Vasil 🇲🇰 in the park - Eurovision Song Contest 2021

11 717 Megtekintés

Vasil starts his Sunday morning in the park in Skopje. Namaste.
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  • Мислам дека требаше на некоја ливада да отиде поубаво ќе беше

    Angela ArsovskaAngela Arsovska3 napja
  • Amazing song ...... I’m sure Vasil is an Amazing person !!!!

    Patrick PastorPatrick Pastor11 napja
  • Here I Stand was already disney sounding enough now it feels disney

    UltraHero588UltraHero58812 napja
  • Remember that North Macedonia/North Macedonian must be used ERGA OMNES! 🇧🇬🇧🇬 E R G A O M N E S 🇧🇬🇧🇬 Always and Forever! I am talking to you Vasil.

    666 AMENS666 AMENS12 napja
  • Macedonia 🇬🇷

    Nick KNick K13 napja
  • I like this song a lot. So sad with the reactions to the song.

    Efren Luna PelaezEfren Luna Pelaez14 napja
  • So cute and sweet person, with a beautiful song and lovely voice 🙌🏻🌸🥰 best of luck Vasil and North Macedonia 🇲🇰✨

    SireKrisSireKris14 napja
  • The 2 points from the netherlands go tho north macodonia

    Mark DekkerMark Dekker16 napja
  • Yes we understand it, love and positive energy, you said it about 30 times. LOL Girl you are hilarious and stop hating on Bulgaria!

    TheGoaBaseTheGoaBase18 napja
    • We are neanderthals of modern days wE aRe sTrAiGhT aNd sHeiiiT

      Nazi Racist HomophobeNazi Racist Homophobe12 napja
  • 2020 YOU👍🏻🤷🏻‍♀️

    saliha aydan alpaslansaliha aydan alpaslan18 napja
  • VAGISIL on Mars...

    Mocanu StefanMocanu Stefan18 napja
  • He is creepy

    DavidDavid18 napja
    • @TheGoaBase Everyone should know. People like us are the scum of universe.

      Nazi Racist HomophobeNazi Racist Homophobe12 napja
    • And crappie lol 😂

      TheGoaBaseTheGoaBase18 napja
  • Suddenly I feel like I want to be in that park with Vasil! 😍

    Francesca SantambrogioFrancesca Santambrogio18 napja
  • Okay, it's official. Vasil is a Disney princess!

    MarJovMarJov18 napja
    • Yep

      UltraHero588UltraHero58812 napja
  • Hi ,Vasil! Luck from Bulgaria! 🙏

    Мария НедковаМария Недкова19 napja
  • Sending my love from Turkey to Skopje. Don't be bothered by homophobics. Cheers 🇹🇷🏳️‍🌈🇲🇰

    TaysteeTaystee19 napja
  • *1937: *Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs* *2021:*Vasil*

    DušanDušan19 napja
  • *1951: *Alice in Wonderland** *2021: *Vasil**

    DušanDušan19 napja
  • Ich hoffe das wird ein derbe nicer ESC! ❤️🌈

    Black Star ASMRBlack Star ASMR19 napja
  • This video has very big vibe of 90's videos

    Emil KalinovskiEmil Kalinovski19 napja
  • Qué mono, qué lindo Vasil! Mucha suerte guapo!

    Martín FerroMartín Ferro19 napja
  • Oh, he is doing yoga! I love it! You are great, Vasil!❤️

    Н АН А19 napja
  • What a sweet guy with a great Voice and good habits Namaste!

    Paul SullivanPaul Sullivan19 napja
  • this must be a joke ... one day, we will wake up and realise is was a joke ... this is not real, this is a dream ... ;-)

    InterlacedGeekInterlacedGeek19 napja
  • Vasil has good luck, I have barely time to go to the park now with pandemic, life had become very stressful, I spend almost all the day with duties in front of the laptop. I wish this is coming to an end soon.

    MortenLongbottomMortenLongbottom19 napja
  • I want Vasil to win Eurovision. It's a great song.

    TexasGuyTexasGuy19 napja
    • last place for sure

      DavidDavid17 napja
  • This men si sooo cringing

    Alan TGJAlan TGJ20 napja
  • He is such a positive person

    MKMK20 napja
  • I like a lot with chorus of pigeon bird, good sound in it ^^ Very good interview ^^ feel so peaceful with him ^^ Good luck and hope you will get the final , greeting from Belgium ♥

    NickycanNickycan20 napja
  • Why these random videos?

  • Corny.

    DEFDEF20 napja
  • he is not a representative of macedonia and the people in macedonia. do not promote it anymore that it represents Macedonia

    Ivan PartaloskiIvan Partaloski20 napja
    • Get over yourself and your nationalism.

      Srdjan SavicSrdjan Savic17 napja
    • @zlatko *Take him home if he is a Macedonian national treasure, Todor Proeski was the only treasure Republic of Macedonia had. I'm sorry for laughing at you but your comment made me laugh!*

      Le PiafLe Piaf19 napja
    • Vasil is Macedonia's national treasure. Thank you for kind energy, amazing voice, and a classy song. Make us proud ☀ 🇲🇰

      zlatkozlatko20 napja
  • He’s so sweet, well spoken and an amazing singer. I feel so bad he’s getting so much crap from his own country. He deserves better.

    Eric VisserEric Visser20 napja
    • sorta agree with that. it's not the best song though.

      BaxTheRedBaxTheRed12 napja
    • 38 > 1 :D

      Miguel AlmeidaMiguel Almeida15 napja
  • I have hard time watching this video because of the sh*tty song playing in the background.

    ElveonElveon20 napja
  • ok

    hatrið mun sigrahatrið mun sigra20 napja
  • Next video about Vasil🇲🇰: to WALK ON WATER (IRA LOSCO, MALTA🇲🇹 FROM 2016)

    LovroLovro20 napja
  • Well this was a bit random but it's lovely. Vasil seems so precious! Sending my love to you from France!

    LilblueorchidLilblueorchid20 napja
  • Ahhh, good old Balkan camera quality

    ShroomishShroomish20 napja
  • En France on a une série de livres pour enfants qui s'appelle "Martine" : "Martine à la plage", "Martine adopte un chien" etc. Et je propose la même chose avec Vasil 😂

    Gatien MignotGatien Mignot20 napja
    • Hahahahahah c'est drôle 😂😂😂 On a la même série de livres aussi ici, en Turquie. Qui s'appellent "Ayşegül à la plage" etc... Mdrrr, t'as raison 😂😂

      Erdim MusluErdim Muslu15 napja
    • Je pense qu'on a tellement été matrixé par Gaëlle Garcia Diaz avec Martine que ça pourrait le faire en vrai 😂

      Alex NAlex N17 napja
    • We also have those books in Portugal 😅

      Joana GomesJoana Gomes18 napja
    • 😂😂

      Grace PearsonGrace Pearson20 napja
    • Mdr, vrai 🤣🤣🤣

      Mariam StépanyanMariam Stépanyan20 napja
  • Here I stand is underrated Good Luck from Poland 🇵🇱❤️🇲🇰

    Mateusz GołębiowskiMateusz Gołębiowski20 napja
    • Just means that the haters don't appreciate beauty i love this and hope it qualifies and shuts the haters up being autistic I'm liking the more gentle songs and also embers

      Kimberley LloydKimberley Lloyd20 napja
  • Good English 👍🇲🇰

    Sylwia KukSylwia Kuk20 napja
  • He seems to live in the clouds. Love it!

    DenisDenis20 napja
  • Yes, lets watch a random Guy visiting a Park and doing Yoga

    Tobias LackingerTobias Lackinger20 napja
  • Macedonia is Greece 🇬🇷 You are Slavic! Bulgarian!

    Vasilis RestasVasilis Restas20 napja
    • You are vulgar Roman actuly

      Jane ZaJane Za2 napja
    • Shtf

      Andrej DimovAndrej Dimov20 napja
  • Vasil come to Poland please!!!

    ESC SylwixESC Sylwix20 napja
  • random random random

    ESC IvetaESC Iveta20 napja
  • He will probably land on the second place . From the bottom. In SF.

    Крошка АнтошкаКрошка Антошка20 napja
    • wE aRe sTrAiGhT aNd sHeiiiT

      Nazi Racist HomophobeNazi Racist Homophobe12 napja
    • @Srdjan Savic exactly! It is where his fake attitude coming from!

      Крошка АнтошкаКрошка Антошка17 napja
    • @Крошка Антошка Um did you ever think thats because he spent the majority of his life in the USA?

      Srdjan SavicSrdjan Savic17 napja
    • @Крошка Антошка This sentence doesn't mean anything. Can you improve it ?

      D MD M20 napja
    • @D M well you do read and others

      Крошка АнтошкаКрошка Антошка20 napja
  • Why does he speak like an American pastor? Sounds so fake!

    Mark EinsteinMark Einstein20 napja
  • Be the reason someone smiles. Be the reason someone feels loved and believes in the goodness in people.

    stayhappylittle mermaidstayhappylittle mermaid20 napja
  • Another bottom. Sad.

    Edmund ToryEdmund Tory20 napja
  • I'm a simple guy. If I see Vasil, I put like 👍

    Samat S.Samat S.20 napja
    • .. And me dislike!

      TheGoaBaseTheGoaBase18 napja
  • Love North Macedonia from Poland🇵🇱❤🇲🇰

    ESC_VictorESC_Victor20 napja
  • good morning! Sunday morning! Eurofans ❤️

    Jordan ChanJordan Chan20 napja
  • Awh, he seems so sweet!! And his song is lovely! :) Love from the UK!

    KirstyKirsty20 napja
  • Love these kind of videos! Good luck Vasil!

    Ivana GalicIvana Galic20 napja
  • The song isn't good... Too boring... The park, looks nice, though.... 😒

    Σ ΜΣ Μ20 napja
  • Personally i dont like the song of Macedonia this year... 2019 song was much better. Anyway good luck!

    Another GunAnother Gun20 napja
    • North

      Ασημινα ΓκικαΑσημινα Γκικα20 napja
  • Good luck vasil

    Hellp me rech 1000 subbs witout any VideoosHellp me rech 1000 subbs witout any Videoos20 napja
  • 0:14 Such an avantgarde editing. I feel like I'm watching a film by Stan Brakhage or Guy Maddin

    poopiepoopie20 napja
    • @D M 1) I didn't say it was bad. Have you ever watched Brakhage and Maddin? They are the most respectable and influential experimental film makers. 2) I'm not competing in writing the best/worst comment, I'm sharing my honest opinion. If you don't like or understand it, then something is fundamentally wrong with you as a social human being.

      poopiepoopie20 napja
    • Anyway much better than all your negative comments !

      D MD M20 napja
  • Accurate title: Vasil 🇲🇰 pretends to feed winged rats with someone else's bread crumbs in the park - Eurovision Song Contest 2021.

    poopiepoopie20 napja
    • You're not funny at all

      D MD M20 napja
  • too cringy video

    Mateo Antonio SvenssonMateo Antonio Svensson20 napja
  • He is so sweet.i wish him good luck in the contest.big love from 🇮🇱

    Dafna AfDafna Af20 napja
  • I thought a Waterloo cover was random, until I saw a video where an artist shows his sunday morning routine.

    narilazypawnarilazypaw20 napja
    • @Sahi PK true, but it still comes in very randomly.

      RubiiRubii20 napja
    • Being the most iconic ESC entry of all time, Waterloo videos on the ESC channel are never random.

      Sahi PKSahi PK20 napja
  • Vasil is so sympathetic person. I love him

    ESC_ARISESC_ARIS20 napja
    • @Edmund Tory oh yeah ic what u mean now

      6 96 919 napja
    • @Edmund Tory i am greek lmao

      ESC_ARISESC_ARIS20 napja
    • @Lost Figure that does not make.any sense. Just shut up please

      Edmund ToryEdmund Tory20 napja
    • @Edmund Tory amazing how you're able to read their mind lmao. Ever considered that they genuinely meant that Vasil is sympathetic, and not necessarily "kind"?

      Lost FigureLost Figure20 napja
    • @6 9 Yes, but it means 'the one who sympathizes with someone' and NOT 'kind' or 'nice', as this person wanted it to use for

      Edmund ToryEdmund Tory20 napja
  • Very good song, much better than other countries...

    Alexander MoscowAlexander Moscow20 napja
    • Thanks from 🇲🇰

      Andrej DimovAndrej Dimov20 napja
  • Next to us is VASİL .Step to success .AZERBAIJAN supports you🇦🇿

    🕸️🖤🕷️⛓️💣🐼🕸️🖤🕷️⛓️💣🐼20 napja
    • 🧼

  • Hope that he will qualify.... I like the song❤Its very underrated Go Vasil🧡❤ Good luck from Cyprus🇨🇾❤🇲🇰

    Mpampas souMpampas sou20 napja
  • Next video: Vasil 🇲🇰 visiting Disneyland

    Danilo ObradovićDanilo Obradović20 napja
    • @Linda Kristine Kjørlibråten Tivoli ? A brand new EBU country member ? 🙄🤔😉😜

      D MD M19 napja
    • @UC0RwF6XSpkoGWSBneZbaJww Macedonia and Greece already left behind those issues. Get over it troll

      MortenLongbottomMortenLongbottom19 napja
    • Not Vasil in USA Disneyland at least...

      MortenLongbottomMortenLongbottom19 napja
    • Hrhrhrhrhr.

      Black Star ASMRBlack Star ASMR20 napja
    • @esc diamond king Ok...... yes of course..... I remember now. It's been ages since I heard about it. However, Disney land in France and Poland, Kongeparken in Norway, Liseberg Sweden, Tivoli, Denmark..... It shouldn' lack of fairytales in front of Eurovision.

      Linda Kristine KjørlibråtenLinda Kristine Kjørlibråten20 napja
  • A lot of sitting for a guy who sings about standing

    Thomas HThomas H20 napja
    • but also "Here I Stand On One Leg"

      Absurd BirdAbsurd Bird7 napja
    • 🤣🤣

      Miguel AlmeidaMiguel Almeida15 napja
    • ahahaha

      Antonio Di RuoccoAntonio Di Ruocco20 napja
    • Here I stand is actually about the fact that he is on earth.

      Sarah O HalloranSarah O Halloran20 napja
    • That's a good one!

      Black Star ASMRBlack Star ASMR20 napja
  • Vasil is close to be a pastor ( its just a joke )

    Nathaniel CuisiaNathaniel Cuisia20 napja
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    pguilherminopguilhermino20 napja
  • This video makes me relax. Thanks.

    Андрюша БолконскийАндрюша Болконский20 napja
  • This video is a it random but you what is random? He looks like the older version of someone I went to school with.

    Roosa SnkegiRoosa Snkegi20 napja
  • Do you have a quota of crap videos to upload? I'm looking forward to Lesley Roy being interviewed going to Greggs for a steak bake or Rafal from Poland talking about the beauty of music outside a library.

    AnonymousAnonymous20 napja
    • Go back to your anonymous life and let people enjoy these videos !

      D MD M20 napja
    • I think they should do some other videos about the german and swede entries why not smh

      doxdeedoxdee20 napja
  • Херня какая-то

    Minotavr musicMinotavr music20 napja
  • Good luck!

    Linda Kristine KjørlibråtenLinda Kristine Kjørlibråten20 napja
  • Bit random but I love it

    Esc DenmarkEsc Denmark20 napja
  • I wish he had a chance to qualify, but his song seems so unpopular he may finish last in his SF.

    LunarosLunaros20 napja
    • @Ana Stasia I fear so. Slovenia is my favourite in SF1 and it really hurt when it got put 2nd in the RO

      LunarosLunaros19 napja
    • @Eurovision Macedonia Austria and Portugal weren't unpopular. This is just a personal feeling tho but I think he will make it to the final mostly thanks to the juries though if the performance reminds of a musical he might do decent in televoting.

      Ang VarAng Var20 napja
    • Azerbaijan 2011, Austria 2014 and Portugal 2017 won so...

      Eurovision MacedoniaEurovision Macedonia20 napja
  • This is the most random video I’ve seen in a while

    daphnefleurdaphnefleur20 napja
    • Same. Enjoyed it though

      Viktorija BogdanaitėViktorija Bogdanaitė19 napja
    • Yes

      ESC QuicxerESC Quicxer20 napja
  • me: at quarantine vasil: at park me: -_-

    Harry17Harry1720 napja
    • @poopie ... says the guy who practices body shaming and sexism against Destiny !

      D MD M20 napja
    • So what's your problem? Go outside. Your government is your worst enemy.

      poopiepoopie20 napja
  • Macedonia 🇲🇰

    Eurovision MacedoniaEurovision Macedonia20 napja
    • Macedonia 🇬🇷

      DimidruggDimidrugg20 napja
    • Korea

      Крошка АнтошкаКрошка Антошка20 napja
  • Hej

    Otto BrunnbergOtto Brunnberg20 napja
  • Namaste 🙏

    Alexandra DionisiAlexandra Dionisi20 napja
  • First

    AlextraordinaryAlextraordinary20 napja
    • @yyaahhzxc fifth😄

      TheCheeseTopsVeVoTheCheeseTopsVeVo20 napja
    • Fourth?

      yyaahhzxcyyaahhzxc20 napja
    • Third🤌

      TheCheeseTopsVeVoTheCheeseTopsVeVo20 napja
    • Congrats

      Alexandra DionisiAlexandra Dionisi20 napja