When Eurovision gets AWKWARD!!

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The live nature of the show will always be one of the most exiting elements. Today we look at some examples, when the Eurovision Song Contest got slightly awkward.
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  • Eurovision roasts itself 😂😂😂🤘🏿🤘🏿

    You got no jamsYou got no jams30 perccel
  • 1:51 her reaction is adorable, and she is adorable. I wish more women looks as natural as back then, it is beautiful 😍 can't compare with nowadays ,,beauty" if you know what I mean :)

    Serbian TravelerSerbian Traveler2 napja
  • 6:18 I CAN'T☠️☠️☠️

    Matei BurguiMatei Burgui3 napja
  • -Good evening, Yugoslavia. May I have your votes, please? -I don't have it

    TaranWanderer2TaranWanderer23 napja
  • Wrong message Eurovision. Kissing your friend on cheek is not awkward. Stop brainwashing people

    Stella AsterStella Aster4 napja
  • Carola is always over reacting and doing like a spoilt 12 years old girl! So fake

    James FoxJames Fox6 napja
  • 2010 Spain XD

    TheoYTvidsbatTheoYTvidsbat12 napja
  • gemini.

    potterpotty01potterpotty0116 napja
  • 6:26 been seeing this clip but anyone knows what happened next?

    Jojo ElioJojo Elio17 napja
  • 2016 Spain was a staged fall.

    Ran MunRan Mun21 napja
  • Spain2010

    It's MeIt's Me24 napja
  • Why not to add moments when someone distracts performance? 😜

    Edvardas JusiusEdvardas Jusius25 napja
  • it took me 2 seconds the regonize that the commentary was in danish when she "lost her clothes" i think when Søren dropped the trophy was very funny made.

    SaballicaSaballica27 napja
  • :))))))))))))))))))))))))

    Gabriella KarvakGabriella Karvak28 napja
  • It's the best part.... It's full of fun

  • Omg 🤷🤷

    İts very Goldİts very GoldHónapja
  • Ukraine 2011 When Mika Newton song was not played at once

    Я КРУТЯ КРУТHónapja
  • When the hell do the international jury go smoothly?

    Spicy LemonsSpicy LemonsHónapja
  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Spain 1990s

    Robert JanusRobert JanusHónapja
  • If it was up to date, they would add the music stopping deliberately during Lea Sirk's performance in ESC2018!

    French HufflepuffieFrench HufflepuffieHónapja
  • Forget Poland's 2010 performance, the last 30 seconds are awkward as heck.

  • the moment with Jamala in 2017, that guy with Australian flag made my day.

    Take it EasyTake it EasyHónapja
  • Romania 2017 Eurovision 2006 Eurovision 1983 Eurovision 2016 Eurovision 1998 Eurovision 1966 Eurovision 2006 Eurovision 1999 Eurovision 2005 Eurovision 2004 Spain 1990 Eurovision 2009 Estonia 2017 Armenia 2014 Eurovision 1999 United Kingdom 2009 Eurovision 1985 Eurovision 2016 Eurovision 2000 Spain 2016 Estonia 2010

    Vera KarasaniVera Karasani2 hónapja
  • And there’s the “just dO IT FOR YOUR LOOOooOooOooVVEeeEeeR.”

    Minh Nhật PhạmMinh Nhật Phạm2 hónapja
  • 6:21 wasn’t a fail, it was part of the act. This was 2013’s interval act.

    Scott MurphyScott Murphy6 hónapja
  • "I don't like it it's going too smoothly" - famous last words.

    Ao ToraAo Tora6 hónapja
  • If it is of any consolation to Dima, his stage walk is the only thing I remember from that contest, and my earliest eurovision memory. I didn't get that he was stuck, I just found the walking to take waay too long.

    HysminaiHysminai8 hónapja
  • There's nothing worse than listening to a crap shallow ballad on the Eurovision Song Contest God give us all strength

    Tony AllyTony Ally9 hónapja
  • If you are a songwriter you have got to be desperate to go on the Eurovision Song Contest lol cruel but true

    Tony AllyTony Ally9 hónapja
  • Alexander Rybak kissing Lena when she won in 2010

    Luca TVLuca TV10 hónapja
  • What was that last one?

    MelodiaTodoElDiaMelodiaTodoElDia10 hónapja
    • Maybe late but I want to answer it anyway. It was Estonia's entry in 2010 I think.

      HafizhWKHafizhWK8 hónapja
  • I wish there are asiavission

    Alraffy DugasanAlraffy Dugasan10 hónapja
  • I just came for Mans

    18MWM8118MWM8110 hónapja
  • 1:13 :))))

    Nico PavlovNico Pavlov10 hónapja
  • 9:00:00:00:00

    Francis Gabriel L AbordoFrancis Gabriel L Abordo10 hónapja
  • Arkadaşlar yine rezil mi olduk şu türkiye sunucuların olduğu kısmı biri anlatabilir mi 😂😅

    Ayla YılmazAyla Yılmaz10 hónapja
  • 6:20 This is realy awkward - a flag of something that doesn't exist

    Никола РадовановићНикола Радовановић11 hónapja
  • that fall from spain was intended

    AzuryAzury11 hónapja
  • 1:50 that was so cute. I wanna hug her!

    Nicholas DanielNicholas Daniel11 hónapja
  • And the winner is Måns: Just make something up United Kingdom! 😂

    esc nnsesc nnsÉvvel
  • Oh please! Place some meme sounds sometimes

  • 2:58 OMG 💜

    Defne SaylıkDefne SaylıkÉvvel
  • When Greece and Cyprus award each other 12 points, when Azerbaijan award Russia 12 points, when Azerbaijan and Armenia never award each other points etc etc

    Gary CommentsGary CommentsÉvvel
  • What's your number I bet it's 69-69-69 *_Nice_*

  • slovenia 2018 music instrumental dissapears

    coelho galaticocoelho galaticoÉvvel
  • All the Swedish moments were rehearsed, and there are a lot more of it. xD

    Daniel FilippusDaniel FilippusÉvvel
  • Coronavirus is awkward to Eurovision!!! 🙃😖😷🤯

    Cassandra Rodén ft From Russia With MetalheadsCassandra Rodén ft From Russia With MetalheadsÉvvel
  • 1:43 she is so beautiful and her gorgious laugh!!

  • The most awkward moment was when a bearded women won the contest hanving no voice at atll.

    Mobile RecordingsMobile RecordingsÉvvel
  • When in 2018 someone stole SuRie's microfone the English singer representing England

    spikey talspikey talÉvvel
  • 2:04

    Markie MarkMarkie MarkÉvvel
  • I remember when the Iceland heavy metal band last year in Israel, showed a Palestine flag during the account of the points. That was awkward

    Kevin FuenmayorKevin FuenmayorÉvvel
  • one more moment when Heroes was performed at 2.35 min man with camera ran and in the video theres you can see a part of his arm

  • 1:55 I'm just gonna say OK.

    Slaven MiricSlaven MiricÉvvel
  • Spain 2017

    Carlos LamelaCarlos LamelaÉvvel
  • Australia and Spain’s voice cracks in 2017 I think

    Darth KermitDarth KermitÉvvel
  • 6:23 This hurts too much

    Mohamed WafyMohamed WafyÉvvel
  • I mostly liked the one at 6:24


  • What song is 6:22 ?

    Joaquin AbubakarJoaquin AbubakarÉvvel
  • Meltem Cumbul ve Korhan what’s his name süper beceriksiz ve amatördünüz, biliyorsunuz değil mi?👎🏻

  • When the comentary sings a bit to Swedens song in 1968

  • 6:33 the oficial videoclip includes that fall

    El de la esquina desde 1967El de la esquina desde 1967Évvel
  • 6:19 what song is this. Or which entry?

    Patrickb 435Patrickb 435Évvel
  • This wasn't even worth watching. Fucktard

    Sean AllanSean AllanÉvvel
  • One of the backup dancers falling in Spain's performance in 2008

    Doge dogDoge dogÉvvel
  • 6:18 best part to me.

    Daniel BlancoDaniel BlancoÉvvel
  • 0:41 Måns is so right x'D

    Oku Of CourseOku Of CourseÉvvel
  • Who else cracked up at 6:19

    lululoves 11lululoves 11Évvel
  • Why is The Netherlands so gringe hahha. I didn't know it was that bad.

    Elise WiersmaElise WiersmaÉvvel
  • Cuando Barei se cayó al suelo no fue un error, estaba planeado y en el video lo han sacado como si se hubiese equivocado. No lo veo justo😕

    Belén PovedaBelén PovedaÉvvel
  • When France tell for who goes their 12 point 🙄

    swiss boiswiss boiÉvvel
  • Eurovision(euro is europe not australia,philipines,..)

    Dincic AlexDincic AlexÉvvel

    Filip KostovskiFilip KostovskiÉvvel
  • 1:05 - 1:20 XD XD XD XD

    sandra gonzalezsandra gonzalezÉvvel
  • 6:27 - SH*T

  • Terry Wogan was great

  • I don't have it

    Kaitlin BilousKaitlin BilousÉvvel
  • thats a YIKES from me

    Eric BEric BÉvvel
  • Estonia get's alot of issues and technical problems in Eurovision, there was a camera fail at Grand Final Eurovision 2019 when Estonia was up.

  • The entire 2017 Montenegro performance was awkward to watch.

  • 2:53 My two last brain cells before a math exam

  • I can't believe this could be condensed to 6:45 min.

  • Wow, 5:40.


  • 1:44 was so adorable

    Smile_With MESmile_With MEÉvvel
    • ikr?

      ggoddfggoddf20 napja
  • I don’t understand why this video isn’t infinite hours long...

    Serena LSerena LÉvvel
  • When Alexander Rybak kissed Lena Meyer Landruth from behind right before she went on stage to sing her song again.

  • 00:06 AZ

    Rugia 22Rugia 22Évvel
  • 6:12 respect for that woman for doing that in what looks to be before it was acceptable to pull stunts like that

    Kevin SpeeKevin SpeeÉvvel
  • You forgot that part when a guy shows his ass to the camera.

  • Winner 2018

  • 1:43 So lovely

    Taciano SouzaTaciano SouzaÉvvel
  • They missed the biggest error/gaffe in Eurovision history.... handing the winner's trophy to that drunk JamaWHO over the true winner Dami Im.

    Jam SlamJam SlamÉvvel
  • United Kingdom 2018 Jamala 2017 Spain 2010

    Alex MLGAlex MLGÉvvel
  • Я не понял, что случилось с Испанией? Они так красиво танцевали, а потом вдруг сделали недовольный вид и ушли, размахивая руками

    Владимир СтепановВладимир СтепановÉvvel

    Nick KNick KÉvvel
  • The production in Tell Aviv 2019 was perfectttt

    Eli GEli GÉvvel
  • Do it for your looouhhhxnqywhvverrrr

  • My birthday