (love it, love the guitar details, the synth at the chorus, the bass arpeggio, the bell details, the dancing and the costumes)

    Ima BrandIma Brand12 órája
  • I liked On Fire more than Discoteque, but I can't deny this is a catchy as hell and vibey song and I really do hope it will get a good place like it deserves!

    Yoru NokoYoru Noko12 órája
  • Totally 12 points

    ks7alks7al13 órája
  • I feel just creepy after this song :3

    Wykopowy nikczemnikWykopowy nikczemnik14 órája
  • WINNER 🏆

    Julie Ann MulveyJulie Ann Mulvey14 órája
  • Let's discoteque Lithuania!

    Evangelia ChatzisavvaEvangelia Chatzisavva16 órája
  • Норм движ, не вычурно, молодцы!

    Affection TVAffection TV16 órája
  • Качает

    Мария КовальМария Коваль16 órája
  • The strongest LT performance since 2006. Love it.

    Rapolas NutautasRapolas Nutautas17 órája
  • Казимир Чорнопис! Великий голос!!!!!

    Казимир ЧорнописКазимир Чорнопис18 órája
  • Бред

    Виктор АльваресВиктор Альварес18 órája
  • Güzelmiş haa kamera açıları çok iyi Sow iyi şarkı iyi

    mixed trap trapmixed trap trap19 órája
  • ☠️

    Funky KnottingFunky Knotting19 órája
  • Polska wysyła 12.....musicie wygrać Super utwór..

    Radek RokickiRadek Rokicki19 órája
  • Loving it, 12 points from da Netherlands!

    LarsLars20 órája
  • 😜

  • This does not look miraculous at all but still.. there's something what makes it good

    ERO_DaequanERO_Daequan20 órája
  • Лучший

    Данил ПоморцевДанил Поморцев20 órája
  • interesting. 10 from Belarus 💓

    Ď F75xĵĎ F75xĵ21 órája
  • Кто посмотрел весь плейлист и убедился, что музыка с каждым годом все хуже и хуже?

    Tina GellfridgeTina Gellfridge23 órája
  • This is not exciting

    adam rackiadam racki23 órája
  • Perfect description of my social life during COVID quarantine. :) Great entry from Lithuania! Greetings from the USA.

  • Quite unusual but I am getting to like it. Hope you do well

    Ashley DeansAshley DeansNapja
  • Love it!

    Roberta MariaRoberta MariaNapja
  • Dope

    André FinanceAndré FinanceNapja
  • Love from Lapland

    Itay KofmanItay KofmanNapja
  • Lithuania good with 2 things basketball and songs..

    Itay KofmanItay KofmanNapja
  • super quirky!

  • лучшие🇱🇹🇷🇺

    • Spasibo drug...

      marcus abramsmarcus abramsNapja
  • Litauen ist mein Favorit🥇🏆Nice!

    Ju MoJu MoNapja
  • Ни о чем...

    матрешка матрёшкаматрешка матрёшкаNapja
    • а мне очень даже

  • In my opinion, the song of Cyprus is undoubtedly the best, however, the participation of Lithuania will eventually win because it has a different, distinct and special song. Good luck !

    Emilios EpaminondaEmilios EpaminondaNapja
  • Ukraine votes for James corden 😅

    Vika PopadynetsVika Popadynets2 napja
  • А ведь... Тоже неплохо. Хотя и в прошлом году лучше было. Но однозначно в топе. Сложный выбор

    РейверсРейверс2 napja
    • Spasibo vam...

      marcus abramsmarcus abramsNapja
  • The best💔 с любовью из Минска

    olja charmanteolja charmante2 napja
  • Jūs esate ateivi

    Wiktor CegłowskiWiktor Cegłowski2 napja
    • Tu esi ateivis elfas. Jūs turite elfų ausis ir ateivių gestus.

      Wiktor CegłowskiWiktor Cegłowski2 napja
  • Wonderful entry again from Lithuania and again top 5 if not higher .

    roger keenroger keen2 napja
  • No joke this song should win. It's perfect for the time.

    Shark of JoyShark of Joy2 napja
  • Lithuania and Iceland are my two favorites this year!

    Lil' WaffleIronLil' WaffleIron2 napja
  • I'm watching Eurovision for song like this, unique fresh something completly different

    VisorkuVisorku2 napja
  • Greetings from Poland for such a GREAT song. I heard 'On fire' last year and I fell in love with it, and Discoteque is also my favourite :)

    Natalia MarszałowiczNatalia Marszałowicz2 napja
  • 🇵🇱😁🇵🇱😁🇵🇱❤️🇱🇹😃🇱🇹😃🇱🇹

    Jakub PiszczekJakub Piszczek2 napja
    • Vote on Tuesday!😀

      Karolis ČičirkaKarolis Čičirka18 órája
  • Nice song

    Sveriges roligaste klipp GjflSveriges roligaste klipp Gjfl2 napja
  • I love this dude but the 2020 song was much better than this

    simay eva çınarsimay eva çınar2 napja
  • This is my absolute fave! 12 POINTS ❤️ Love from the Netherlands :)

    SterreSterre3 napja
  • Absolutely love this song Lithuanian is my winner's The Roop Band Eurovision Song Contest 2021

    Dave AggDave Agg3 napja
  • Kaunas 2022?😁

    Karolis ČičirkaKarolis Čičirka3 napja
  • 7 points from mexico

    Alejandro RamosAlejandro Ramos3 napja
  • the best entry Lithuania has had in years and i hope it ranks high

    eduardo ramirezeduardo ramirez3 napja
  • So when Lithuania wins eurovision should play we are the winners of eurovision everyones thought 😂😂🤷‍♀️🇱🇹🇱🇹

    Gabriele SalamachinaiteGabriele Salamachinaite3 napja
  • Eurov.

    Eglė nuEglė nu3 napja
  • Ačiū.

    Eglė nuEglė nu3 napja
  • I think that they will brake LT united record set in 2006. And can very likely win esc this year. Good luck.

    Ai KiAi Ki3 napja
  • 0

    Deividas SipaviciusDeividas Sipavicius3 napja
    • Cia buvo abeceles raide...

      marcus abramsmarcus abrams3 napja
  • I love it 🥰 молодцы 👏

    Olga PoliaevaOlga Poliaeva3 napja
    • Spasibo...

      marcus abramsmarcus abramsNapja
  • This is so bad? It has gotten popular because Eurovision can’t stop promote them.

    Grejsi MojsGrejsi Mojs4 napja
    • No

      昔魂 Tozzu昔魂 Tozzu2 napja
  • Plss one fire..

    GeorgeGeorge4 napja
  • Вот в прошлом году песня была намного круче. Но парень настолько харизматичный, что я залипаю на него не зависимо от того, что он поёт. Фантастическая энергетика!

    Polly PollyPolly Polly4 napja
    • Обожаю его мимику, пересматриваю ради нее раз за разом)

      Kate KarpovaKate KarpovaNapja
  • Не могу понять, почему так мало просмотров🥺

    Lera ShechenkovaLera Shechenkova4 napja
    • Strana v klipe ...boljsche 6000000.. tam i kachestvo luche...

      marcus abramsmarcus abrams3 napja
  • Wondered what happened to Louie Spence

    tutes24tutes244 napja
  • Good but the yellow outfit is awful

    g lg l4 napja
  • On Fire👍🏻🤷🏻‍♀️

    saliha aydan alpaslansaliha aydan alpaslan4 napja
  • Мои фавориты в году! 😍👏👏

    Ульяна УльяноваУльяна Ульянова4 napja
    • Spasibo vam...

      marcus abramsmarcus abramsNapja
  • 24 pts goes from me.. i mean Discoteque went On Fire :)

    Tokisakis LTLeagueTokisakis LTLeague4 napja
  • Niestety wokaliście się rozpork otworzył

    Daniel RaggyDaniel Raggy4 napja
  • Good luck brothers from Georgia 🇱🇹🇬🇪

    Lasha SvintradzeLasha Svintradze4 napja
  • My top 15 1 portugal winner 2 lithuany 3 Switerland 4 France 5 San Marino 6 Spain 7 Norway 8 Ireland 9 Germany 10 UK 11Croacia 12Slovenia 13 Bulgary 14 Moldavia 15 North Macedonia

    nimei aliunimei aliu4 napja
  • this could be the winner. very catchy song

    Mr Motley EraMr Motley Era4 napja
  • Epic bruh moment good luck with this

    Samet ÖlçekSamet Ölçek4 napja
  • Dope song. Ukraine gives 12.

    Tasty Not tastyTasty Not tasty5 napja
  • We are not there but 12 point from me to litvanie 😂😂 nice song , greetings from turkey 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

    burkay ileritürkburkay ileritürk5 napja
  • Muse vibes i hear?

    Stavros BatzakasStavros Batzakas5 napja
  • This is super!

    Adv DraugamsAdv Draugams5 napja
  • If there is ANY justice in the world... ESC 2022 Vilnius🇱🇹! Though I do adore Manizha (and Måneskin) almost equally, The Roop should have already won once back in 2020... Break a leg💪 Greetings from Croatia🇭🇷

    Baby GroguBaby Grogu5 napja
  • MALTA Number 1

    BibiBibi5 napja
  • Aaand here is the winner. Thank you. Bye. See you in Vilnius, guys

    Kristīne BobrovaKristīne Bobrova5 napja
  • We need to dance, this shall win.!!!

    LiliLili5 napja
  • Love it!!!!😍

    caaanyouhearitcaaanyouhearit5 napja
  • в прошлом году было лучше (имхо)

    Павел ЛещинскийПавел Лещинский5 napja
  • Skaitau visuose kvartaluose komentarus ir pasirodo užsieniečiai rašo kad ne kas, nieko nepakeitė Lietuva, kad Lietuvos atrankoje buvo kur kas geriau. Greitai reikia keisti bent tuos geltonus rūbus į tuos raudonus kur buvo per M.A.M.A. apdovanojimus kitaip gali būt kad ir finalo nebus

    Vitas BotyriusVitas Botyrius5 napja
  • Победы ребятам) В отсутствие Little Big они лучшие))

    Vadim LeonVadim Leon6 napja
  • NICEEEEE, tikrai (trans.: really) NICE :D . Tampa mano favoritine grupe (trans.: Becomes my favorite group) :)

    Paulius NavickasPaulius Navickas6 napja
  • Хореография хромает конечно очень слабая, у нас в России бомжи пьяные на вокзале примерно так танцуют, ну может даже чуть поинтереснее.

    Kirill KlesKirill Kles6 napja
  • who is here after 1st rehearsal?

    Edmund ToryEdmund Tory6 napja
  • This is so powerful!

    Monika PaulauskaiteMonika Paulauskaite6 napja
  • The soros plan is this song

    Nick DwightNick Dwight6 napja
  • My 12 points goes to you!! Greetings from The Netherlands ♡♡♡

    ArjanVanderbiltArjanVanderbilt6 napja
  • This is horrible what is this

    Talia _Talia _6 napja
  • 12 points from Israel FANTASTIC

    Dorian sDorian s6 napja
  • The roop Greetings from Lithuania and the greatest support.Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    kornelija k Jankauskaitėkornelija k Jankauskaitė6 napja
  • It's so rhythmic. That's great. Good luck! ❤️

    Tanya ZvozdyakTanya Zvozdyak6 napja
  • 0:05

    LisaLisa6 napja
  • А меня зацепило!! Лайк 👍 от России

    Krasniy KubKrasniy Kub6 napja