Who is the biggest diva of Eurovision 2019?

2019.máj. 1.
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During the promo tour the artists have spend a lot of time together. How much do they know about each other? We asked Jonida Maliqi from Albania, Miki from Spain, Katerine Duska from Greece and Lake Malawi from Czech Republic the following questions:
- Who is the biggest party animal?
- Who can hit the highest note?
- Who is the biggest Eurovision fan?
- Who is the most beautiful artist of Eurovision 2019?
- Who is the biggest diva?
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  • The biggest Diva ahahahha Jonida is like : can i say myself?

    icallmyselfginoicallmyselfgino6 napja
  • Sergey the biggest diva... the SHADE

    ach nixach nix25 napja
  • Highest note - Kate Miller Heidke no doubt!

  • nobody: jonida: iceland me: YESS GURL I AGREE

    Yelena Lankeren, vanYelena Lankeren, van3 hónapja
  • Jonida Is the Diva and her song OMG 😍😍 and the music of that song it breaks my heart, I don’t think we will ever see something extraordinary like this again in Eurovision, thank you Albania for your beautiful singers that we get to know them 🙌🙌

    Music lover GuyMusic lover Guy3 hónapja
  • Jonida said England cause she know what's up

    No It's Fine ReallyNo It's Fine Really4 hónapja
  • Biggest fan on Eurovision: Serhat🇸🇲 Nevena🇷🇸: hold my beer

    Soccer and FootballSoccer and Football4 hónapja
  • Jonida 😅😍😍🇦🇱 Super cute 😀

    Vincenzo BVincenzo B4 hónapja
  • Jonida is not a diva. The diva is Jonida!

    King EKing E8 hónapja
  • Where is Sergey???

    Bora Altan AlpayBora Altan Alpay8 hónapja
  • Jonida very well knows she herself is the biggest diva lmao

    Sanne VSanne V9 hónapja
  • Jonida is Diva Her voice is amazing

    ed musiced music10 hónapja
  • The biggest diva is Bilal forma France!

  • I did imagine Jonida being a diva.

    esc nnsesc nns11 hónapja
  • Who is the biggest eurovision fan? Everyone: Joci and Serhat because it's their second time here. Sergey and Tamara: okay it's fine

    Norbert TothNorbert TothÉvvel
    • Nevena 3rd time 😂 I guess she's the boss

      Versace_666Versace_66610 hónapja
  • Jonida : England me: it’s United Kingdom not England

    blings craneblings craneÉvvel
  • The bigest Diva Is Nevena Božović

  • Me: *sees this* My mind: Viva la diva! Viva Victoria! Aphrodita!

    Gabriel RochaGabriel RochaÉvvel
  • Diva? Wth! Why didn't anyone say Billal from France??!?!

  • *Biggest eurovision fan* No one said Sergey? He also participated twice.

    Sonicalibur IIISonicalibur IIIÉvvel
  • I love how they all said serhat and none said Sergey in the fan one when both of them and joci have competed 2 times. Not even the 3rd choice.

    Golden Wither Phoenix 13Golden Wither Phoenix 13Évvel
  • We all know that Jonida is the biggest diva of Eurovision

    Musicana ALMusicana ALÉvvel
  • For me is the most diva Albania

    Ninjago FanThingsNinjago FanThingsÉvvel
  • Katerine: Sergey LazÁrev Russians: my ears x(((

    nishimiya shokonishimiya shokoÉvvel

    Sophie AgafonovSophie AgafonovÉvvel
  • She’s on the thumbnail

    /ᐠ . ֑ . ᐟ\ノ k/ᐠ . ֑ . ᐟ\ノ kÉvvel
  • We stand mikeliot

    Miguel López -Belmonte RiveroMiguel López -Belmonte RiveroÉvvel
  • Srbuk is THE diva

    Alexis GeorgiadisAlexis GeorgiadisÉvvel
  • I loved Jonida’s last answer

    Alexis GeorgiadisAlexis GeorgiadisÉvvel
  • I STAN Katerine and Srbuk, and seeing them mentioning each other makes me so happy 🥰

    Sonetta 777Sonetta 777Évvel
  • Everyone:*paying attention to what they say Me:YES U GONNA LIKE IT LET ME IN UR HEART "" LETS BREAK THE RULES "" BABY REPEAT MY MOVES!!! Most beautiful:zena srbuk!!!!!😍😍😍 Edit:tamta too

    random rexhar passing byrandom rexhar passing byÉvvel
  • Hatari are the real divas

  • Katerine Duska thinks that Mahmood is the most beautiful and Bilal Hassani is the diva! Me too I think all of it! Mahmood ❤️ Bilal Hassani ❤️

    Francesca CanonacoFrancesca CanonacoÉvvel
  • la mas diva es Tamta, no para de moverse sexy, jaja

    Atenea es sabiaAtenea es sabiaÉvvel
  • Minuto 2:35 Al fin alguien que lo dice!!😍 la carita de enamorado que se le pone, jjaja

    Atenea es sabiaAtenea es sabiaÉvvel
  • Klemens or you’re wrong

    Noulie MikaelaNoulie MikaelaÉvvel
  • 1:35 sorry but Nevena(🇷🇸) participated at junior eurovision, she was back singer for serbia 2011, she represented serbia 2013 in "moje tri" and this year soo...that is 4 times at eurovision so she is biggest esc fan🤣

  • Sergey LAzarev)))

  • those czech guys are great for porn

    Edmund ToryEdmund ToryÉvvel
  • 1.France 2.Albania 3.Russia 4.Island Yeah I think they found the most Diva of Eurovision they are I think 100% Diva's for sure😅

    Greece SelenatorsGreece SelenatorsÉvvel
    • @Mendel I agree

      Greece SelenatorsGreece SelenatorsÉvvel
    • Konstantinos Panagiotidis Lazarev is the biggest diva , he has 4m on his Instagram account, while others have less than 700k

  • You are right Duncan is very handsome 😍

    Jamila JamilaJamila JamilaÉvvel
  • The biggest Diva is Sergey Lazarev!!! Russia!!!!! ❤❤❤

  • yaaaaas, Katerine is beautiful, you're right 😊

    Penny K.Penny K.Évvel
  • Katerine... I stan!!

    Ruby GiraffesRuby GiraffesÉvvel
  • MIKI!!! Great answer to who is the most beautiful!

    Ruby GiraffesRuby GiraffesÉvvel
  • На русском, please

    Михаил ВоронцовМихаил ВоронцовÉvvel
  • What happen with Miki and Eliot?

    Ajier MaputjaAjier MaputjaÉvvel
    • they are always together

  • I ship Sbruk and Katherine Duska❤️❤️

    • I think she has a crush on her

  • Isn't "Diva" about women? How can Lazarev be diva?)

    • and Iceland, yes

  • Pff Nevena Božović is diva. ❤️🇷🇸

    Tatjana AnđićTatjana AnđićÉvvel
  • 2:08 ill ship them.

  • The most beautiful is Zena 🇧🇾

    Rita CardelusRita CardelusÉvvel
  • Are the guys of Lake Malawi subtly (not so subtly) saying Duncan is a bit vain? 😂 We've found the flaw in all that perfection? (I mean, he can write lyrics, compose, sings really well, his performances were all incredible, he seems super nice and cute...Seems even too good to be true) Also, no one mentioning Bilal as the biggest Eurovision fan (probably that showed more in the interviews he's done in France) and only one thinking of him as the diva? Come on! Positively meant, he is! Always on fleek. Love him.

    Giulia NovatiGiulia NovatiÉvvel
  • Thank you soooo much Katerine 🇦🇲❤️🇬🇷❤️🇦🇲❤️🇬🇷

    Eduard NavoyanEduard NavoyanÉvvel
  • Jonida 😍❤

    GI ZAGI ZAÉvvel
  • Zena Tamta

    Bedir AsciogluBedir AsciogluÉvvel
  • Someone is crushing to Katerine 😅

    Eleni SkarpalezosEleni SkarpalezosÉvvel
  • La mejor Mónica Naranjo, sin lugar a dudas

    Sirena blancaSirena blancaÉvvel
  • Not Lazarev 😐😐😐

    Ilya Keegan SergeevIlya Keegan SergeevÉvvel
  • Jonida Zemra❤❤

  • The biggest diva is Maruv

  • HANDS OFF...

    Litsa MacriLitsa MacriÉvvel
  • I think Cyprus

    Xaris GeorgiouXaris GeorgiouÉvvel
  • Bilal is one of the biggest ESC fans too; just because he's there for the first time, doesn't mean he's not a fan 😂😭

  • Me encanta esta entrevista, pero el más guapo de euorvisión fue Miki

    Pol JailsPol JailsÉvvel
  • Ummm Klemens is the biggest diva

    a persona personÉvvel
  • Hatari are the only divas.

  • When Lake Malawi said “Bilal” i felt that 🤧

    Smiling AlpacaSmiling AlpacaÉvvel
  • 1:32 England is my city

    Mihail GerasimovskiMihail GerasimovskiÉvvel
  • 1:04 wait NO NEDERLANDS?!?!

    Olivia MadikaOlivia MadikaÉvvel

    Eda JusufEda JusufÉvvel
  • The woman from serbia is the most beautiful!

    Μιχαήλ ΚρεμμυδαςΜιχαήλ ΚρεμμυδαςÉvvel
  • Who is the biggest diva? Jonida:Iceland yes(walking away like some diva) but she really is a diva

    Jonida AlbraJonida AlbraÉvvel
  • I would say Serbia

    La- ruckaLa- ruckaÉvvel
  • Armenia best voice!!!! 🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲

    Roman - Armenian MapperRoman - Armenian MapperÉvvel
  • DIVA = TAMTA ✨⛓

    aandns _.aandns _.Évvel
  • Jonida❤️

    Netaa NettaNetaa NettaÉvvel
  • I lov u jonida but the DIVA here is bilal sorry

    Andres EdwardsAndres EdwardsÉvvel
  • Miki hetero curioso 😏😏🔥🔥

    mario montanomario montanoÉvvel
  • Kate from Australia

    Germinal mtnGerminal mtnÉvvel
  • Zena.

    Alejandro Martín BenítezAlejandro Martín BenítezÉvvel
  • Jonida you are our Diva baby😍 Serhat you are our daddy🤣

    Portakal SuyuPortakal SuyuÉvvel
  • Of course Klemens

    french kidfrench kidÉvvel
  • yall were wrong. the biggest Eurovision fan is Bilal obviously

    melanie's donutmelanie's donutÉvvel
  • Jonida obviously

    Aleksi RAleksi RÉvvel
  • The stupidest diva yes. She is trying to be cute bcz she doesn't speak English. Strange for an Albanian, bcz Albanians can very easily pick up languages, except this bitch full of botox and 0 brain.

    Albundy BudbundyAlbundy BudbundyÉvvel
    • @vasya83 just being honest bruh

      Albundy BudbundyAlbundy BudbundyÉvvel
    • That's not nice.

  • Bilal.❤️❤️

    Aaron ClyneAaron ClyneÉvvel
  • Serduchka. Only Serduchka

    Veronika BatVeronika BatÉvvel

    Вероника АммосоваВероника АммосоваÉvvel
  • C'mon, the biggest Diva is Klemens!

  • Jonidaaaaa for sure is everything 🤷🏻‍♂️ duuhh 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️

    kostjan gjerazikostjan gjeraziÉvvel
  • The best DIVA IS SRBUK👌

    ArTaK officalArTaK officalÉvvel
  • A real Eurofan would have answered : SLAVKO KALEZIC ... xd

    Jorge Antonio Gamarra MuñozJorge Antonio Gamarra MuñozÉvvel
  • 1:15 Okay

    Feuerauge :]Feuerauge :]Évvel
  • That bromance between Eliot and Miki :D Love it!

    Hanne SHanne SÉvvel
  • the biggest diva is Verka!

    Teidän Venäjän Ystävä TVYTeidän Venäjän Ystävä TVYÉvvel
  • The biggest diva is Klemens

  • Isn’t obvious who the real Diva(in a good way)really is? Jonida 🇦🇱🇦🇱of course 😍😘 well she is more of a goddess tho 😘😉😎

    Mimi ShMimi ShÉvvel
  • TAMTA.

    caio césarcaio césarÉvvel
  • The biggest diva Albert: Bilal Me: Finally a good answer

    KamilaKamila2 évvel